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Top Ten Best Bunk Bed Mattresses

This review lists the top ten bunk bed mattresses available online.

When it comes to finding the perfect bunk bed mattress, it can be challenging to know where to start, especially when there are so many different options when it comes to materials and firmness levels.  Bunk beds can be a great way to save space, but you want to be sure you are buying the best quality mattress possible. For that reason, we created a list to help you choose the best bunk bed mattress for you.

1. The Latex for Less Latex Mattress

Latex for less bunk bed mattress

The Latex for Less Latex Mattress is made with 100% pure latex harvested from the Hevea Brasiliense’s tree. This product is excellent for individuals who prefer items that are organic and environmentally friendly. The cotton within the mattress is natural, which leaves the bed feeling extra soft. The California wool that is used in the mattress is also all-natural. The bed is fire-resistant without the use of toxic chemicals and it is designed to regulate body temperature for the most comfortable sleep. The company wants to make sure you are happy with your new mattress, which is why the bed comes with a 120-night trial.

2. Pure Green™ Natural Latex Mattress

Pure Green bunk bed mattress

The Pure Green™ Natural Latex Mattress was explicitly made for comfort, ease, and strength. The mattress is all-natural with only the best products used in manufacturing. All the beds are crafted in the United States by the companies using experienced, skilled production workers. This mattress is recommended for individuals who prefer products produced domestically. The bed, made of natural latex foam, is made with the highest-quality latex shipped directly from Sri Lanka. While still retaining stretch ability, the cotton cover is also durable.

3. Sunrising Bedding 8-inch Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress Twin Size

Sunrising bunk bed mattress

With a twenty-year warranty, the Sunrising Bedding Hybrid Mattress will not disappoint. The all-natural latex within the bed was retrieved from Thailand’s rubber tree. The mattress has coils within it that help relieves pressure, reduce pain, and cradle your muscles. The bed contains no formaldehyde, odors, toxins, or heavy metals. The mattress also does not contain any flammable chemicals. Not only is it free of harmful chemicals, but it is resistant to mold and dust mites. This mattress is an excellent choice for individuals who are susceptible to allergies and is a safe choice for children.

4. Modway Aveline Premium Sabrina Mattress

Modway Avaline bunk bed mattress

Perfect for aligning your spine, the Modway Aveline Premium Sabrina Mattress is layered with quality latex that molds to the curves of your body. The foam is CertiPUR-US certified which ensures you are getting the quality bed you deserve without any formaldehyde. The bed relieves pressure from the shoulders, back, and hips, which allows for a painless rest. This mattress is recommended for anyone suffering from general aches and pains while they sleep. With its breathable gel memory foam, it allows air to move freely and reduce overheating. Not only will you be sleeping comfortably, but this mattress will keep you cool throughout the night.

5. Gel-Infused Green Tea ActivFRESH Memory Foam Mattress

Gel Infused Active Fresh Zinnus bunk bed mattress

The Gel-Infused ActivFRESH Mattress will bring the relief you deserve. It has three fundamental layers to ensure that you will be sleeping better. The one inch of MyGel Memory Foam allows individuals to rest comfortably on a soft yet stable layer. The one-inch dense foam creates a strong, pressure relieving base. The additional four inches of the high-density foam stabilizes the bed for a medium-firm feel. Shipping is free, and if the bed you receive breaks or becomes damaged over time, you will receive a new one through the company’s five-year warranty. This product is excellent for individuals who value product guarantees.

6. Nod by Tuft & Needle Twin Mattress

Tuft and Needle Bunk Bed Mattress

With the company’s six-years of experience in the mattress industry, the Nod Mattress provides one of the best quality bunk bed mattresses available. The foam the bed uses is a combination of memory foam and latex. Though the combination of these two products typically results in the bed sinking or becoming overly hot, the company has designed this mattress to allow for even airflow and stability. The cover that comes with the mattress is breathable and soft. With all these characteristics combined, you will have the best night’s sleep ever. This bunk bed mattress is recommended to those who prefer to work with companies that have a lot of experience and happy customers.

7. Happsy 100% Organic Mattress

Happsy bunk bed mattress

The Happsy Organic Mattress is very eco-friendly. This bed uses organic latex and wool that give it a medium firmness. It contains no formaldehyde, memory foam, GMO’s, or pesticides. With the coil system and wool, the mattress will remain fresh and stable. The springs within the mattress do not have an adhesive which will allow for a more supported, relaxing rest. Manufactured in the United States, Happsy believes in using safe and eco-friendly alternatives to mattress materials.

8. Sealy, 8-Inch, Memory Foam Bed

Sealy 8 inch memory foam bunk bed mattress

The Sealy Memory Foam Bed claims it will last many years for consistent and fantastic rest. The mattress uses CertiPUR-US certified products while providing relief from pressure. While adapting to the curves of your body, the two inches of memory foam provide comfort and pain relief for a comfortable night’s sleep. The mattress regulates the temperature through the six-inch conventional foam layer. The circular knit cover is quick to remove and clean. This bed is also shipped and created within the United States and can be sent directly to your doorstep. You can even have it assembled.

9. The Casper Mattress

Casper bunk bed mattress

With its varying firmness levels throughout the bed, the Casper will allow anyone to have a comfortable, supportive rest. The mattress is firmer under the hips while softer under the shoulders, providing just the right level of relief on your pressure points. The cover can be easily zipped off from the bed to be washed. This award-winning bed is an excellent choice for individuals who prefer a mattress that varies in firmness. The mattress also uses open-cell foam to allow for good airflow while regulating body temperature.

10. AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress

Amazon Basics bunk bed mattress

The AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress will provide support no matter what your preferred sleep position is. While the third layer has a wavy surface, the second layer of foam has holes to allow air to circulate. The mattress circulates air throughout to reduce body and bed temperature. The top memory-foam layer provides softness to create a plush feel. This mattress is the best fit for people who prefer a softer and fluffier surface compared to a firmer bed.

By BCR Staff
June 2019