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Top Ten Best Mattresses For Shoulder Pain

We’ve compiled the top10 mattresses for shoulder pain for a very specific reason. Shoulders are the most flexible and mobile joints of the human body; these ball and socket joints are used much more frequently than the others. As a result, people with shoulder pain need a mattress that is designed to alleviate tenderness and assist with the constant strain that can form on the shoulders, even when sleeping.

How Can a Mattress Help With Shoulder Pain?

Sleep deprivation is a widespread complaint commonly associated with shoulder pain. The most popular mattresses for shoulder pain are unequivocally thought-out with this in mind and have demonstrated astonishing capabilities in regard to improving sleep patterns.

Clinically tested and certified technology is here. There are options that comfortably shape around the human body to help firmly support pressure points and improve posture. Additionally, this technology also uses specialized materials to regulate temperature and increase airflow through the mattress to drastically reduce unwanted body heat.

These bespoke designs are made just for addressing discomfort in the shoulders as well as other pressure points. Our curated list of the best mattresses for shoulder pain should help you choose the best option for you.

1. Level Sleep

Level sleep mattress for shoulder pain

Recommended by doctors to reduce morning stiffness and mitigate shoulder discomfort, the Level Sleep® Mattress is manufactured with USA-made premium materials and works on all bed frames.

The mattress has a three-zone design with certified foams to allow the spine to rest in a neutral position and pleasantly absorb the shoulder; this helps relieve pressure points and combat joint pain.

Clinical trials have proven this patented sleep technology works. Participants reported a 54% reduction in morning stiffness and claimed the supportive lumbar strip with two softer zones was optimal for side sleepers.

2. Sweetnight

Sweetnight Memory Foam Mattress for shoulder pain

The Sweetnight 12 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress offers plenty of firm support with a cloud-like feeling. Three layers of CertiPUR-US® certified foam is wrapped in a soft rayon cotton cover that is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant to create this medium-firm mattress.

Gel-infused memory foam on the top layer cleverly adjusts to human body weight and temperature to help dissipate heat. Breathable open-cell foam is used in the middle to promote high air-flow, and the base has high-density supportive foam to be durable.

3. Perfect Cloud

Perfect Cloud Mattress For Shoulder Pain

Perfect Cloud produces a quintessential mattress for shoulder pain with great sleep in mind. It is built with durable viscoelastic memory foam to eliminate nervous tension and is covered with mesh accents for air to flow freely.

All the materials used are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and regulated by the consumer product safety commission for better indoor air quality. The mattress also has a premium stretch knit cover that has a luxurious look and a quilted textile made with durable fibers for easy cleaning.

4. DreamCloud

Dreamcloud mattress for shoulder pain

Five distinct zones of body contouring comfort and the perfect balance of pushback support make the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress an ideal candidate for one of the best mattresses for shoulder pain. This is a literal sanctuary for the human body that uses an eight-layer hybrid design of medical grade Visco elastic memory foam. The goal is to provide the precise level of support needed with unparalleled heat distribution.

Furthermore, all of the foams used by DreamCloud are CertiPUR-US® certified, and the mattress is covered in a hand-tufted cashmere blend cover.

5.  Tuft & Needle

Tuft and needle Mattress for shoulder pain

Tuft & Needle was launched in 2012 with the primary focus of quality over quantity. Fabricated with T&N adaptive foam, their universally comfortable mattress cradles the human body with best-in-class materials that offer excellent pressure relief.

Perfect for all sleeping positions, this mattress can help diminish fatigue by reducing tossing and turning. They also have excellent customer service, and the foam they use is capable of fitting into a small box for quick and easy delivery.

6. Tomorrow

Tommorrow Sleep mattress for shoulder pain

The Tomorrow Hybrid Mattress is packed with remarkable technology. It uses open-cell memory foam created by NASA to regulate body temperature in real-time, pressure relieving gel swirl for incredible shoulder support, and dynamic response foam that directly absorbs energy for an extra compact layer of comfort.

A Sleeptracker® monitor created by Tomorrow that goes under the mattress is also available for purchase. With the use of a smartphone app, this unparalleled technology gives the user personalized tips and real-time analytics to monitor sleep like never before.

7. Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Sleep mattress for shoulder pain

This hybrid mattress uses individually wrapped coils for maximum comfort and Titan Flex foam with contouring properties that have the same responsiveness as latex.

With the highest standards of quality, each phase of construction is overseen and inspected by a professional operator with an average of seven years at their factory. As a result of following their own strict twelve point craftsmanship program, Brooklyn Beddings produces one of the top-rated mattresses for shoulder pain in the world.

8. Nolah

Nola Sleep Mattress For Shoulder Pain

The Nolah Signature 12 is a two-sided mattress that works on any flat surface. One side is made for sleepers wanting a firmer mattress, and the other soft side has a thicker layer to perfectly shape around the human body.

Both sides use Nolah AirFoam™  for superior pressure relief that provides extreme natural cooling. The core is reinforced with a high-density breathable base, so strong that Nolah awards each mattress a lifetime warranty.

9. Signature Sleep

signature sleep mattress for shoulder pain

Signature Sleep has been operating in the industry for more than fifty years, and their hybrid coil mattress offers copious amounts of comfort without any compromises.

Tested and certified by independent laboratories, all of the high-quality foam Signature Sleep uses meets the specific criteria for indoor emissions and environmental stewardship.

The mattress is shipped in a box that is easy to transport and setting it up is even easier. Just remove the mattress from the box and cut the outer bag for it to be ready for a good night’s rest.

10. Zinus

Zinus Mattress For Shoulder Pain

The Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress has a medium-feel firmness and is fabricated with CertiPUR-US® certified foams that can help alleviate pain and improve sleep efficiency. The base has a unique shape on the inside to make it more rigid, and the top layers have zone ventilation to remove unwanted body heat.

This mattress has a special feature. It is infused with a natural green tea extract; a safe and trustworthy anti-oxidant used to maintain freshness. This extraordinary idea makes the Zinus mattress the most unique out of the top 10 mattresses for shoulder pain available today.

By BCR Staff
May 2019