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10 Best Camp Stoves

The best camp stoves are intended to come along to the campsite or to any, other outdoor setting or excursion and produce a basic yet effective cooking station, despite the weather’s intentions at the time. To provide this service, however, the right combination of components and design features must all come together in order to make lighting easy, block wind gusts, and even allow for the preparation of a nice variety of hot meals on the go. In this very spirit and in the spirit of the fall of 2019 fast setting in on us, here’s your guide to the top, 10, best camp stove systems available for purchase right now.

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1. Coleman Portable Propane Gas Stove

Coleman Gas Stove | Portable Propane Gas Classic Camp Stove with 2 Burners best camp stoves

The portable cooking experience is smooth and easy with this great Portable Propane Gas Stove unit by Coleman, an authority in outdoor and camping products. A two-burner stove works efficiently here and with great base stability, while solid, knob-style, individual burner controls and space for one 10″ and one 12″ pan together make things even better. Coleman’s patented PerfectFlow and PerfectHeat burner designs also assure of a great flame, despite rough weather conditions, to the tune of 20,000BTUs of total cooking power.

2. Outbound Portable Propane Gas Camping Stove

Outbound Camping Stove | Portable Propane Gas Stove 2 Burners | Perfect Camp Stove for Backpacking, Camping, Fishing, and Outdoor Cooking best camp stoves

Outbound does camp stoves right with its Portable Propane Gas Camping Stove model. This dual-burner camp stove model is sturdy and able to hold plenty of weight with its chrome-plated steel design, while its 20,000BTUs of cooking heat supplied via even-flowing burners assures of a reliable burn and cooking experience every time. Even better, Outbound’s 1-year satisfaction guarantee warranty service assures the buyer of a no-risk, great buy at the end of the day.

3. Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Camp Stove

Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove best camp stoves

We really enjoyed the Explorer Double Burner Camp Stove by Camp Chef. This top pick in the standing, elevated camp stove group features four, solid yet detachable legs with independent height adjustment across each, a high-quality cast aluminum double burner system that gives off an excellent, 60,000 total BTUs of cooking heat, and even a comprehensive, 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. This unit adjusts up to a max cooking height of 32″.


4. Coleman PowerPack Single Burner Propane Stove

Coleman PowerPack Propane Stove, Single Burner, Coleman Green - 2000020931 best camp stoves

In today’s field of the single-burner camp stove in particular, Coleman’s PowerPack Single Burner Propane Stove is a sure, top pick. This lightweight camping stove offers a pan size capacity of up to 12″, provides a compact, 7,500BTU burner system, and an easy-clean grate – all at a very affordable price-point. A hearty, three hours of cooking time, running on “high” can be achieved on a single, 16.4-ounce propane cylinder with this great, economy camp stove.

5. Petforu Ultralight Portable Camp Stove

Camp Stove,Petforu Outdoor Camping Stove Cookware Hiking Backpacking Picnic Cookware Cooking Tool Set Pot Pan + Piezo Ignition Canister Stove Propane Canister best camp stoves

Petforu brings us a top camp stove with its Ultralight Portable Camp Stove model. This very unique, ultralight camp stove system essentially collapses into just a folding burner and mount design that, when opened, mounts on top of the fuel canister while allowing a setting place for the system’s intended cooking pot system. This camp stove itself is incredibly small and portable, works very well at setup, and with Petforu’s 24/7 customer service, is a real deal in ultra-portable camping gear in general.

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6. Überleben Stoker Flatpack Stove


Überleben Stoker Flatpack Stove | Twig, Stick, or Wood Burning | Compact & Collapsible | 304 Stainless Steel | Emergency Bushcraft Survival, Camping or Backpacking | Unwaxed Canvas Sleeve best camp stoves


One of our favorite kinds of camp stove designs is the time-tested and more back-to-basics, natural fire burner style. Along these lines, Überleben’s Stoker Flatpack Stove is a real treat to cook with. Here, we get a 3-side-enclosed, natural fire chamber situated below a square burner top. The whole system is very minimalist ingenious, made of all, high-quality 304-grade stainless steel and accompanied by a nice, canvas transport satchel.


7. Gas One GS-3400P Dual Fuel Portable Propane & Butane Camp Stove

Gas ONE Propane or Butane Stove GS-3400P Dual Fuel Portable Camping and Backpacking Gas Stove Burner with Carrying Case Great for Emergency Preparedness Kit (Gold) best camp stoves

For those specifically on the hunt for a nice, dual fuel single-burner camp stove setup, Gas One’s GS-3400P Dual Fuel Portable Propane & Butane Camp Stove probably has you covered. To fuel this one, simply hookup either an 8-ounce butane fuel canister or a 16.4-ounce propane tank, and let the good times roll. Some specific perks to this affordable performer include a quality Piezo electric ignition system, auto-shutoff and cartridge ejection safety features in case of any issues, and an overall easy-to-use and convenient camp stove design.

8. Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven


Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven best camp stoves


If we had to call out a virtual “King of All Camp Stoves”, this one may just be it. The do-it-all Outdoor Camp Oven by Camp Chef turns heads and lures noses with its grand layout consisting of a lower oven and upper grilling station. All stainless steel in build, the Outdoor Camp Oven’s actual oven features an oven thermometer and dual oven racks, while the upper grilling station offers two, quality burners and a solid grille. Even better, this one adapts to use most propane tanks between 1lb and 20lbs for a touch of additional versatility over much of the competition in the field.


9. Camp Chef Everest Two-Burner Camp Stove


Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove best camp stoves


Again, Camp Chef makes our list of top modern camp stoves, this time with its solid mini-performer, the Everest Two-Burner Camp Stove. Game-winning features of this great outdoor cooker include a quality, matchless ignition system,  with a total heating power of 40,000 generous BTUs, an easy-clean stainless drip tray, and even a convenient, side-mounted carry handle. We also really liked this one’s high-quality, nickel-coated steel cooking grate that is indeed made for a long life of cooking revelry.

10. Coleman Portable Butane Stove with Carrying Case

Coleman Portable Butane Stove with Carrying Case best camp stoves

Affordable reliability is the name of the game with Coleman’s Portable Butane Stove with Carrying Case. Here, users can enjoy a solid, single-burner setup that puts off a very capable, 7,650 total BTUs of cooking power with an accompanying insta-start electronic ignition system. Precision temperature control, a handy carrying case, and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty by Coleman make this one even sweeter and a definite occupant on our list of the best camp stoves out right now.

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By BCR Staff

August 2019

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