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Pet Products

BCR Pet ProductsNearly 70 percent of U.S. households have at least one pet. The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that there are 69.9 million dogs and 74.1 million cats countrywide. Pets have truly become full-fledged members of our families. They’re playful creatures who awaken our fun spirit, fierce protectors who keep us safe in emergencies, energetic friends who get us physically active, and affectionate companions who offer comfort and relieve stress. Their unconditional love doesn’t come free, though. Pets require many different supplies to stay happy and healthy. At Best Choice Reviews, we aim to help pet parents locate premier products for their furry friends.

The Smithsonian Institution has documented the human-pet bond back over 16,000 years. In Ancient Egypt, cats were venerated and even mummified by the pharaohs. In Ancient China, dogs were the earliest domesticated animals bred as hunters and guardians. From the Middle Ages on, royalty famously kept pets as their faithful companions. For instance, Queen Victoria once had 35 dogs, including her famous Pomeranian named Turi. People of every class now keep pets, from felines and fish to rabbits and reptiles. In 2018, the American Pet Products Association valued the industry at $72.56 billion. Whether warm- or cold-blooded, pets rely on their owners to pick the highest quality care products. That’s where Best Choice Reviews comes in to sort through the diverse options. Our staff creates top 10 lists recommending supreme products for your cuddly critters.

Dipping Your Paws Into the Online Shopping World

Since 2010, Forrester Research states that online pet care sales have risen 76 percent to $3.7 billion. The U.S. Pet Market Outlook found 40 percent of pet parents have ordered online in the last month. Joining the online shopping trend can be extremely beneficial. Online pet stores don’t have set hours to shop in person which means you can buy supplies on your computer or mobile device anytime 24/7. Harnesses, scratching pads, flea shampoos, and more can arrive right on your doorstep. Your precious downtime can be spent hiking, going to the dog park, or being a couch potato with your cat. You can start putting gas money toward other pet necessities like medications. Forgoing hunts for parking spots at brick-and-mortars is only half the advantage. You also won’t have to lift heavy food bags or equipment to your car.

Moreover, physical pet stores only have so much square footage to feature inventory, but online retailers have limitless opportunities to sell pet merchandise of all types. A variety of products for all dog and cat breeds are conveniently in one place. Your online cart of pet supplies will usually even cost considerably less. Despite shipping fees, the total will likely be lower because online sellers don’t have overhead expenses. When you abide by online safety tips, your pet purchases from legitimate websites will be secure, too.

Finding Purrfect Products at Barktastic Bargains

Taking care of Fluffy or Fido can be a costly endeavor. The ASPCA estimates that the first-year average cost of pet ownership is $1,270. Business Insider reported that people spend an average of $126.19 per pet each month. Stocking up on food, treats, toys, leashes, and more quickly adds up. That’s especially true for pet parents who splurge on luxury brands. For instance, Louis Vuitton currently sells an opulent dog carrier for $58,000! Taking care of your pooch or pussy cat doesn’t have to drain your paycheck, though. At Best Choice Reviews, we’re price sleuths who search for pet supplies at unbeatable values online. We’re always looking for tail-wagging deals worth your investment. Our researchers also weigh the following important criteria for our top 10 pet product articles.

Safety: Cat and dog supplies are sadly notorious for posing hidden threats. The FDA warned in 2017 of 68 cases where dogs became seriously ill from bone treats. In 2019, Hill’s Pet Nutrition was sued after dogs died from eating food with lethal Vitamin D amounts. Best Choice Reviews wants to ensure your pets are defended against toxic, dangerous products. Thus, we pay close attention to veterinarian recommendations and industry recalls. In addition to edible products, our staff guarantees things like anti-bark devices for dogs and collars for cats are harmless. Grooming supplies made from natural, organic ingredients are also chosen for healthy fur.

Durability: Pets are fast, flexible furballs strong enough to destroy poor-quality products in minutes. Best Choice Reviews seeks tough pet supplies capable of withstanding even the most rambunctious animals. We’re talking cat and dog beds that won’t be easily chewed up, dog sweaters and raincoats that won’t rip during zoomies at top speed, and sturdy crates that won’t bend to the will of a bored dog wanting to escape. Given that, our diligent researchers pore over the online product specs to judge resilience. We also survey comments from other pet parents to determine how well the products have lasted. Getting your full money’s worth from durable supplies is our goal.

Innovation: Technology advancements of the 21st century can make your and your pet’s lives better. Best Choice Reviews is constantly searching for pet products with unique, high-tech features. For example, we’ve found de-shedding gloves and brushes that will keep your pet’s coat off your couch, dog cat bowls that offer automatic filling on a timer to satisfy your pet’s appetite, and innovative collars that can embed GPS trackers to monitor your pet’s location anytime. From cooling vests to self-cleaning litter boxes, we’re on the hunt for helpful gadgets proactive pet parents adore. Customer support is also a crucial factor to ensure gizmos are user-friendly.

Fetching Everything Your Pampered Pet Pal Needs

Does your pet act like king or queen of the house? Then, treat your four-legged family member like royalty. After all, cartoonist Charles M. Schulz once said, “Happiness is a warm puppy.” Best Choice Reviews aims to be your one-stop shop to pick products for your beloved pet. Our website prizes the blue ribbon to first-rate pet supplies that are best in show. We cover the spectrum of pet essentials, such as cat massage combs and dog nail trimmers, to gear up from snout to tail. Start scrolling through our in-depth reviews to select products that help man’s best friend thrive.