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Top Ten Best Cell Phone Providers

This article discusses the top ten cell phone providers.

In a world full of technology, searching for cell phone service providers and selecting the best option matters. Technology is the way the world communicates and connects with one another, and it is important to have a cell phone service provider that allows you to stay in touch. Many options are available today, from big network providers to prepaid options. It can be confusing to find a provider who offers the coverage you need along with the latest technology all without breaking the bank.  Our list has narrowed down the best cell phone service providers along with the benefits and features you need to help you make the right decision.

1. Verizon Wireless

Verizon Cell Phone Providers

Verizon Wireless is one of the top cell phone service providers in the United States that uses its own network. This provider is perfect for big data users, especially for those with more than one phone line. They offer coverage across the country along with high-speed 4G internet service for customers. Verizon is ahead of the technology with 5G ultra-wideband mobile network just announced in parts of Chicago and Minneapolis and more than 30 cities to be announced throughout 2019. Verizon offers Apple, LG and Samsung products, along with the Google Pixel.

2. AT&T

ATT Cell phone providers

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning AT&T in the 10 best cell phone providers. Like its competition Verizon, this company has the nation well-covered and uses its own network. On top of solid nation-wide coverage, this provider offers discounted bundling options for customers. AT&T also has added 5G service in 19 cities, but it seems service is restricted to a mobile hotspot. The company is expected to release 5G phones later in 2019. This provider offers all the latest technology, including the brands Apple, Samsung, and LG. Google products are not available.

3. T-Mobile

T-mobile Cell Phone Providers

Third on this list is T-Mobile, which offers a great value for its unlimited plan to its users, especially when compared to the competition. Like Verizon and AT&T, T-Mobile is equipped with its own network and offers LG, Samsung and Apple phones. The best option is for those over the age of 55 as the company offers a discount on its T-Mobile ONE unlimited plan for one or two lines. Even if you are under 55, their line is easier on the pocketbook than other companies. Unlimited talk and data is available, as well as extras like unlimited text.

4. Sprint

Sprint Cell Phone Providers

Sprint rounds out what is known as the Big Four in the cell phone world, or in other words, the only providers who operate their own networks. It seems in past years the company’s LTE has drastically improved, although its coverage is known to lag in some areas. However, its unlimited data plan is fairly priced in comparison to other Big Four companies. In fact, this company’s biggest selling point is probably the price, which can almost seem too good to be true next to its competitors. You must live in an area where Sprint offers decent coverage to make the price point worth it, but if you do, the price makes this cell phone service provider a top choice. Sprint offers LG, Samsung and Apple options.

5. Virgin Mobile USA

Virgin Mobile Cell Phone Providers

Virgin Mobile USA is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. MVNOs use network infrastructure of the Big Four carriers. In this case, Virgin Mobile is a subsidiary of Sprint and, of course, uses its network. Virgin Mobile claims its 4G LTE nationwide network reaches 99 percent of people, all while not forcing customers into annual contracts. Virgin Mobile also is convenient to get started with as they are found in national retailers such as Walmart. Samsung Galaxy and iPhone options are available.

6. U.S. Cellular

US Cellular Cell Phone Providers

U.S. Cellular is proud of its excellent customer service. It also boasts “coverage in the middle of nowhere” for its more rural customers. This company is a regional cell phone service provider using its own towers and infrastructure but is limited to pockets. These tend to fall in the areas of the Midwest and Pacific Northwest. Android and iPhone options are available.

7. Straight Talk

Straight Talk Cell Phone Providers

If you’re searching for no-contract phones, Straight Talk hits the jackpot. Not only is there no contract, but there are no credit checks or activation fees. Is the coverage worth it? Straight Talk says it offers nationwide 4G LTE coverage for customers with unlimited talk and text with the data needed for customers. There are several smartphone options through Straight Talk.

8. Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile Cell Phone Providers

Boost uses Sprint’s network which makes it hard for this cell phone service provider to match its competition as far as performance; however, its pricing continues to draw customers. With a well-priced prepaid unlimited plan, it fairs well against its competition, including Virgin, who also is a Sprint subsidiary. Androids and iPhones are available.

9. Tracfone

Tracfone Cell Service Providers

Don’t expect to find the latest technology through Tracfone. However, it does have its advantages as one of the most affordable cell phone service providers. There are no contracts, activation, or cancelation fees through this cell phone service provider. Also, customers can see their service date and minutes remaining right from their phone screen, which makes it hard to get overage charges. Customers save money through Tracfone with no daily airtime fees. A big bonus? Unused minutes can be rolled over. Tracfone also offers Samsung, LG, and a few Apple products.

10. Metro PCS

Metro PCS Cell Phone Providers

Metro PCS uses the network of its parent company, T-Mobile, matching its data speeds while providing unlimited data plans for its customers. This makes it a great budget cell phone service provider. The company is also known for running great promotions throughout the year, allowing for the possibility to save even more money. Metro PCS offers four plans, which is limited compared to other competitors, but the price is lower than other carriers while offering comparable network speed. Shop from Samsung, LG, Moto and more.

Each customer has a different need when choosing from the top 10 cell phone service providers. It is best to make a list of the priorities when making this important decision that will help keep you connected with your family, friends, and coworkers. Take that list and keep it in mind when shopping from the best cell phone service providers to help make the right choice.

By BCR Staff
June 2019

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