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Top Ten Best Photo Book Services

This article features the top ten photo books available online.

As we grow, we acquire many photos from different periods of our lives. We all have memories that we would like to hold with us no matter how long it has been. Having a quality photo book to put our precious photos in is the way to begin. There are many decisions when creating a photo book. Choices can range from the color of the text, what type of paper is used, whether it will be hard or soft covered, and even what kind of font you would like. These do-it-yourself photo book websites will help you build your dream book full of unforgettable memories.

1. Adoramapix

adorama photo books

With the Adoramapix, you can choose from seven types of covers: hard, soft, leather, lux, genuine leather, fabric, and tie-dye. You can also select from many pages of styles. With the number of choices, you are sure to find the right fit. They also provide you with six different paper finishes. The luster paper option is typically used by beginners that haven’t formed a preferred paper type yet. At the other end of the spectrum, a silk paper option is offered. This is a preferred choice for wedding photos and events that are too important to scrimp on. The many options allow your photo book to look as unique as you want it to be.

2. Shutterfly

Shutterfly photo books

Shutterfly provides you with three types of services. The first is the Make My Service® book. With this service, they will make your book for you. With this option, your book will be ready for review in as little as three business days. The Custom Path® option allows you to have control over every mini detail of the book. From photo placement to even small attributes, it’s all in your hands. Last but not least, The Simple Path® has over 40 layouts that you can pick from to begin your book as soon as possible. The Simple Path® is the best option if you are trying to create a photo book with easy-to-choose themes. For the make-it-yourself books, it is possible to have up to 1.000 photos within your album. That’s countless memories you can keep safe in one place.

3. Mixbook

Mixbook photo books

Mixbook offers you a choice of 374 themes. With this extensive gallery, you are sure to find the perfect style for your next photo book. You can also choose from a variety of dimensions and sizes. If you are looking for a photo book on the smaller size, they offer a 6×6 Mini Photo Book that is a great gift option. It’s a softcover matte photo book that has thick, lay flat pages. Initially, they had only three types of paper to choose from. However, they have recently added a fourth choice; a premium luster lay flat paper. It adds a bit of shine due to its luster finish. Another interesting fact about this service is that you can upload your photos from anywhere. You can retrieve a picture right from Facebook or any other social media site; it’s simple to do. If you’re not completely happy with your order, you can return it at any time.

4. Picaboo

Picaboo Photo Book

Picaboo has been recognized by significant influences like the Today show and the Wall Street Journal. When you choose to put together your photo book through this service, your vision will come to life. When using this service, you can have a unique font just for your photo book. They also have a customizable spine. Picaboo’s photo books are created using the sturdiest binding procedure that will guarantee durability and longevity. Like most high-end photo books, the materials are acid-free so you can protect your precious pictures.  You also can choose from five different dimensions. No matter what size you are looking for, you’re sure to find the right one here.

5. Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising photo books

When using Artifact Uprising to create your photo book you will have a choice of ten fabric colors. These hardcover books are crafted using 100% recycled pages. Not only is your photo book made specific to you, but it’s also saving paper. They have quite a few options when choosing a style. If you decide to purchase their Everyday Photo Book, you have a choice of four fabric colors and three foil covers. Another photo book option is the Color Series Photo Book, which uses a softcover. This style of photo book is geared toward the seasons or a custom theme. If you want your photo book to be centered on a holiday, this is the best choice for you. Choose from pre-made seasonal templates or a custom theme to make it truly unique.

6. Motif

Motif photo books

Motif is a photo book service that has a team with decades of experience. If you have an apple computer, you can easily download it in the app store. This option is the best choice for beginners. You don’t have to be a professional to make a photo book through this service. They help you save time with all of their readily available options. With Motif, you have many different choices when it comes to layouts, themes, and fonts, so you definitely will not run out of options. You can also customize your colors with this service.

7. Snapfish

snapfish photo books

Snapfish is one of the leaders in the industry, with over 20 years of online service. They have several different choices of photo book covers and whether you want linen, leather, matte, or glossy, your books will be created to perfection. For everyday photo books, the glossy is recommended, whereas they suggest their premium bonded leather cover should be used to preserve your most precious memories. If you don’t have access to a laptop, Snapfish has also created a convenient app for their services.

8. Costco

Costco photo books

Costco is not usually where you would think of getting a photo book, but they have quite a nice selection at affordable prices. They offer three types of photo books; premium lay flat, hardcover, and softcover. With this service, you can have up to 100 pages per book. This is recommended if you want to create a thick photo book full of many memories. You can insert specialized captions and choose from different themes to customize your book so it is exactly what you want. Turnaround is fast as well.  It only takes 5 to 7 business days to deliver. That’s great if you want your book as soon as possible.

9. CVS

CVS photo books

CVS Photo is a straightforward service you can use if you are looking for something simple yet customized to your needs. One terrific feature about this service is that their photo books are available for same day retrieval, so if you are looking for a really quick and unique gift, they have you covered. The two available sizes for same day pick up are 8×10 and 8.5×11. On the site, you can choose your themes from any occasion or a specific design you’re envisioning. Whether it’s a book to keep your precious wedding photos in or one to hold your holiday memories, you will find it here.

10. Walgreens

Walgreens photo books

Walgreens also has a photo book service with three different options. You can create it online, in-store, or even with their kiosk. They sell seven different dimensions of photo books. They have many options to customize your hardcover or softcover book depending on what size you need. The 8.5×11 photo book has the most photo cover options, allowing you to choose from five. You can choose from 66 themes for a hardcover photo book. For soft covers, you have a choice of 44 layouts.

By BCR Staff
June 2019

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