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Top 10 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

Many years ago, what would become the office environment was still being worked out. Gigantic sheets of printer paper and jumbo printers, large, boxy computers, and even knee-high socks could be found in the then office environment. Fast-forward to modern times and realize how far things have come.

One specific and quite interesting transformation that took place – office chairs. At one time, an office chair might be any type of chair or similar item that could be used in the new office setting. Today, office chairs have evolved into a very articulate selection, specializing in anything from comfort to accessory storage. We sort through today’s offerings and bring you the ten best ergonomic office chairs for 2013.

1. Ergohuman Mesh Ergonomic Chair

eurotech ergohuman mesh
With ergonomics even built into its name, the Ergohuman Mesh Ergonomic Chair is sure to keep you comfortable all day long. Aside from unsurpassed comfort and ergonomics, the Ergohuman Mesh also boasts synchronized backrest and head tilt, tilt tension control, back angle adjustability, strong tilt locks, and much more. The combination of reliability and comfort just doesn’t get much better than this.

2. Steelcase Leap

steelcase leap
The amazing Leap, made by Steelcase, really is everything you need in an ergonomic office chair. One really cool feature is the LiveBack, which conforms to your back’s individual shape and contour. Add in an extremely sturdy build, absolute anatomical comfort, the easy-glide adjustment system, and several other great features, and you have one top-performer.

3. Steelcase Think 3D Mesh Chair

steelcase think
With yet another timeless great comes Steelcase, with the Think 3D Mesh Chair. The Think 3D is a master of ergonomics with automatic, lean-back adjustment, pneumatic seat height, adjustable arms, and an overall very accommodating design. In addition, the Think 3D is a 98% environmentally-sustaining product.

4. Boss 6888-BK-HR

boss multi function
Looking for the perfect blend of comfort, style, and reliability? The Boss 6888-BK-HR is just that. Here, Boss has given us a contemporary, mesh-back chair that looks professional, sleek, and assertive. All-day comfort is unbelievably natural with the 6888’s anatomically correct design, excellent cushioning pattern, and adjustable-everything. It’s hard to want to get up from this one.

5. Modway Future Office Chair

modway future
The future is here with the Future Office Chair, by Modway. This particular ergonomic chair offers the ability to recline at any angle, make a number of lumbar support adjustments, and adjustments to overall seat depth. In addition, the ergonomic headrest is also fully adjustable.

6. LexMod Discovery

lexmod discovery
The LexMod Discovery is definitely one of this year’s greats. This conference-style, highly-ergonomic office chair not only looks the part but feels it as well. Enjoy the style of beautiful leather upholstery, the comfort of intuitive cushioning, and the ease of use offered by a sturdy and reliable control system. This aluminum-frame mid-back is an excellent addition to the ergonomic interests of any office.

7. Comfort Products Commodore II

comfort commodore
The Commodore II, by Comfort Products, will have you feeling like a commodore, seated in the lap over-sized, cushiony luxury. A straight-forward adjustment system and 400-pound capacity make this ergonomic office favorite easy for anyone to use. Other features, such as tilt, swivel, locks, and tension are also well designed for the long-haul. Chrome on black never looked and felt so good.

8. Boss Classic Traditional Chair

boss classic
Back for several years in a row now, the Boss Classic Traditional Chair is certainly one of the kings of office ergonomics. This high-back comes with amazing styling, high quality upholstery, hand-applied antique brass trim, and an elegant mahogany wood finish at its base. This chair is incredibly comfortable and classy at the same time.

9. Office Star WorkSmart

office star worksmart
Another great high-back to make our list is the WorkSmart, by Office Star. The WorkSmart features a strong, nylon base, one-touch seat adjustment, and heavy cushioning wrapped in eco-leather. Another great feature is the WorkSmart’s ability to completely adjust arm width and height. Office Star did quite well with this ergonomic model.

10. Lorell Mesh Executive

The Lorell Mesh Executive is the perfect office chair for making just about anyone comfortable. With a straight-forward, yet all-base-covering control setup, just about any size, shape, or body type can be well accommodated. The Lorell Mesh Executive boasts a five-star, heavy-duty base system, up to 21-inch seat height, and even compliance of code CA117 for fire safety.

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