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Top Ten Children’s Mattresses

By BCR Staff
January 2019

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep, and as parents can attest, this sentiment is particularly true for kids. A rested child has a better chance of being a happy child, and a deep, peaceful slumber can make all the difference. Whether it’s naptime or bedtime, these mattresses will help your little one drift off to dreamland in comfort. From high tech memory foam to temperature regulating gel, to hypoallergenic and CertiPUR-US certified, we’ve got a mattress sure to fit your family’s needs. These mattresses have all been reviewed in each brand’s twin-sized model. Check out our line up of the ten best kids mattresses available on the market today.

1. Linenspa

Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattresses

This hybrid mattress by Linenspa combines the best of both worlds by layering plush, body-contouring memory foam over the classic support of coiled springs. A cozy knit fabric covers the layers for an extra dose of softness. The 1.5-inch memory foam gently cradles the body while 6-inch traditional springs support your child for a complete sleep experience. With a comfort level fit for Goldilocks, this mattress is not too soft and not too firm, but just right. This medium-firm choice will keep your side, stomach or back sleeper comfy all night. With a 10-year warranty, this mattress is guaranteed to offer your child sweet dreams for years to come.

2. Nest Bedding

BKB – Big Kids Bed
Touted as being the first mattress for the online market that has been made specifically for kids, this Big Kids Bed by Nest boasts some impressive qualities. Shipped directly from their US manufacturer to the consumer, the foam mattress can be set up in minutes, simply unbox and get ready to snuggle in for a great nights sleep. This mattress was created specifically for children’s safety and comfort as well as Mom and Dad’s peace of mind. Free from all toxins and chemicals, this foam mattress has been certified by CertiPUR-US, the leader in foam safety testing and certification. With their stamp of approval, you can be sure that your child’s mattress is free from harmful metals, toxins, and chemicals. For a clean, healthy mattress made to last, this one is a great choice.

3. Zinus

1- Inch Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress
What does green tea have to do with a good night sleep? This Zinus combination gel and memory foam mattress has been infused with an all natural green tea extract as well as natural active charcoal to aid in the absorption of excess moisture and odors, keeping your child’s mattress fresher longer. In addition to the all natural odor and moisture control, this mattress boasts a unique layering system for the ultimate in comfort. With a top layer comprised of a cooling, gel-infused memory foam, three more layers follow—comfort foam, high-density air-flow foam, and a supportive base layer. These layers of specialty foams provide comforting support by conforming to the contours of the body while the top gel-infused layer helps to keep your little one cool. Zinus foam mattresses are certified to be free from harmful toxins and chemicals by CertiPUR-US, assuring a safe sleep experience for your child.

4. Latex For Less

Latex Mattress
Several things set this kids mattress apart from the pack, from an organic cotton cover to an all-natural 100% wool fire barrier. Perhaps the most impressive feature is its double-sided latex layers offering reversible support in both medium and firm. This thoughtfully crafted mattress starts with an incredibly soft, stretched cover made from certified organic cotton. The next layer is a non-toxic, chemical-free fire barrier made from 100% wool. In addition to acting as a natural flame retardant, this wool layer will also help to wick away heat for a cool, restful sleep. Finishing the mattress are two layers of natural latex, one on each side with a choice of medium support or firm support. This feature will allow the mattress to support your child as they grow, offering firmer support as needed. The Latex for Less Latex Mattress is also antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for allergy sufferers.

5. Signature Sleep

Contour Encased Coil 8-Inch Mattress
This hybrid mattress offers the support of traditional springs with the comfort of body contouring foam. Fully encased spring coils are sandwiched between layers of high-density foam, providing a fully reversible mattress, extending its use for years to come. Topped with a knit mattress cover for softness and superior air-flow, this mattress can be used on a variety of bases including platforms, trundles, bunks and box springs. Both layers of thick, plush foam have been certified by CertiPUR-US to be free from harmful metals, flame-retardants, and dangerous ozone emissions. This Signature Sleep mattress is the perfect blend of classic coils and form-contouring foam.

6. Tomorrow

Hybrid Mattress
The Hybrid Mattress by Tomorrow combines individually pocketed, flexible coils and hypoallergenic high-density foam. A cooling top layer regulates body temperature for the most comfortable sleep experience. What truly sets this mattress apart is that it is available in two levels of sleep support. Their medium soft support is specially designed with side sleepers in mind, offering an extra plush feel similar to a pillow top. This level of support is perfect for the child who likes to feel cradled as they drift off to sleep. For those looking for a little more support and the feel of traditional memory foam, Tomorrow offers the medium firm mattress. This mattress is suited for sleepers of all styles who like a slightly more supportive surface. Both choices feature foam certified by CertiPUR-US.

7. Home Life Comfort Sleep

8-Inch Two Sided Spring Mattress Green Foam Certified
This Life Home kids mattress features impressive 15-gauge, independently pocketed coils for superb support and reversibility for extra long wear. The high-quality coils are nestled between layers of 100% GreenFoam certified flexible polyurethane foam, assuring that harmful emissions and heavy metals will not interfere with a great night’s sleep. This hybrid mattress can be delivered straight to your door, ready to unroll and unwind.

8. Saatva

Build-Your-Own Mattress
Have you ever wished you could build the perfect mattress for your child? Well, now you can with the Build Your Mattress line from Saatva. Offering three levels of support, this mattress is the stuff dreams are made of. First up is the Plush Soft mattress, made with soft, flexible foams covering independently pocketed coils to offer the soothing sensation of being held. The next option is the Firm, featuring a more supportive core with a plush cushion top, perfect for those that enjoy softness but require slightly more support. Finally, the Luxury Firm mattress by Saatva is considered the gold standard in firm and contouring support with the highest level of support softened by a luxurious body-contouring layer.

9. Olee Sleep

10-Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress
This high-quality mattress is considered medium firm and provides an optimal level of support and softness for all sleepers. A gel-infused top layer helps to encourage air-flow and to regulate body temperature while a base layer of high-density foam offers support to the body’s pressure points. Made from CertiPUR-US certified foam, this mattress is another excellent choice for a clean, satisfying night’s sleep for your little one.

10. Nectar

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Most kids enjoy an occasional session of bouncing on the bed. Unfortunately, a lot of memory foams have taken the fun out of that pastime, until now. Introducing the Memory Foam Mattress from Nectar, the adaptive hi-core memory foam bed that provides a surface with slightly more rebound and bounce. With a tencel cooling cover to keep your little bouncer from overheating when playtime is done, and two layers of gel infused memory foam, this CertiPUR-US certified mattress offers cool, comfortable support for a restful night.