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Top 10 Best Wooden Cutting Boards

In this article, we will review the top 10 best wooden cutting boards that can be purchased online.

Humans have been using wood implements to prepare food for millennia, and it has only been in the past few decades that plastic came into fashion. For a while, plastic was thought to be safer than wood, but we now know this is not entirely correct. Tiny cuts in plastic from daily use can become a breeding ground for bacteria. However, with a wooden cutting board, moisture is drawn to the center where bacteria die. In a recent test, wooden cutting boards were shown to be free of bacteria the day after using versus their plastic counterparts. The other advantage of wood is that it is entirely biodegradable and sustainable so that it won’t end up in a landfill. For many people, wood is an aesthetic choice that offers not only a versatile cutting surface but can double as a serving tray for meats and cheeses. In this review, we will feature our favorite wooden cutting boards.

1. 11 x 17 Inch Walnut Wood Cutting Board by Shangpeixuan

Shangpeixuan’s sustainably sourced cutting board is made with premium black walnut accented with oak and cherry. FDA certified, it is safe, toxin-free, and organic. It features grooves that help to catch juices and keep your countertops tidy and is beautiful enough to use as a cheese serving tray. With careful cleaning and periodic oiling, this board will last for many years to come.

Shangpeixuan Top 10 Best Wooden Cutting Boards

2. Large Reversible Multipurpose Thick Acacia Wood Cutting Board

This gorgeous thick cutting board by Sooner Los Angeles will find the perfect home on your countertop. Made with strong and durable Acacia wood, it is one and a half inches thick and butcher board style. It features a thick groove to catch juices and drippings, and end handles for easy maneuverability. Eco-friendly, it is sourced from wood that has been harvested on 100 percent sustainable plantations and is perfect for everyday use.

Sonder Los Angeles Top 10 Best Wooden Cutting Boards

3. Ironwood Gourmet Napoli Pizza Peel

Ironwood Gourmet sources their Acacia wood from small family farms in Thailand, and this beautiful and functional pizza peel has many uses. Its slanted edges allow for easy scooping of the pizza, and the handle has a pre-drilled hole for hanging. Much more than a simple pizza paddle, this item doubles as a cutting board that can be used for other foods as well. It has a 14-inch by 14-inch surface that has coatings like shellacs or varnish. To keep it protected and looking its best, a light coat of oil once in a while will do the trick.

Ironwood Gourmet Top 10 Best Wooden Cutting Boards

4. Handmade Walnut & Maple Butterfly Cutting Board by Washington Whale LLC

This gorgeous handmade cutting board by Washington Whale goes above and beyond ordinary wooden cutting boards. In fact, it’s a work of art. Intricately designed with maple and walnut, it features a geometric pattern that adds a touch of class to any kitchen. A perfect wedding or housewarming gift, it is non-toxic, FDA-approved, and made in the USA. Covered with mineral oil and organic beeswax, it is designed to last a lifetime. The company offers a satisfaction guarantee.

Washington Top 10 Best Wooden Cutting Boards

5. Large End Grain Teak Wood Cutting Board with Built-in Compartments

Hand crafted and functional; this teakwood cutting board is destined to be your new favorite kitchen implement. End-grade constructed, it is designed to be self-healing, allowing your knife to cut through it time and again without damage. The unique thing about this cutting board is the three built-in compartments that can hold chives, chopped garlic, and more as you go about preparing your favorite dish. The deep juice grooves hold up to three ounces of liquid to keep your counters clean, and it comes beautifully presented in a lovely gift box.

Sonder Los Angeles 2 Top 10 Best Wooden Cutting Boards

6. Thick Acacia Wood Cutting Board Set by Zesproka

This set of three cutting boards by Zesproka is all you will ever need for slicing, dicing, and chopping any type of food. Made with durable acacia wood, the boards are designed for a lifetime of use, and they will not bend, crack, or splinter. They each feature a juice drip groove perfect for carving meats or cutting fruits and are 0.6 inches thick. Light but sturdy, they can double as trays for serving crackers and cheese and other appetizers.

Zesproka Top 10 Best Wooden Cutting Boards

7. Naturally Med Olive Wood Cutting Board/Cheese Board

Made with beautiful and timeless olive wood, this cutting board is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional and would make an excellent gift for the gourmet chef. The natural grains of the olive wood show through, making each board unique and different. While the shape may vary, each cutting board is approximately 14 inches long, eight inches wide, and one-inch high. Stunning as well as useful, this cutting board is a pleasure to use and makes a beautiful cheese board too.

Naturally Med Top 10 Best Wooden Cutting Boards

8. Two-Tone Rubberwood Butcher’s Block

This unique butcher’s block cutting board is made with rubberwood and measures 19 inches long, 14.5 inches wide, and one and a half inches thick. Its durability is unsurpassed, and the cutting surface is gentle to your knives and cutting implements. The dual-color design makes it beautiful enough to use as a cheese board or antipasto server as well. Anti-microbial and easy to clean, this functional piece will be in the family for decades.

KOOQ Top 10 Best Wooden Cutting Boards

9. Solid Natural Olive Wood Reversible Chopping Board

Made in Italy, this wood cutting board is fashioned from sustainably grown olive wood in the southern part of the country. Strong, durable, and soft to the touch, it is designed to go with any kitchen decor and would make an ideal gift for a wedding or housewarming. No chemicals are used in the making of these boards, and they are not dishwasher safe. To maintain them, wash and dry thoroughly by hand and coat with olive oil periodically to maintain their luster.

Truffle Toast Home Top 10 Best Wooden Cutting Boards

10. Large Handmade Teak and Purpleheart Wood Cutting Board

Handcrafted from teak and amaranth wood, this stunning teardrop shaped cutting board is heirloom quality. Cured with organic beeswax and natural oils, it is safe and protected against mold, mildew, and bacteria. The wood itself is sustainable and carefully chosen from certified locations so as not to harm the environment. Scratch-resistant and durable, it is lovely enough to be used as a serving tray.

Ziruma Top 10 Best Wooden Cutting Boards


By BCR Staff

November 2019