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Top 10 Best Storage Organizers for Your Linen Closet

A well-organized closet can make your life easier, and our top 10 list of the best storage organizers for your linen closet is here to help. In many homes, the linen closet becomes a space to throw all the mismatched sheets, spare blankets, extra towels and toiletries, and other items that don’t have any other spot. There is nothing more frustrating than when you just want to grab a roll of toilet paper, and a pile of clean, folded towels falls to the floor. The products in this article can help you go from cluttered to tidy in no time flat. Read on to check out our favorite organizing products for the linen closet.

1. Hanging Iron and Ironing Board Holder by Brabantia

Yes, we realize some of our readers will wonder what this contraption is supposed to hold, but there are some folks out there who actually iron their clothes. Irons and ironing boards can be a pain to store, but with this wall-mounted holder by Brabantia, you can tuck them easily away in the closet. It is made of heat-resistant material so you can put your iron away even if it is still hot, and it features sturdy steel hooks to hang your board. It also comes with a two-year warranty against defects.

Brabantia Top 10 Best Storage Organizers for Your Linen Closet

2. Six-Pack of Closet Organizing Dividers by N Essentials

This straightforward product can bring order and a clutter-free look to your shelves in no time at all. Constructed of iron and metal, they are designed to fit shelves from 0.5 to 1-inch in thickness and can be spaced out and rearranged to suit your own needs. Ideal for renters and those looking for a portable and non-permanent storage solution, each divider is equipped with rubber feet and flexible hooks that will protect your shelves and avoid any damage. Use the dividers to separate towels, washcloths, bathmats, sheets, and more. They also work great in bedroom closets to separate sweaters and other items of clothing.

N Essentials Top 10 Best Storage Organizers for Your Linen Closet

3. Large Capacity Clothes Storage Bag Organizers by Lifewit

If you have an unruly collection of comforters, sleeping bags, or heavy blankets, this three-pack of storage bag organizers by Lifewit may offer the perfect solution. Made of thick fabric, they feature reinforced seams and handles to stash away a hefty amount of bedding and other items. Each measures 23.6 by 16.9 by 13.7 inches and can hold around 11 pounds. Sturdy #5 stainless-steel zippers keep your items safe from dust, mold, moisture, and odors, and Lifewit offers a 12-month warranty coupled with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Lifewit Top 10 Best Storage Organizers for Your Linen Closet

4. Six-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer With Drawers by Internet’s Best

If your linen closet happens to feature a hanging rod at the top and you find yourself a little low on shelf space, this storage solution by Internet’s Best may be just what you have been looking for. It is a one-piece unit that hangs from a clothing rod and features six sturdy shelves to house washcloths, hand towels, out-of-season clothing, toilet paper, and more. Three removable drawers can be used on any of the shelves to conceal certain items. As a bonus, you can use the sturdy fabric drawers to house even more items at the top of the closet—using the unit with only the shelves, giving you even more room for your linens. The organizer is available in gray or brown.

Internet’s Best Top 10 Best Storage Organizers for Your Linen Closet

5. Adjustable Eight-Tier Wall and Door Rack by Closetmaid

If space is at a premium in your bathroom and you own a lot of cosmetics and toiletries, you have probably been faced with the challenge of where to stash your extra supply. Look no further than this Closetmaid door rack. Featuring eight narrow shelves that can comfortably house your extra shampoo bottles, hair products, supplements, and more, it can fit right over the linen closet door. You also have the option of wall-mounting this piece with the included screws and hardware. The baskets are adjustable, and you can reposition them to store taller or shorter items as needed. The door hook measures 1.5 inches, and the unit is constructed of epoxy coated steel, so it won’t scratch or damage surrounding woodwork.

Closetmaid Top 10 Best Storage Organizers for Your Linen Closet

6. Heavy-Duty Mop and Broom Holder by Piyl

Perhaps you live in a small space where your linen or coat closet has to do double duty by housing your mops, brooms, and other cleaning tools. This well-constructed mop and broom holder by Piyl can get the job done. Made of corrosion-resistant heavy-duty steel, it mounts easily in your closet to hold cleaning tools, dustpans, rags, mops, brooms, and more. We love that you can install this piece two ways; use the accompanying screws to mount it permanently in the spot of your choosing or utilize the included heavy-duty 3-M tape if you are a renter. Piyl provides a lifetime warranty so you can purchase this organizer knowing you are covered.

Piyl Top 10 Best Storage Organizers for Your Linen Closet

7. Set of Eight Storage Cubes by Roxeye

If your linen closet is already equipped with deep enough shelves, you may be facing the problem of having too much packed into one space. Enter these foldable storage cubes by Roxeye. The set of eight heavy-duty collapsible fabric tubes is a surefire way to get your sheets, linens, towels, and more organized on the double. Each cube is 10.5 inches wide, 10.5 inches deep, and 11 inches high. You can choose from seven fashionable colors to match your own personal style. We love that each of these top-quality cubes features a transparent slot on the front to holds a label card denoting its contents. The decorative cards are included, so you can start your organization project immediately.

Roxeye Top 10 Best Storage Organizers for Your Linen Closet

8. Collapsible Round Storage Bind and Laundry Hamper by Clocor

If piles of laundry get thrown in the bottom of your linen closet and you need a more attractive and efficient way to handle them, these storage bins by Clocor are some of the best we have found. First of all, you can choose from 46 different patterns to suit any taste, and these will be equally at home in the linen closet as they will in the nursery or master bedroom. They are constructed of cotton canvas and linen with a waterproof PE coating that resists mildew. They also feature sturdy carrying handles so you can move them from the closet to the laundry room or transport them in your car to the laundromat with ease. They are foldable, so if space is at a premium, you can stash them away until you need them.

Clocor Top 10 Best Storage Organizers for Your Linen Closet

9. Four-Drawer Fabric Dresser Storage Tower by Romoon

If you simply need some extra drawers in your linen closet, this four-drawer fabric tower by Romoon can help you get a little more organized. Available in dark indigo, espresso, and gray, the towers are as attractive as they are functional. Able to hold up to 50 pounds of items, the unit is 17.7 inches long, 11.7 inches in width, and is 36.4 inches high. Ideal for washcloths, first aid-supplies, pillowcases, and more, these units are lightweight yet durable and feature attractive wooden handles.

Romoon Top 10 Best Storage Organizers for Your Linen Closet

10. Three-Shelf Metal Storage Unit by Amazon Basics

If you have an entirely empty linen closet void of shelves, you can remedy that quickly with this three-shelf unit offered by Amazon Basics. Easy to assemble, it measures 23.2 inches long, 13.4 inches wide, and 30 inches high—enough to get you started on any linen closet organizing project. With a maximum load weight of 750 pounds, you can fit a lot of stuff on this unit, which is available with or without casters for ease-of-use. The shelves themselves are adjustable in one-inch increments, making it simple to customize this piece to your own needs.

Amazon Basics Top 10 Best Storage Organizers for Your Linen Closet



By BCR Staff

November 2019