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Top 10 Best Terrariums for Pets

This review covers the top 10 terrariums for pets.

The best terrariums for pets are those that can be configured to provide the best environment for different kinds of small animals, and there are as many terrarium designs as there are types of pets suitable for the terrarium environment. These pet homes provide a controlled environment, mimicking the animal’s natural habitat while creating a safe setting for the pet. Designed with accessibility features, these pet homes ensure easy access for pet owners especially for providing safe and proper care. Some of the essential considerations for choosing the best terrariums for pets include size, humidity and lighting, which would vary depending on the type and number of pets. Keeping pets safe and secure in their home is a top concern because searching for small, fleet-footed animals where there are limitless hiding places is never fun.


1. REPTIZOO Reptile Glass Terrarium


This terrarium is designed for easy setup and storage if needed. It can be knocked down, packed, transported and reassembled in five minutes. The screen top is engineered for best ventilation while ensuring that the interiors have optimum exposure to UVB and infrared light for the health of the pet. The waterproof bottom is raised to allow a substrate heater to be fitted under the platform. With a sliding door, pet owners can feed and access their pets easily. Additional accessories such as wires and tubes can be introduced using window ventilation on both ends.


Repti Zoo Top Ten Best Terrariums for Pets


2. REPTIZOO Mini Reptile Glass Terrarium


This terrarium by Reptizoo is suitable for different types of pets, including those that may require an aquatic habitat since this is designed to hold water. The secure top is a metal screen that facilitates ventilation while making it possible to position a heat source above the glassed-in affordable terrarium. Additionally, the cover is designed with fully functional feeding ports that are easy to access and maintain. The glass habitat is also fitted with a lift-and-pull door for quick access to the pet and the interiors.


Repti Zoo 2 Top Ten Best Terrariums for Pets


3. Tetra Deluxe Aquatic Turtle Kit


This 20-gallon tank is one of the best terrarium choices for aquatic pets. It comes as a package with everything pet owners would need to create a home for pet turtles, including two heating lamps positioned on the screen top, a filter and cartridge, basking platform for the pets and a decorative plant mat. The filter is made by ReptoFilter, designer of decorative yet fully functional filters. This one provides three-stage filtration, creating a realistic-looking waterfall in the process. It is an affordable terrarium that can become the focal point of any room.


Tetra Top Ten Best Terrariums for Pets


4. Zilla Front Opening Terrarium


This affordable terrarium for reptiles and amphibians is easy to access with a front door opening and a fully removable screen top. The screen cover ensures interior ventilation as well as infrared and UVB penetration. The access door is escape-proofed with a locking mechanism. This attractive glass terrarium is compact yet easy to decorate and maintain. 

Zilla 2 Top Ten Best Terrariums for Pets



5. Zilla Vertical Tropical Kit


One of the top terrarium choices today, this glass habitat is suitable for a variety of pets, including crested geckos and tree frogs. This 11-gallon terrarium can hold up to five inches of water and is designed with a front door fitted with a locking latch to provide quick access while escape-proofing the pet habitat. It comes with a halogen dome light with the bulb included along with a realistic and textured decorative background piece, initial substrate material and a feeding dish.


Zilla Top Ten Best Terrariums for Pets


6. American Girl Truly Me Chameleon Terrarium Set


This toy terrarium provides budding pet owners with the opportunity to practice for the real deal. It comes with an attractive backdrop for the interior with plant pieces to create a realistic habitat for the blue chameleon that is provided with the kit. A water dish, food jar and a misting bottle are also provided to complete the set.


American Girl Top Ten Best Terrariums for Pets


7. Hagen Glass Reptile Terrarium


This Glass Terrarium provides your pet with a safe and comfortable habitat. The waterproof bottom is raised to fit a substrate heater your pet may need. The door is escape-proof, ensuring that your pet will not leave without your supervision. The front windows are patented and provide ventilation that keeps your pet at the right temperature. 


Hagen Top Ten Best Terrariums for Pets

8. Exo Terra All-glass Terrarium


The Exo Terra glass cage is one of the best habitats for pets. It is suitable for both reptiles and amphibians. The terrarium is designed for front window ventilation with additional secure inlets to allow for wiring and tube management. The bottom is waterproof, and it is raised to allow the installation of a substrate heater. This is a large terrarium that is one of the wider affordable terrariums.


Exo Terra Top Ten Best Terrariums for Pets


9. REPTI ZOO 10 Gallon Reptile Glass Natural Cages Terrarium


This affordable terrarium from Reptizoo comes with a screen top that opens by lifting and pulling. The cover is also equipped with a feeding hole. The cover design ensures proper ventilation while allowing UVB and light penetration. The all-glass design ensures a 360-degree view of the interiors. This easy-to-install terrarium comes with a transparent PVC tray for holding the substrate material and water for the pets.


Repti Zoo 4 Top Ten Best Terrariums for Pets


10. Exo Terra Nano Wide Terrarium


The pivoting front door on this terrarium by Exo Terra provides easy access for feeding and maintenance while ensuring proper ventilation for the best environment for reptiles or amphibians. The stainless steel top is removable while the bottom is elevated to fit a substrate heater while providing an additional ground surface for pets. The design allows a 360-degree view of the pet and the interiors. A natural-looking rock background is included with the kit. This attractive terrarium comes in a variety of sizes and configurations.


Exo Terra 2 Top Ten Best Terrariums for Pets





By BCR Writing Staff

July 2019