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Top 10 Best Camera Accessories for Phones

Virtually everyone owns a cell phone, and we use them every day for everything from emails to gaming. In this review, we are going to cover the top 10 best camera accessories for your smartphone.

Pretty much every cell phone also has a camera, which we use to capture the world around us and our daily lives. Cell phone cameras are convenient because they’re high quality, and they’re always with you. Lugging around an expensive DSLR or film camera can prove frustrating, especially when they’re large and always need a charged battery.

While having your phone camera is undoubtedly more convenient than a chunky DSLR, sometimes phones make getting great photos difficult. If you have a phone that’s a few years old, it’s more than likely that the camera doesn’t stack up against newer iPhones and Androids. Also, cell phone cameras can be extremely fragile and are subject to damage, like dropping or scratching. While it may seem defeating to use your phone camera when the quality is subpar, many products can help.

Detachable lens kits for phones are a great way to get unique and cinematic pictures without breaking the bank on an expensive camera. Many kits come with features like telephoto lenses, fisheye lenses, and macro lenses to provide any photographic effect you might need. Also, widely compatible lens clips allow you to attach lenses to your phone quickly as well as combine them for cumulative effects. The following list is comprised of 10 cell phone camera accessories to enhance your photo game, whether you want to post on Instagram or become a professional photographer. If you’ve been searching for a camera accessory that will suit all your needs, keep reading to see our top picks.

1. 11-in-One Wide-Angle Lens Kit for Cell Phone Camera – by Mocalaca

This lens set by Mocalaca is perfect for mobile photographers, as it allows users to try out 11 different lenses for any possible occasion. The lenses enable your phone to act more like a traditional DSLR camera, giving you effects like fisheye, telephoto, or kaleidoscope. The lenses are made out of high-quality glass, preventing any ghosting or flares from reflections in your photos.

Mocalaca Top 10 Camera Accessories for Phones

The kit comes with a universal detachable rubber clip that works with all the lenses and any cell phone, ensuring you can quickly and easily change lenses for a photo. The kit also comes with a user manual to differentiate between lenses, and a zipper carrying case to keep all the lenses safe from scratches or dust.

2. Cell Phone Camera Lens With Tripod – by Godefa

This lens kit includes a telephoto lens that magnifies up to 18X, as well as a wide-angle lens and a macro lens for any photo need. The kit also includes a tripod and a Bluetooth camera shutter, meaning you can set up your phone and take pictures without having to press the button on your phone’s camera app.

Godefa Top 10 Camera Accessories for Phones

A wide range of mobile devices are compatible with the kit, including an iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy, and an LG G5. A carrying case also comes alongside the package to ensure your lenses aren’t scratched or dusty, and Godefa offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and will replace any lenses that are unsatisfactory.

3. Adjustable Camera Stand Holder With Wireless Remote – by UBeesize

UBeesize has created a solution to the classic problem of setting your phone up for a photo. Capturing photos from any angle has become simple with this mobile tripod that has octopus-style legs to capture crisp shots. Made of durable foam and plastic, the tripod was designed to be strong enough to hold up under more substantial devices.

UBeesize Top 10 Camera Accessories for Phones

It also has universal compatibility across devices, able to hold GoPros, digital cameras, smartphones, and webcams. The tripod can also be controlled from a distance, with a wireless remote triggering the tripod from up to 30ft away.

4. Selfie Ring Light for iPad – by JACKYLED

This dual-holder ring light by JACKYLED can hold two devices at the same time and uses a unique structure that supports the iPad from both the top and bottom of the tablet. The 10-inch light is made up of more than 120 LED bulbs, which provide three color modes, including cool light, natural light, and warm light, with each mode having ten brightness levels. This light is perfect for live-streaming, doing makeup, or filming videos.

JACKYLED Top 10 Camera Accessories for Phones

The frame is made out of durable aluminum alloy, which is light and very easily portable. The height is adjustable between 16 and 52 inches, and works with various USB ports such as a laptop or power bank. A Bluetooth remote control can allow for hands-free shooting across the room, making it easy to capture crisp images.

5. Selfie Ring Light – by QIAYA

This ring light by QIAYA is made for phones and tablets and is easily portable in your pocket or purse. A USB cord can quickly recharge it, and its three brightness levels are adjusted by a small on/off button. This light never needs a battery replacement and can go a long time without a charge, perfect for those who don’t want to worry about replacing batteries.

Qiaya Top 10 Camera Accessories for Phones

QIAYA created the ideal solution for taking selfies in a dark room or at nighttime, as this ring light offers natural-looking light without needing an entire studio setup. The light is also dimmable, so you always have flattering lighting.

6. 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer – by Hohem

This product by Hohem is a necessity for videographers who use their mobile devices to capture clips. Without a mobile device stabilizer, your clips will be rendered blurry, shaky, and virtually unusable. The stabilizer includes features like timelapse, beauty retouching, slow motion, video smoothing, and 3D “inception” mode.

Hohem Top 10 Camera Accessories for Phones

Using the Hohem Gimbal app alongside the stabilizer gives you limitless opportunities for your filming tool, including things like facial tracking and panning mode changing. The stabilizer is also compatible with almost all smartphones with a screen under 6 inches, but it’s ideal for an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or a Huawei P30.

7. Universal Transformer Rig for Smartphones – by DREAMGRIP

Compatible with all the smartphones available on the market, this universal rig by DREAMGRIP converts your phone into anything you could need for video production. The apparatus includes two external video lights, a pointed gun microphone, two high-grade aluminum tracks, and several bolts to hold all elements of the rig in place effectively.

DREAMGRIP Top 10 Camera Accessories for Phones

All the batteries in the rig are rechargeable with the included charging cables and can be charged with an external power bank even when shooting. The microphone, designed for interviews or clear sound capturing, is intended to isolate desired sound over any loud environment. It features a standard 3.5 jack audio connector.

8. Phone Camera Lens Kit – by Mocalaca

This lens kit includes five lenses and seven accessories, including lenses like telephoto, macro, and fisheye. The lenses are made with multi-coated glass optics, which allow more light to pass through and the colors and sharpness to be transmitted effectively. The lenses are widely compatible, working with both single and multi-camera phones such as the iPhone 11 or other Android devices.

Mocalaca 2 Top 10 Camera Accessories for Phones

An adjustable phone clip ensures that each lens will fit on your phone securely and that the lenses can be easily changed. The kit also comes with a miniature phone holder that doubles as a tripod and a wireless remote so you can easily take pictures from a distance.

9. Wide Lens for Phones – by Moment

This camera lens by Moment can instantly turn your ordinary cell phone camera into the versatility that is a DSLR lens. Alongside the lens, you’re required to purchase either a Moment Camera Case or a Battery Photo Case to mount the lens to your phone. The lens captures double the photo quality, using a multi-element glass design to ensure the highest clarity.

Moment Top 10 Camera Accessories for Phones

The lens is created with aerospace-grade metal and the same glass present in many high-end 4K lenses, so you know you’re investing in a product worth making memories with.

10. Small Crossbody Wallet Bag – by Moment

This bag by Moment is designed to carry all your essentials – phone, wallet, camera, keys, and anything else you might need. Its slim design is also perfect for carrying your camera phone case and a wide-angle lens. The bag is made with PU-coated Tarpaulin to prevent any moisture from getting inside, great for when you need to keep electronics safe.

Moment 2 Top 10 Camera Accessories for Phones

It includes both an adjustable crossbody strap as well as a wrist strap, but can also be used strapless as a clutch. The bag comes in several different colors and two different materials, which include natural leather and ripstop canvas.


By BCR Staff

February 2020