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Top Ten Mattresses For Seniors

By BCR Staff
January 2019

Seniors as an age group have a harder time falling asleep, experience increased interruptions during sleep, and struggle more to stay asleep then all other age groups. Sure, at the retirement age, numerous prior stressors are no longer a part of everyday life, but the grass is not always greener on the other side. Seniority often comes with its own unique set of troubles that can make a peaceful night of sleep even more unattainable then it has ever been before. Marked sleep sequence changes are somewhat natural as you age, but a serious deterioration of your sleep is not normal.

Sleep deprivation is not only unhealthy, but it is also unsafe.  Just because it is possible to operate on very few hours of sleep does not mean it is okay. It is recommended on average that individuals over the age of 65  get the same quantity of sleep per night as young adults are advised to get. There are myriad of reasons why a senior would have difficulty sleeping at night. Aches, pains, and other conditions of aging can contribute to a lack of sleep. Yet, it is possible that some of these issues could be remedied with an easy change in the mattress you sleep on every night.

There is no cookie cutter, cure-all mattress that can alleviate all the complex issues seniors experience with sleeping. For this reason, it is crucial that you research and identify the best mattress that suits your specific needs. In order to help you out with this exacting task, a list of the best ten mattresses for seniors has been compiled below, with the key highlights of each one.

1. Bear

Bear Mattress

If you suffer from neck and back pain on an everyday basis that puts a strain on your ability to do the things you enjoy or just carry out your day-to-day functions, Bear Mattress is designed just for you. Aches and pains due to arthritis, degenerative disc disease, or spurs in the bones can take control and run your life if you do not find relief. The Bear Mattress has your back with the most precise synchronization between firm therapeutic reinforcement and body enveloping comfort. The Bear Mattress provides excellent alignment for your spine, and its fine-tuned, solid graphite, gel proprietary memory foam formulation effectively offers soothing relief from painful pressure in your neck, shoulders, and back.

2. Winkbeds

Your Winkbed
It the pain that is ruining your sleep has more to do with the hip and lower back areas of your body, then a complex combination of intuitive mattress technology is the answer to your difficulty with sleeping. The Winkbed does just this with its one of a kind triple step, multi-faceted, system for relief of pain that is focused on your lower back and hip regions. The pillow top element of the Winkbed offers the optimal amount of soft padding to balance out the strong support factor, neutralizing the stiffness in your muscles. The Winkbed’s exclusive middle layer component, LumbarLayer™, stops your lower back region from caving in and inhibits incorrect calibration of your joints. Winkbeds provide you with the opportunity to choose your firmness from four different levels.

3. Layla

Layla Mattress
If your daily pains and discomforts don’t seem to assemble in a specific area of your body or you suffer from the frequent interruptive motion of restless leg syndrome, then the inventive Layla Mattress will bring back your long lost tranquil nights of sleep. The multi-purpose versatility and savvy incorporation of Layla Mattresses secret element, copper, is not so secret anymore. This component provides essential anatomical support in the deeper lying regions of your body when lying down. In addition, the copper-infused foam effectively draws surplus heat away from you to help reduce pain from inflammation. The Layla Mattress absorbs the maximum amount of bounce momentum so you will not feel the impact of your movements and wake up due to restless leg syndrome.

4. Saatva

Loom & Leaf Mattress
This is the ultimate mattress solution for those who suffer from non-centralized back aches and pains in addition to those who struggle with breathing and circulation problems resulting from conditions like COPD and sleep apnea. The Loom & Leaf Mattress sets itself apart from other mattresses with its signature layer of a proprietary gel that is geared toward optimum support of the spinal column. This Spinal Zone Gel doubles to enhance your bodies ability to maintain proper alignment and posture in the horizontal position, resulting in more efficient breathing and circulation processes. Loom & Leaf also comes in two separate firmness tiers to further individualize the mattress to meet your needs.

5. Saatva

Saatva Mattress
For seniors who are not very fond of the feel they get from latex and memory foam constructed mattresses, but still want the spine, hip, posture, and body alignment advantages, the Saatva Mattress is what they are looking for. The mattress begins with a dense but comfortably soft pillow top padded layer that does not compromise the function of the other two supportive layers. Under the pillow top, a doubled up coupling of lower and upper coil systems that feature an isolated and wrapped individual coil design create an hourglass-shaped mechanism. This specialized mechanism provides the ideal reaction to any sleep position your body is in.

6. Purple

Purple Full Mattress Hyper Elastic Polymer Bed
The Purple Mattress is another ideal mattress selection for you if you suffer from the pain and discomfort of restless leg syndrome (or sleep next to someone who does), and back spasms. Purple has built onto the latest inventive technologies by developing an exclusive mechanism for the most effective isolation of movement and motion in their mattress. In addition to the elimination of sleep interruption due to excessive motion and movements, the Purple Mattress also implements a channel method of maximum airflow and equally distributed and balanced pressure to keep the spinal column calibrated properly in all sleep positions.

7. Live and Sleep

Live and Sleep Memory Foam Mattress
A perfect choice for those of you who want some relief from symptoms derived from multiple conditions and ailments is the Live and Sleep Memory Foam Mattress. Live and Sleep Mattress is equipped with the newest Visco memory foam with interspersed airflow conduits and maximum density mattress support. It will help to keep your body at a stable temperature and provide firm reinforcement to all regions of the body no matter what sleep position you are in. The Live and Sleep Memory Foam Mattress strives to hit all the strong points at the same time and cater to all who suffer from sleep difficulties.

8. Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle Full Mattress Bed in a Box T&N Adaptive Foam
The Tuft & Needle Bed in a Box Mattress is ideal for the everyday arthritis patient due to its highly innovative formulation that allows for superior, firm, and comfortable posture support in addition to the perfect level of bounciness. T&N Adaptive Foam is different from other types of latex foam hybrids and memory foam due to its ability to stop the ‘sinking in quicksand’ feeling you typically feel these materials.

9. Sleep On Latex

Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress
For seniors who may suffer from numerous skin conditions or have adverse reactions to the typical chemical compounds used in other mattresses, the Pure Green Latex Mattress is made just for you. All three layers of the mattress are made with 100 percent all natural materials and are free of any poly based foams, synthetically made latex foams, and latex hybrid like foams. A natural synthesis of organic New Zealand Wool and all organic cotton is used for the protective padded cover for an allergen, irritation, and chemical free night of peaceful sleep.

10. Mattress America

Mattress America Revive Gel Memory Foam Mattress
If the target area of your sleep interruptions is from your shoulder to your hip region, then your answer is the Mattress American Revive Gel Memory Foam Mattress. Designed for targeted precision support of the shoulder and hip regions, Mattress America’s unique three-tier memory foam combination will keep you from feeling like you are sleeping in quicksand, but also provide the optimal firmness level and encapsulating comfort that sculpts directly to your shape without the sagging that is usually responsible for many joint related sleep aches.