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Top 10 Best Wooden and Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Sets

Our list of the top 10 wooden and bamboo kitchen utensil sets has been carefully chosen based on durability, price, and beauty. These sets feature long-lasting bamboo and woods like olive, teak, and acacia that are known for their strength and stability. Most of them are also made from renewable sources, which can help you feel better about your purchase. Wooden and bamboo utensils sets contain no toxic chemicals and won’t scratch your pans like metal utensils can, making them perfect to use with non-stick pans. Some on our list even come with bonus utensils, bowls, or matching holders.

1. Six-Piece Wooden Cooking Utensil Set by Nayahose

Handmade from natural teak, this six-piece set from Nayahose is as durable and functional as it is beautiful. Designed for everyday use, it features two spatulas, two wooden spoons, a salad fork, and a straining spoon. They are eco-friendly, BPA-free, and nontoxic. They are also highly heat-resistant and easy to clean; simply wash them by hand in mild soapy water, rinse, and let them air-dry naturally.

Nayahose Top 10 Best Wooden and Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Sets

2. Organic Bamboo Cooking Utensils Set by Neet

This attractive and sturdy bamboo cooking utensils set by neet features six useful kitchen tools; two spatulas, a slotted spoon, a regular spoon, a salad fork, and a beautiful matching holder to keep them all organized. Available in two different styles, the set is crafted from 100 percent organic and sustainable bamboo and will look gorgeous on your kitchen counter. Neet offers a lifetime satisfaction guarantee and hundreds of happy customers can attest to the superior quality this set offers.

Neet Top 10 Best Wooden and Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Sets

3. Five-Piece Natural Teak Cooking Utensils Set by Beauty Kate

Beauty Kate has outdone themselves with this darker hued utensil set that will go perfect in any kitchen. Handcrafted in Thailand, it features the gorgeous natural grains of Thai teak wood. As a result, each set is unique. The set includes a flat spatula, soup ladle, pasta server, wok turner, and serving spoon that will withstand the test of time. To keep this set looking in tip-top shape, you should always wash each piece by hand in warm soapy water and dry it thoroughly. The company recommends that you never use abrasives or let the utensils soak in water for too long. They also excel in customer service with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Beauty Kate Top 10 Best Wooden and Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Sets

4. Four-Piece Pakkawood Utensil Set by Island Bamboo

We absolutely love these colorful kitchen utensils by Island Bamboo. Handcrafted from 100 percent pakka wood, they are available in seven different color hues to match any kitchen and are as decorative as they are useful. If you are worried about the dyes used to create these little works of art, don’t be. An FDA approved colorant is used to embellish these gems. Perfect for a housewarming gift, the set includes a spoon, spatula, corner spoon, and slotted spoon with a hole in each end for hanging. While you may be tempted not to use these utensils because they are just too pretty, rest assured they can handle your culinary exploits. Just be sure to wash them in warm soapy water and dry them right away.

Island Bamboo Top 10 Best Wooden and Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Sets

5. Five-Piece Olive Wood Essentials Set by Thirteen Chefs

This luxurious french-inspired utensils set by Thirteen Chefs is a beautiful addition to your collection of kitchen tools. Each piece has been hand carved from a single piece of Tunisian olive wood, and you can see the grain running the entire length of the tool. Made from only pruned or previously downed olive trees, the set is also sustainable. It features a flat, curved, and slotted spatula and a spoon and salad fork. Perfect for use with non-stick cookware, the set also makes a beautiful wedding or housewarming gift.

Thirteen Chefs Top 10 Best Wooden and Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Sets

6. Four-Piece Eco-friendly Non-Scratch Natural Bamboo Utensil Set by EcoCheph

FSC certified to ensure sustainable and ethical harvesting, this set is actually advertised as including four pieces, yet it comes with a bonus—a unique corner spoon. The other pieces include a slotted spatula and spoon as well as a regular spatula and spoon. Thick and durable, the utensils are crafted from bamboo and make a thoughtful gift or a nice addition to your own collection. Gently hand-wash them after each use for longevity.

EcoCheph Top 10 Best Wooden and Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Sets

7. Five-Piece Wooden Utensil Set and Bowls by Elegant Objective

Well-made and beautiful to look at, this five-piece set from Elegant Objective includes two spatulas, a small turner spoon, colander spoon, and a ladle. As a bonus, the company includes two free small wooden bowls that are just perfect for condiments, dips, or salsa. Each item is carved from an entire piece of wood and has a rich, deep hue. The company recommends washing them in warm soapy water, avoiding the dishwasher or any abrasive cleansers.

Elegant Objective Top 10 Best Wooden and Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Sets

8. Five-Piece Bamboo and Silicone Utensil Set by Americook

Americook brings you this colorful five-piece set crafted from durable bamboo and heat-resistant silicone handles. The set includes a slotted spoon, corner spoon, mixing spoon, serving spoon, and turner spatula and each is approximately 13.3 inches in length. Renewable and eco-friendly bamboo is non-toxic, and with proper care will last for many years. The company recommends that you wash them in a mild detergent with water. Each has a handy loop on the end and the set adds cheer and whimsey when hanging in your kitchen.

Americook Top 10 Best Wooden and Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Sets

9. Six-Piece Acacia Wood Utensil Set With Gold or Copper Handles by Country Kitchen

Crafted from sturdy and durable Acacia wood, this six-piece utensil set is one of the only we have found that features the coveted spaghetti server. The other 13.25-inch long utensils include a solid spoon, slotted spoon, serving spoon, solid turner, and slotted turner. What sets these utensils apart, however, is their stylish reinforced metallic handles in gold or copper tones. This set from Country Kitchen can easily go from meal prep to the serving table. The company recommends avoiding the dishwasher, freezer, or refrigerator and to opt for cleaning them in warm, soapy water.

Country Kitchen Top 10 Best Wooden and Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Sets

10. Four-Piece Olive Wood Cooking Utensil Set by Mooonwood

Last up on our list is this inexpensive olive wood cooking utensils set featuring a curved spatula, round spoon, corner spoon, and salad fork. Each piece measures 11.81 inches and has been crafted from a solid piece of olive wood. To maintain them for years to come, wash them in warm soapy water. After they have dried, rub them lightly with a coat of olive oil which will keep them from drying out and losing their rich luster.

Mooonwood Top 10 Best Wooden and Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Sets


By BCR Staff

November 2019