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10 Best Towable Rafts

The best towable rafts are one way to get more from your boat — they’re easy to ride, so they’re a great choice for people of all ages. Plus, since they don’t require the skill or athleticism of waterskiing and wakeboarding, they’re fun for everyone in the family. As you’re looking at different models, consider the power of your boat; a smaller boat will have an easier job pulling a single-person tube. Then, think about how you usually use your boat. Do you like to host big parties or gatherings at the lake? A multi-person tube allows more people to ride at once. With so many different sizes and styles, there’s a towable tube for every family.

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1. Sportsstuff Big Mable


Sportsstuff Big Mable | 1-2 Rider Towable Tube for Boating best towable raft


Ride the wake in comfort on the Big Mable tube from Sportsstuff. This model features a tall backrest and angled sides, so you can lean back while you’re towed around the lake. A variety of handles make it easy to hold on, and the rounded front offers plenty of room to stretch your legs. Ride alone, or sit side by side with a friend for extra fun. With two different tow points, the Big Mable allows flexible towing. Just use the Kwik-Connect for a fast hookup.


2. Airhead Mach


Airhead Mach 2 | 1-2 Rider Towable Tube for Boating best towable raft


Designed with two recessed areas, the Airhead Mach helps you stay in place and reduces the risk that you’ll slip out at high speeds. The side-mounted handles on this two-person towable raft allow a natural grip, so it’s a breeze to hold on without straining your arms. Constructed from durable material and covered with a sturdy nylon partial cover, this tube is tough and built to last. Rely on the speed safety valve for high-speed inflating; when you’re done, the valve lets air out quickly.


3. Rave Razor


Rave Razor 2-Rider Towable best towable raft


Bright and colorful, the Rave Razor has a high-visibility design that’s easy to find in a crowded garage or storage room. This model features a unique shape that’s narrow at the front and wider at the back; that way, it’s lightweight and simple to maneuver when you’re doing tricks. Ride with two people, or go solo for more flexibility. With its nylon handles and neoprene padded handles, this tube allows a comfortable grip. On the narrow end, a quick-connect tow point hooks up effortlessly to your tow rope.




AIRHEAD EZ SKI best towable raft


Teach your little ones the basics of water skiing with the Airhead EX SKI trailer. This compact tube supports a child in a standing position; the recessed foot areas help them stay stable, and the wide front end ensures an easy glide across the water. The real secret, however, is the integrated wooden water ski that provides a realistic feeling for faster learning. The tow handle rises from the nose to help your child figure out how to hold on. In the middle, the raised seat makes a cozy spot to rest between runs.


5. Airhead Slice


Airhead Slice | 1-4 Rider Towable Tube for Boating best towable raft


Looking for a versatile towable raft for the lake? The Airhead Slice has your back. The secret is the classic round shape, which makes it easy to load up one to four people. Multiple strategically placed handles enable you to lay down or sit up as you ride. The full nylon cover protects your skin from the seams, and the speed safety valve helps you get inflated and on the water in no time.

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6. SPORTSSTUFF Towable Booster Tube


SPORTSSTUFF Towable Booster Tube best towable raft


Does your regular towable tube tend to sink into the water? This booster tube from SPORTSSTUFF can help. It features a football-shaped inflatable that sits between your boat and the passenger tube. The inflatable design elevates the rope off of the water, creating better responsiveness and performance for larger four-person tubes. At the same time, the hybrid system helps reduce drag and absorb shocks, so you can use less fuel during long days at the lake. This tube comes with a special tow rope.


7. Airhead Hot Dog


Airhead Hot Dog | 1-5 Rider Towable Tube for Boating best towable raft


If you’re on the hunt for a multi-person towable raft, the Airhead Hot Dog is a great option. It seats between one and five people, depending on the size you choose. The best part? The tube is shaped like a hot dog in a bun — sit on the hot dog and rest your feet on the buns. This hilarious and brightly colored raft is sure to attract attention no matter where you go. No matter how many people you’re towing, the EVA padding and soft handles ensure a comfortable, chafe-free ride.


8. Sportsstuff Stars & Stripes


Sportsstuff Stars & Stripes | 1-3 Rider Towable Tube for Boating best towable raft


Show off your patriotism during the Fourth of July gathering at the lake with this Stars and Stripes tube from Sportsstuff. The top cover is printed with a red, white, and blue American flag print, adding a bit of U.S.A.-themed fun to any outing. The round shape gives you plenty of flexibility in your riding position; you can also choose a square model if you want more room to stretch out. We love the non-slip handles, which are cushioned to protect your hands during high-speed rides.


9. WOW World of Watersports 13-1010, Big Bazooka


WOW World of Watersports 13-1010, Big Bazooka 1 to 4 Person, Inflatable Towable Deck Tube, Steerable best towable raft


Do you have a family of daredevils? The Big Bazooka tube from WOW World of Watersports provides plenty of opportunities for fun. This tube is made for versatility and flexibility — with its raised center and flat sides, it enables you to ride with up to four people. Alternatively, ride alone, and you can do barrel rolls, standing rides, and more. The wide fins create a super-stable surface, and the padded handles are gentle on your hands.


10. WOW World of Watersports 13-1060, Dragon Boat


WOW World of Watersports 13-1060, Dragon Boat Inflatable Towable, Ski Tube, 3 Person best towable raft


All eyes will be on you when you’re towing the Dragon Boat from WOW World of Watersports. This model features a scalloped top edge that creates supportive seats for up to three people. The wide side fins boost stability and give your feet a place to rest, and the integrated backrests provide extra support. With the included tow connector, you can pull this large tube safely.

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A great raft makes any day at the lake more fun and exciting. By choosing the best towable rafts for your boat and your family, you can get the most use out of these fun water toys.

By BCR Staff

March 2020