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Top 10 Mattress Frames for Queen Size Bed-in-a Box

This article will present the top ten best frames for your queen size bed-in-a-box mattress.

Bed-in-a box mattresses are becoming more popular as a convenient way to furnish a space quickly with any sized mattress.  Most eliminate the need for bulky box springs, and that is where these complementary bed frames fit in. The hardware that supports a regular box spring differs from the quality of these platform frames, allowing the consumer to choose between mattress types.

In this review, we will look at several frames suitable for a queen-size mattress in a box.  Rather than visiting a mattress store and spending time negotiating delivery, these easy-to-assemble frames can be delivered straight to your door.

1. Zizin Queen Bed Frame Platform

The Zizin Platform is a solid frame if you own a queen size bed-in-a-box. The frame’s steel slats provide a foundation that is stable enough to eliminate the need for any non-slip tape or rug mat between your frame and mattress. The slats, strong enough to hold up to 3,000 pounds, also make it so that there is no need for a box spring or any other foundation. A great feature of this frame is that it provides enough space underneath for easy cleaning and item storage.zizin Top Ten Best Queen Mattress Frames for Bed-in-Boxes

2. AmazonBasics Bed Frame

This AmazonBasics Queen Bed Frame will give your bedroom a sleek and modern look. The post-style design of the legs ensures that the foundation will provide continuous stability to your queen bed-in-a-box mattress. The faux leather foundation comes with a one year warranty and the wooden structure is guaranteed to stay intact, no matter how much impact it may endure in its lifetime. This frame is the ideal accompaniment to the AmazonBasics queen mattress-in-a-box.AmazonBasics Top Ten Best Queen Mattress Frames for Bed-in-Boxes

3. Urest Queen Size Bed Frame

The Urest Bed Frame could be the quality queen mattress foundation for you. The wooden slats are placed close together to provide you with extra stability, and it is designed to eliminate noise, which can provide you with a sense of privacy. It is shipped in one box right to your door, with everything you need to put it together included. Assembly is quick and easy. Urest Top Ten Best Queen Mattress Frames for Bed-in-Boxes

4. Lagrima 14 Inch SmartBase

The Lagrima SmartBase will eliminate the need for you took any further for your next frame or box spring. This foundation has eight foldable metal legs that make transporting it from room to room a snap. The twenty-eight wooden slats will reduce any sagging of your mattress and they have foam tape added to reduce noise and prevent the mattress itself from slipping. This frame works with memory foam, spring, sponge, or hybrid mattresses, making it quite versatile. There are no special tools needed for setup.LAGRIMA Top Ten Best Queen Mattress Frames for Bed-in-Boxes

5. Mellow Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame

The Mellow Bed Frame will help bring a unique mid-century style to your bedroom. The slats and frame are constructed from high-quality durable wood that is made to last.  It takes only a few minutes to assemble this foundation thanks to the straightforward instructions provided. It comes with a five-year warranty that guarantees you a quality frame for years to come. Mellow Top Ten Best Queen Mattress Frames for Bed-in-Boxes

6. DHP Winston Metal Bed Frame

The Winston Bed Frame has many features that will keep your body stable throughout the night. There are metal rails and legs that increases the overall durability of the frame, and its vintage design will complement your bedroom. The Winston is available in three different colors allowing you to choose something suitable to your own tastes.DHP Top Ten Best Queen Mattress Frames for Bed-in-Boxes

7. 45Min 14 Inch Platform Bed Frame

If you want a frame that is super durable, the 45Min Bed Frame is recommended for you. It can withstand up to 3,000 pounds and survive even the most significant amount of pressure. If you have kids who like jumping on the bed, this might be the frame you’ve been looking for. The welded steel slats provide excellent stability and there is an added cushioning gasket that reduces noises, squeaking, and sliding. 45Min Top Ten Best Queen Mattress Frames for Bed-in-Boxes

8. Zinus Abel 14 Inch Platform Bed Frame

The Zinus Abel Platform Frame also wins high marks for durability. The steel slats provide excellent support for your queen mattress. Assembling this frame only takes a few minutes, and it  comes with a five-year worry-free warranty Delivered right to your door, the packaging allows for easy transportation up staircases and through doors. Zinus Top Ten Best Queen Mattress Frames for Bed-in-Boxes

9. Life Home 51″ Tall Headboard Platform Frame

The Life Home Platform Frame is an excellent choice if you are looking for high-quality foundation that adds some classic style to your bedroom. Upholstered in light grey linen, it is one of the few platform frames that comes with a headboard. The slats supply even pressure support for your mattress, ensuring you a good night’s sleep. The frame is shipped in two boxes and is simple to assemble.Life Home Top Ten Best Queen Mattress Frames for Bed-in-Boxes

10. Naomi Home idealBase Metal Bed Frame

The Naomi Home idealBase Mattress Frame is made of steel, which allows for a durable and noise-free foundation. This frame is an excellent choice if you are looking for something that will give you extra storage space as it sits 13 inches off the floor. It was created specifically with heavy-duty construction to replace the need for a box spring. If you do not own any tools, no problem. It is delivered with everything you need to put it together in minutes.Naomi Home Top Ten Best Queen Mattress Frames for Bed-in-BoxesAs more and more consumers are opting for mattresses that can be delivered right to your door, the options for platform bed frames are increasing. By eliminating the need for inflexible box springs, they allow you to save money and space and they are known for their simple assembly, saving you time as well. Our top ten list of platform frames for queen mattresses in a box is the ideal place to begin your search.


By BCR Writing Staff
July 2019