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Top Ten Best Queen Size Mattresses

By BCR Staff
March 2019

This article presents the 10 best queen size mattresses available online.

Finding a good mattress is not an easy task. Many people would rather stick to their trusty 20-year old mattress with the springs poking through rather than go through the hassle of shopping for a better one. Besides, a trip to the mattress store can be overwhelming.  Pushy salespeople and a dizzying array of choices are exhausting.

With all the features to consider, you might forget that the main reason you are in search of a mattress is to get a better night’s sleep!

How well you sleep usually determines what your day is going to be like, and poor quality sleep can also affect your level of productivity during the day.  Luckily, you can skip the trip to the big mattress warehouses. Today’s mattresses are lighter and built better than ever. Not only that, they can be shipped straight to your door without you ever having to get out of your pajamas.

If you are in the market for the best queen size mattress you can find, look no further.  Our curated list of mattresses is here to take the drudgery out of mattress shopping and get you sleeping better in no time.

1. Signature Sleep

12-inch Contour Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress

Signature Sleep 12-inch Contour Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress

This deluxe hybrid mattress comes in conventional white and looks beautiful in any room. It is amazingly comfortable to sleep on due to its enhanced design which allows for edge-to-edge support. Inside, it is comprised of coils which are independent and placed in such a way that they help to eliminate any motion disturbance. This means that you are able to enjoy a sound night of sleep without the irritation of the sound of compressing coils.

The pillow-top is made up of memory foam which is specifically designed to mold to your body’s pressure points to give you a relaxed sleep. The material is breathable meaning you can sleep through the warm nights very comfortably. The mattress is shipped vacuum-sealed, rolled and compressed in a box for easy handling.

2. Nectar

The Nectar Foam Mattress

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

This is one mattress you won’t regret purchasing. And if you do, just return it at no cost within a year. Designed to work with all frames, you won’t have to worry if it is compatible with what you already own.  The Nectar is unique in that it is bouncier than conventional foam, meaning it has a little more give to it.

The gel memory foam aligns to your body very nicely, and the Tencel cooling fabric allows air to circulate so you can stay comfortable. No more waking up on hot nights drenched in sweat. The Nectar comes wrapped in a protective cover which allows for easy handling around the doorways and corners of your home.

3. Tuft & Needle

12-Inch Queen Mint Mattress

Tuft & Needle 12-Inch Queen Mint Mattress

If you are looking for superior comfort, this is one of the best queen size mattresses you will find.  Crafted with gel beads, it provides excellent support and is comprised of three layers arranged in order of firmness. This means that the more pressure you exert on the mattress, the more the force is exerted back up, thus improving support.

Since the base is firmer, the edges provide very comfortable support. The top layer is made of adaptable foam which relieves pressure. Its durability is enhanced with the included thick knitted cover. The Mint mattress is shipped free of charge in a sturdy box to allow for easy carrying and unpacking.

4. BedStory

12-Inch Lavender Memory Foam Mattress

BedStory 12-Inch Lavender Memory Foam Mattress

Everybody has that one special position they like to sleep in. You will be glad to know that this mattress is designed to cater to all those positions. How?  All the foam layers used to make this mattress are unique and designed to mold to your sleeping posture without sacrificing comfort. Further, it comes infused with the sweet, relaxing scent of lavender. This is a feature you won’t find anywhere else. The outer cover is made of knitted fabric which allows for easy circulation of air and moisture reduction.

5. Helix

Moonlight Luxe

Helix Moonlight Luxe Mattress
This is an exceptional mattress designed to make your nights much more comfortable. It has a pillow-like top made of soft material that will leave you feeling as if you were nestled in a cloud. The material also has ultra-cool technology which helps maintain normal temperatures whether it be it a sweltering hot night or a chilly winter’s evening. You can kiss that backache or stiff neck goodbye when you sleep on the Helix.  Its unique design incorporates strategically placed lumbar support coils to relieve pressure on your spine.

6. Aviya Mattress

Innerspring System Mattress

Aviya Innerspring System Full-Sized Mattress

The Aviya mattress is the best mattress we have found for versatility. There are three firmness levels to choose from. You can opt between Luxury firm, Firm, and plush. Each of these options is guaranteed to provide you with long-lasting support that is designed to suit your individual sleeping style.  What’s more, you have 100 days of assurance and a ten-year guarantee. Active support for your body is provided by the innerspring coils that have been paired with foam. The Aviya is shipped directly to your door, absolutely free.

7. Signature Sleep Mattress

Flex 10-Inch Charcoal Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Signature Sleep
The Flex mattress by Signature Sleep is one of the top mattresses for affordability. The mattress has a layer of charcoal gel memory foam that can manage your body temperature as you sleep. A waterfall edge design helps to minimize any motion disturbance you might encounter when your partner gets in and out of bed.

The foam in this mattress is cut into channels to allow for the best air flow, creating coolness and comfort for you on hot summer nights. Crafted with  CertiPUR Certified Foam, it is backed by a 10-year warranty.

8. Casper

The Casper Mattress

The Casper Mattress

Casper has a lot of experience in the mattress industry. Their large customer base consists of loyal fans who really seem to appreciate this mattress, and with good reason. They are an award-winning company with a great product.   Casper employs zoned support in their mattresses to ensure that your body and back stay in alignment and you don’t suffer from incorrect sleeping postures. Another advantage of this mattress is that you can remove the cover and clean it whenever you need to, thus enhancing its overall lifespan.

Casper offers a 100-night trial so you can be sure you absolutely love your new mattress.  If you are not satisfied, they will come to take it off your hands at no charge. Delivery is straight to your door and set-up is simple.

9. Signature Sleep

10-Inch 6047429 Coil Mattress

Signature Sleep 10-Inch 6047429 Coil Mattress

This is a fully reversible mattress, something that is not too easy to find these days.  You can flip this baby as many times as you want as the years go by, giving you the ability to prolong its usefulness. The outer cover is made of knit fabric allowing for natural circulation of air. This helps a lot with thermal management of the body during sleep. Shipping is free to your doorstep.

10. Tomorrow

1050 Queen Mattress

Tomorrow 1050 Queen Mattress
This fantastic mattress by Tomorrow is a hybrid made up of memory foam and a dynamic coil system. The design brings absolute comfort for anyone who just wants to wind down after a tough day. The Tomorrow Company has ensured that this mattress is made absolutely toxin-free and hypoallergenic. This is very advantageous for those who are allergic to certain fiber toxins. The temperature regulating technology used here is made by non-other than NASA.