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10 Best Heated Vests for Men

Depending on the situation at hand, sometimes the very best vest for men is going to be one that helps to provide additional heat and insulation beyond what many regular vests can offer. Enter today’s heating vest. These vests utilize their own unique methods for providing additional heat to the wearer, so they are not solely dependent on their own body heat for warmth.

If you were to go shopping for men’s heating vests right now, though, would you know what to look for so as to get the best buy possible? Don’t feel bad if not, because there are numerous attributes and qualities to look for in this particular kind of apparel. At the end of the day, however, we are always here, testing and reviewing, and this time, we bring you our top ten list of the best heated vests for men out right now. Follow along for the scoop!

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1. ORORO Men’s Lightweight Heated Vest

ORORO Men's Lightweight Heated Vest with Battery Pack (XX-Large) best heated vests for men

In a great, form-fitting design, this Men’s Lightweight Heated Vest by ORORO is made of 100% nylon and has a look that works for any number of occasions. Three, individual heat settings provide great control, while 10 hours of battery life per charge are sure to never leave you out in the cold. Machine-washability, solid wind and water resistance, and a 1-year of warranty coverage finish things off quite nicely.


2. CONQUECO Men’s Lightweight Heated Vest


CONQUECO Men's Heated Vest Lightweight Warn Gilet Coat with Battery Pack for Outdoors (M) Black best heated vests for men


CONQUECO’s Men’s Lightweight Heated Vest is a real winner with its notably quick warming action and its battery system’s versatility in being able to also connect to other types of devices aside from just the vest itself. Three heating zones guarantee coverage in all the most important areas, while four settings offer top-notch control. While it is very much waterproof, this vest is also surprisingly breathable. One year of warranty coverage also comes standard to erase any worries.


3. Washable Size-Adjustable Heating Vest


Heated Vest, Washable Size Adjustable USB Charging Heated Warm Vest for Outdoor Camping Hiking Golf (Battery Not Included) Black best heated vests for men

This Washable Size-Adjustable Heating Vest is a great heated vest for hunting, fishing, and other activities in which arm and shoulder freedom of movement is important. An adjustable shoulder button system makes this possible as well as a great fit, and with dependable wind and water-repelling abilities, inclement conditions don’t automatically get the upper hand. Finally, convenient USB charging, rapid warming, and five heat settings across three zones leave little left to be desired.


4. SnowWolf Men’s Outdoor USB Cotton Heated Vest


SnowWolf Men Outdoor USB Cotton Heated Vest Electric Thermal Waistcoat Clothing Heating Vest for Sports Hiking Climbing (Men, X-Large) best heated vests for men


SnowWolf’s Men’s Outdoor USB Cotton Heated Vest is a top choice for those who prefer a cotton-built vest specifically. Some of the game-winning attributes in this top heating vest include anti-static technology throughout the vest’s cotton layers, windproofing, a notably lightweight build overall, and 100% washer and dryer friendliness. Three heating zones and three heat settings work off of a one-touch system, and it certainly doesn’t take long for the wearer to feel the warmth coming through in this vest.


5. AGPTEK Heated Vest

AGPTEK Heated Vest USB Charging, Light Weight Insulated Waistcoat, Washable Size Adjustable for Outdoor Hiking, Hunting, Camping (Battery Not Included) Size: XL best heated vests for men

In terms of versatility and wearer comfort, this heated vest by AGPTEK is a definite favorite. Much of this is due to this vest’s bottom and side-zipping systems that really allow for individual user comfort and fit. Aside from this excellent design point, this rechargeable heated vest is lightweight, 100% polyester, heats through three zones and three heat settings, and is completely machine-washable. Those looking for a heated vest for fishing, hunting, and other demanding outdoor activities are particularly well-served in this model.

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6. ARRIS Size-Adjustable Heated Vest


ARRIS Heated Vest Size Adjustable 7.4V Battery Electric Warm Vest for Hiking Camping best heated vest for men

This black fleece model, Size-Adjustable Heated Vest by ARRIS really left us with little to worry with. This very complete heated vest system is great in every respect, with five precision-set heat settings, quick heating times, six heating zones, and an adjustable fit that accommodates a wide range of wearers. This model provides 7 hours of excellent heat release with each battery charge.

7. Nora Twips Men’s Polar Fleece Heated Vest


NORA TWIPS Men's Lightweight Heated Vest for Camping Black best men's heated vests


Nora Twips thought of it all when the maker designed their signature Men’s Polar Fleece Heated Vest. High-quality materials are put to use throughout this vest, whether it be in the zippers, the microfleece material, or elsewhere in its three layers, and with waterproofing, rapid warming technology, and a solid, three-zone heating layout, warmth is always right on time in even the worst conditions. To make things even sweeter, Nora Twips stands by this top heating vest with a comprehensive, 1-year warranty.


8. ProSmart Heated Polar Fleece Vest

Prosmart Heated Vest Polar Fleece Lightweight Waistcoat with USB Battery Pack(L) best heated vest for men

Coming to us with leading, three-pocket storage capabilities and some of the quickest heating we experienced, ProSmart really gets it right with its Heated Polar Fleece Vest. This polar fleece model features a fully detachable battery bank, three temperature settings, and can also charge outside devices in addition to just the vest itself. Machine-washability and overall lightweight design also help to make this vest a top choice.

9. Baymyer Men’s Heated Vest

Baymyer Men Heated Vest Outdoor Electric Thermal Clothing Heating Jacket Black best heated vest for men

In the category of the most affordable heating vests, this model by Baymyer performs exceptionally well. With oversized heating zones and rapid heating, patience is not a needed virtue, and complete machine-washability and dry-cleaning options take convenience one step further. We also really liked the fact that this vest will operate interchangeably with any 5V/2.1A power bank instead of solely accepting the maker’s specific pack as is the case in many, comparable heating vest systems.


10. Niubalac 5-Panel Heated Vest

Heated Vest, USB Charging 5 Panel Niubalac Heated Clothing Size Adjustable Washable Lightweight Pain Relievers for Motocycle, Hiking,Hunting, Fishing, Skiing, Outdoor Activities fits Men Women Unisex best heated vest for men

Finally, Niubalac hits our list with its excellent 5-Panel Heated Vest model. This vest heats very efficiently in five, different zones, can be powered interchangeably by any 5V/2.1A power bank, and is completely adjustable to height and width. Full machine-washability with an included laundry bag, a special silica gel USB protective lid, and a high-quality carbon fiber element system are even more great bonuses that make this one a definite best vest for men right now.

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By BCR Staff

August 2019

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