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Top 10 Foldable Dog Bowls

These top ten foldable dog bowls make it easy to keep your pet hydrated while away from home. You can use one when you take road trips, go camping, hiking, or anywhere your four-legged friend is accompanying you.  The bowls collapse and fold flat for storage, which make them convenient to carry in a backpack, glove box, or the trunk of your car. Our list highlights some of the best brands currently on the market.

1. Guardians Large Collapsible Dog Bowls with Carabiner Clip

One of the more affordable foldable dog bowl sets is the Guardians package, which comes with two colorful bowls. They can hold a total of 34 ounces of water and are suitable for homes with more than one pet. Each bowl has a carabiner attached to the side for hanging them on your backpack or purse. You can also use the bowls at feeding time as each one holds more than four cups of pet food. They work with both wet and dry products.
Guardians best foldable dog bowls

2. BLEDS Collapsible Dog Bowls

This product is similar to the Guardians set. These bowls come in bright blue and green. A carabiner attached to the side helps you store and organize the bowls and makes for easy carrying. Some people like to attach these lightweight bowls to their dog’s collar or leash. The bowls are dishwasher safe and can hold 1.5 cups of food or 12 ounces of drinking water.
Bleds best foldable dog bowls

3. COMSUN 2-Pack Collapsible Dog Bowls

You can choose the height and amount of space that you need with the Comsun dog bowls because they are collapsible to three sizes. This allows you to limit the amount of water or food available to stop your dog from overeating and to dole out just the right amount of water. The two green and blue bowls measure 2.5 inches tall by seven inches in diameter.  The extra large size of these make them suitable for bigger dog breeds.
Comsun best foldable dog bowls

4. IDEGG Portable Silicone Pet Bowl

You can treat your dog or cat to food and water on the go with this collapsible bowl. When the bowls are open, they measure more than two inches tall and five inches in diameter. They also fold almost flat for convenient storage. This set comes with two bowls: one in a bright green color and the other in bright purple. Each bowl holds up to 1.5 cups of dry food or a full 12 ounces of water.
Idegg best foldable dog bowls

5. Mr. Peanut’s Collapsible Dog Bowls

Pet owners searching for a cheap foldable dog bowl should consider this set, which comes with three bowls in primary shades of red, blue and yellow. The bowls are affordable, and all feature a clip for attaching them to a pack or bag. You can stack them together for storage and use them to provide several pets with food and water. These bowls each have a fun design that features a drawing of a dog in white across the top as well.
Mr. Peanuts best foldable dog bowls

6. Popetz Collapsible Dog Bowl

The Popetz collapsible bowl set is ideal for medium-sized pets, with two bowls in pink and blue. It takes only seconds to pop the bowls into shape to provide your pet with food and water. You can also fold them flat just as quickly to get back on the road or trail again. The bowls dry fast and have an attached clip for added convenience. You can also use these bowls for hot food as well.
Popetz best foldable dog bowls

7. Roysili Collapsible Dog Bowl

This set offers one of the only FDA approved foldable dog bowls on the market and they come in a larger size that makes them suitable for bigger breeds of dogs. You can pop them open and shut in seconds to feed and water your pup while on the road. This set uses bowls that have attached clips and feature both environmentally friendly and food-safe materials.
Roysilli best foldable dog bowls

8. YISSCEN Portable Dog Bowl

As this set comes with two portable and foldable dog bowls, you can use them to give your dog both food and water or to take care of two pets at the same time. These durable bowls can stand up to regular use and the rigors of the wild. They are only 0.5 inches tall when folded flat and will fit in almost any pack. You can also use the attached carabiner for secure storage and you can even fold them down and use them as flying disc toys! Yay for multi-purposing!
Yisscen best foldable dog bowls

9. DogBuddy Travel Bowls

This unique set of dog bowls is one of the best foldable dog bowl sets because it comes in a case with a zipper around the sides. When you unzip them, you can fold the case flat and support both bowls. The set measures seven inches wide and has bowls that you can use in three different ways. Depending on how you use them, they can hold between 2.5 and 3.5 cups of food and they wont leak, making them safe for use with all the water your dog needs on a long trip.
Dogbuddy best foldable dog bowls

10. WINSEE Collapsible Dog Bowls


This dog bowl set is a good option for long trips because it features two bowls attached to a strong base. That base keeps the bowls from tipping over as your dog eats and drinks. When you collapse the bowls down, they measure less than three inches tall to save some space in your luggage. You can use this top foldable dog bowl to hold 4.5 cups of dry food or 35 ounces of water and feed two dogs at once.
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By BCR Staff
July 2019