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10 Best Dog Raincoats

A dog raincoat helps keep canine friends dry and comfortable in inclement outdoor weather. Some of the coats offer insulation, which is especially helpful to dogs that have a low percentage of body fat, such as greyhounds. Wearing a raincoat also reduces the need to scrub mud off the dog’s fur or to bathe it after a walk outside in the rain. Dogs that might otherwise balk at going outside in the rain may be more comfortable, especially if they wear a raincoat with a hood or a fleece lining. These are the 10 best dog raincoats available.

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1. Proplums Dog Jacket

PROPLUMS Dog Raincoat Adjustable Lightweight Jacket with Reflective Straps Buckle and Harness Hole Best Gift for Large Medium Small Puppy Dog[ Navy Blue, XL] best dog raincoat

This XL dog raincoat is reflective, which helps ensure that motorists see the dog even in dim lighting conditions. The dog’s leash can be threaded through the collar of the jacket, ensuring that the dog does not get lost. An adjustable collar and back strap ensure that it fits dogs of different sizes and body shapes. This lightweight coat has a breathable mesh lining, ensuring that the dog is comfortable in both cold and warm air temperatures when it is raining outside. This rain jacket for dogs can be washed in a washing machine and air dried flat.

2. Ellie Dog Raincoat

Navy Blue Zip Up Dog Raincoat with Reflective Buttons, Pockets, Rain/Water Resistant, Adjustable Drawstring, Removable Hood - Size XS to XXL Available best dog raincoat

Keep a pup dry with this dog rain jacket with hood. The hood features drawstrings with toggles in order to keep it wrapped under the dog’s chin. This durable dog coat also has reflective buttons and reflective threads on the seams, ensuring that drivers can see the dog when their headlights are on. This low-cost coat also features two layers of fabric, which helps keep the dog comfortable in chilly weather. Pockets sewn into the coat are ideal for plastic bags or the owner’s keys or phone.

3. Ellie Dog Wear Yellow Raincoat

Yellow Zip Up Dog Raincoat with Reflective Buttons, Pockets, Rain/Water Resistant, Adjustable Drawstring, Removable Hood - Size XS to XXL Available - Stylish Premium Dog Raincoats by Ellie (XS) best dog raincoat

The dog will be the cutest one in the dog park and the neighborhood when it wears this cheap Ellie Dog Wear yellow raincoat. A zipper fits down the dog’s chest and belly, and additional buttons are in place to keep the rain out. This dog coat also has a hood with drawstrings and toggles to keep the dog’s ears and head dry. Adjustable straps on the back insure a snug fit for this water-resistant dog rain jacket. There are several small pockets built into the coat, and they are ideal for plastic bags and other small accessories.

4. RC Pet Products Dog Rain Poncho

RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho, Rubber Ducky, Medium best dog raincoat

This fun RC Pet Products dog rain poncho comes in a range of sizes, prints, and colors to suit the dog’s personality and style preferences. The hood keeps the pooch’s head dry. As a lightweight rain jacket, this affordable product is ideal for chubby dogs and dogs with a moderate amount of body fat. It is also good for dogs with long, thick coats that do not need the extra warmth. An adjustable belly strap ensures a good fit. It has a leash access hole for security.

5. Ethical Pet Fashion Raincoat for Dogs

Fashion Pet Dog Raincoat For Medium Dog | Dog Rain Jacket With Hood | Dog Rain Poncho | 100% Polyester | Water Proof | Yellow w/ Grey Reflective Stripe | Perfect Rain Gear For Your Pet by Ethical Pet best dog raincoat

Keep the dog safe, dry and visible with this hooded raincoat. It has reflective stripes across the back and belly areas, ensuring that drivers can see the dog from any direction of travel. This durable raincoat for dogs also features polyester waterproof fabric, keeping the dog warm in any temperature. A leash hole provides access for any type of leash for convenient dog walks. Velcro belly and chest straps keep the coat in place, even if the dog jumps or stands on its back legs.

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6. NACOCO Large Dog Raincoat

NACOCO Large Dog Raincoat Adjustable Pet Water Proof Clothes Lightweight Rain Jacket Poncho Hoodies with Strip Reflective (XL, Yellow) best dog raincoat

The affordable NACOCO large dog raincoat is bright yellow in color, providing an ideal level of visibility. Elastic leg straps and a belly strap ensure that the coat stays in place and provides adjustable fitting for dogs of different body shapes. The long, reflective stripe around the back enhances visibility during nighttime or dim lighting conditions. The outdoor material resists water, mud, and dirt. It can be sprayed off with a water hose or put in the washing machine for laundering.

7. Bolbove iPet Dog Rain Slicker

Bolbove Big Dog Hooded Raincoat Slicker Rain Poncho Waterproof Jacket for Medium to Large Dogs (12, Green) best dog raincoat

The Bolbove iPet dog rain slicker has a two-layer design. The insulated dog rain coat’s outer layer is made out of water-resistant material that can withstand a wide range of outdoor weather conditions. The inner layer is soft and warm, making it ideal for dogs with a short coat or low amount of body fat. This rain slicker has an attached hood with a drawstring and toggle to keep the hood closed. A leash access hole is stitched into the coat for convenience.

8. Topsung Dog Raincoat

Topsung Dog Raincoat with Hood Poncho Transparent Rain Coat for Small Dogs Waterproof Clothes Puppy Cats best dog raincoat

Dogs have never been more stylish in this cute Topsung dog raincoat. Made from clear, water-resistant plastic, everyone will be able to see the dog’s attractive coat color. The seams are finished in a waterproof fabric in order to keep the dog dry. The whole raincoat folds into a little pouch that is convenient for travel. Snaps secure the coat around the dog’s belly in order to ensure a snug fit.

9. HDE Dog Raincoat

HDE Dog Raincoat Hooded Slicker Poncho for Small to X-Large Dogs and Puppies (Rubber Ducks, X-Large) best dog raincoat

Keep man’s best friend dry with this cheap HDE dog raincoat. Made from 100 percent polyester, it resists water. It is easy to launder in the washing machine. The highly reflective material ensures that the dog is easy to see at night, in fog or in rainy weather. An adjustable strap fits around the dog’s belly in order to securely attach it while accommodating different shapes and sizes of dogs. These HDE dog raincoats are available in different patterns and solid colors.

10. PETCEE Waterproof Dog Jacket

PETCEE Waterproof Dog Jacket, Soft Fleece Lined Dog Coat for Winter, Outdoor Sports Pet Vest Snowsuit Apparel Double Surface best dog raincoat

Keep any dog warm in this PETCEE waterproof dog jacket. This fleece-line dog raincoat is ideal for walks and play time with a dog that needs some extra warmth in cold weather. This affordable dog coat is water-resistant and warm, making it a good choice for dogs with short fur or elderly dogs that have trouble maintaining their body temperature. This coat has several layers of fabric. The outer layer resists wind and water. The inner layer has cotton, then there is another layer of the water-resistant material. The interior layer is fleece lined with polyester. This material is soft against the dog’s skin.

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By BCR Staff

June 2019

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