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Top 10 Best Weighted Gravity Blankets

This review will cover the top 10 weighted blankets that can be purchased online.

Whether through science or by way of entrepreneurial luck, an inventor realized that weighted blankets really could help aid in comfort, a sense of security, sleep quality, stress relief, and more. Humans and animals alike have been shown to reap measurable benefits with the use of WGBs, regularly as well as on an as-needed basis. Despite their origins, though, today’s market of WGBs has grown exponentially and thus calls for a certain review. Like always, we are here to find which are the very best.

1. Quility Premium Adult Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover

The Premium Adult Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover by Quility is a great buy for just about any WGB needs. With seven layers of strategically-designed, temperature-controlling materials, a 100% cotton outer layer, and a deeply “Minky” feel, this one makes you feel like you’re being blanketed in complete perfection. A final product that is machine-washable in cold water also makes maintenance a simple task.

Qualitiy Top Ten Weighted Gravity Blankets

2. Gravity’s Gravity Blanket

Gravity brings comfort with their namesake Gravity Blanket. This professional-grade choice provides ultimate comfort with its strong, gridded stitching, a great outer texture, and internal, fine-grade beads. All the features are engineered to gravitationally apply an approximate and very ideal 10% of the user’s body weight at use. Internal clasps help keep the material system from shifting around inside of the blanket. The overall size of 72″ x 48″ is perfect for most single users.

Gravity Top Ten Weighted Gravity Blankets

3. YnM 2.0 Cool Heavy Weighted Blanket

The 2.0 Cool Heavy Weighted Blanket is a great choice if you want a less soft and fibrous design that also provides excellent temperature control. YnM gets it done in this model by way of a seven-layer design that is specially made for heat dissipation. It features a perfect, 10% blanket-weight-to-user-weight ratio and the purchaser’s choice of a wide, 16-color blanket and pattern selection. The complete three-year manufacturer’s guarantees your important needs are met.

YnM Top Ten Weighted Gravity Blankets

4. ZonLi Adults Weighted Blanket

The ZonLi Adults Weighted Blanket is another top pick for those in search of high-performance yet highly affordable WGBs. This model gives off a great feel without lots of body heat accumulation with its multiple layers of microfiber, polyester padding, and specially designed hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, odorless glass beads. Extra points go to the fact that the maker, ZonLi, stays available 24-7 for customer service and 100% refunds should satisfaction ever become an issue.

ZonLi Top Ten Weighted Gravity Blankets

5. CoziRest Cooling Weighted Blanket

The creation of the most perfect, “hugging” feel possible was the intention when CoziRest set out to engineer its Cooling Weighted Blanket, and achieve that goal it certainly did. In this top-pick among all of the best WGBs out right now, CoziRest offers users a perfectly even distribution of internal, weighted beads, a specially designed heat-disbursing material system, and an overall feel that is a de-stressing comfort. One year of complete manufacturer guarantee and a product that holds up very well in machine-wash cold cycles also round this one out very nicely.

CoziRest Top Ten Weighted Gravity Blankets

6. Soft Touch Weighted Blanket

This Weighted Blanket by Soft Touch was a real comfort to review with its super-soft, external texture and just the right flexion to conform to your every curve and crease. This effect is achieved with a 4″, weighted pocket system put to use across the entirety of the blanket in addition to 9-layers of specially-designed, hugging materials. An included duvet and hypoallergenic machine-washable materials also attribute to a great winning package in the end.

Soft Touch Top Ten Weighted Gravity Blankets

7. Dr. Hart’s Weighted Blanket Deluxe Set

Dr. Hart’s Weighted Blanket Deluxe Set is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to today’s best but also relatively low-cost WGBs. Here, the user is treated to all high-quality materials, the company’s ContourWave design that assures even and effective weight distribution, and an included, quality, micro-plush cover. This top WGB is also great for couples, as it comes standard at 60″x80″ for perfect, sharable comfort.

Dr. Hart Top Ten Weighted Gravity Blankets

8. Dapper Display 20-Pound Weighted Blanket

Dapper Display brings us a great choice in WGBs right now with its super-comfortable 20-Pound Weighted Blanket model. With 20 pounds of high-quality, weighted glass beads, seven layers of breathable fabric, and non-glue polyester padding pockets, any single or couple can unwind under this 60″x80″ soother. The company’s use of a newer and upgraded sewing system even adds an extra layer of durability to the whole of the blanket, and just in case, a 100% satisfaction guarantee stands at its constant ready.

Dapper Display Top Ten Weighted Gravity Blankets

9. HomeSmart Products King-Size Weighted Blanket

For those looking for a WGB that is large and that functions and looks much like a traditional comforter blanket, this King-Size Weighted Blanket by HomeSmart Products is a real winner. At 78″x80″, comforter-like performance is a part of the deal, while a large, gridded, ultra-durable stitch pattern gives that same look. Additional perks here include 100% organic, breathable cotton materials, a solid, 10-loop securing system, and a 400-thread count surface pattern. Easy machine-washing and a 100% guarantee from its maker also help to make this WGB a sure bet among all the competition.

HomeSmart Products Top Ten Weighted Gravity Blankets

10. Beauty Kate 15-Pound Weighted Blanket

Finally, the 15-Pound Weighted Blanket model by Beauty Kate had to be added to our list due to its game-winning overall comfort. An excellent, organic, cooling layer system is provided to keep the most hot-natured cool, and a complete design built around top-grade durability. Beauty Kate uses a 100% safe, inner filling and weight system and utilizes a total of 15 pounds of perfectly spread weight in this product for plenty of comfort to go around. 24-7 support and a 100% money-back guarantee cpmes with each of these great, weighted gravity blankets.

Beauty Kate Top Ten Weighted Gravity Blankets



By BCR Staff

August 2019