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Top 10 Best Star Projector Lights

In this review, we will feature the top 10 star projector lights you can find online.

A star projector light or lamp is a sort of mini-planetarium projector that fills a dark or dimly lit room with colorful star images on the walls and ceiling. Most models rotate and feature a variety of colors for different effects. Some star projectors even play music, nature sounds, or white noise to help lull you or your child to sleep. Other available features include automatic shut-off timers, remote controls, and the ability to project patterns other than the typical celestial offerings.

Star projector lights are an exciting addition to parties and special occasions and can be helpful for small children who are afraid of the dark or who get nervous at bedtime. Versatile and portable, they can also be taken on trips to provide a familiar setting. Read on for our most affordable top-rated star projector lamps.

1. Remote Baby Night Light by AnanBros

While this star projector lamp is advertised with the nursery in mind, it is suitable for kids of all ages. Available in pink, blue, and black, it features a remote that can be used at a distance of up to 32 feet. A built-in 128M removable memory card is prerecorded with twelve tracks to lull even the most restless sleepers off to dreamland.

The light itself rotates 360 degrees and projects a star and moon pattern on the walls and ceiling. With nine color options, you can choose the most relaxing hues for you or your child. Powered by either the enclosed USB cord of four AAA batteries (not included) the unit can even be used off-grid, making it ideal for consoling little ones during a power outage. A 30-day money-back guarantee seals the deal, making this one of the best star lights we’ve come across.

AnanBros Top 10 Star Projector Lights

2. Star Sky Night Lamp by ANTEQI

This star projector by ANTEQI features a timer that can be set between 5-95 minutes, giving you or your child plenty of time to fall asleep. Powered by the enclosed 59-inch USB cord or four AAA batteries, it can also be used as a solid glowing nightlight in red, green, blue, or warm white. The multi-color combination projects a galaxy of stars in different sizes and a crescent moon. A quiet running motor ensures that your slumber will not be disturbed.

ANTEQI Top 10 Star Projector Lights

3. Star Night Lights for Kids by BNL

This versatile star projector light has six different screens to adapt to any occasion including constellations, meteor, dinosaur, nebula, an undersea world, and even a happy birthday! The remote control with a timer allows you to set it and forget it, and the enclosed USB plug means it can easily be used with a regular phone charger or laptop. If you want to take it camping, simply insert three AA batteries and you’re good to go.

Rotating 360 degrees, this inexpensive star lamp can also be used as a reading or bedside lamp that gives off a soft white, blue, or golden glow and can be adjusted to three levels of brightness.

BNL Top 10 Star Projector Lights

4. Sky Lite – Laser Projector with LED Nebula Cloud by BlissLights

The dreamy star projector from BlissLights features an array of stars set against a blue nebula. This model is quite realistic and is ideal for both children and adults. Creating a relaxing spa-like environment, it transforms your office, home theatre, master bedroom, or dining room into a peaceful blue-hued space that is both calming and mood-enhancing. A built-in four hour timer and three-foot 120V AC adapter cord make this one of our favorite choices when it comes to the best star lights on the market.

BlissLights Top 10 Star Projector Lights

5. Modern Star Rotating Sky Projection Lamp by YSD

YSD’s rotating sky projection lamp is one of the most colorful and affordable sky lamps we have found. It features four bright solid color settings as well as color combo settings and rotates 360 degrees to cover the entire room. It features a built-in 1200 MH battery, is USB rechargeable and comes with its remote control and user manual. High resolution, it is ideal for parties, as a child’s nightlight, or anywhere you want a touch of whimsy. When fully charged, it lasts from 13-14 hours, and the built-in timer can be set for anywhere from five to 995 minutes. It is available in black, blue, pink, white, or yellow.

YSD Top 10 Star Projector Lights

6. 360 Degree Star Night Light by SHOHEN

SHOHEN market’s this star night light as an ideal gift for girls, but we think kids of all ages will agree it’s pretty awesome. Available in black, blue, pink, or white, it rotates 360 degrees and displays eight different colors in both star and ocean-themed patterns. Powered by a USB cable or four AAA batteries, it can be converted to a nightlight simply by removing the star or ocean film. While it does not feature a remote or a timer, the low price point of this starlight makes it an attractive option.

SHOHEN Top 10 Star Projector Lights

7. Laser Stars Twilight Projector by Gifts A Must

If you are looking for starlights that is a bit more sophisticated and realistic, this updated Laser Twilight Stars Projectors might be an ideal choice. Billed as the “best home planetarium projector on the market”, this product features green laser and holographic technology to create a realistic night sky. With thousands of tiny bright stars set against a blue nebula, it moves slowly to mimic the rotation of the earth. Look closely and you will even see the occasional shooting star! With a two-hour automatic shut off timer and an included AC adaptor, this safe, FDA approved light is ideal for parties, romantic evenings, and anytime you want to bring the outdoors in.

Gifts A Must Top 10 Star Projector Lights

8. 360 Degree Rotating Cosmos Star Projection Lamp by LBell

LBell’s 360-degree star projection lamp is one of the most compact and affordable star lamps on our list. The egg-shaped lamp comes in your choice of black and white and features a removable cover that allows you to use it as either a star projector or as a nightlight. Weighing just over one pound, it sports a sturdy loop at the top for hanging and can be powered by four AAA batteries, making it ideal for fishing and camping trips.

LED beads of white, red, blue, green, and multi-colors transform your room into a peaceful night sky. It includes a 59-inch USB cable that connects to your computer, laptop, wall jack, or power bank and an 18-month warranty for added peace of mind.

LBell Top 10 Star Projector Lights

9. SleepyMe Smart Sleep Soother Baby & Toddler Star Projector by Baby Feel

While the majority of star projectors on our list are suitable for all ages, this particular model is geared specifically to babies and toddlers. The cute little chick design fits well into any nursery decor and it features ten soothing lullabies plus nature sounds to help your child gently drift off to dreamworld. Simple, soft starlight in three colors with adjustable brightness levels provide a relaxing environment without being overstimulating.

The light is BPA free, cordless, and free of small parts, making it safe for little ones. It runs off four included AA batteries that last up to two months and has an automatic 30-minute shut-off. This product is ideal to bring along while traveling to give your child a familiar environment and you a good night’s rest.

Baby Feel Top 10 Star Projector Lights

10. Moon and Star Light Projector by Bananas Over Baby

Bananas Over Baby offers this moon and starlight projector that isn’t just for babies. Kids (and adults) of all ages will love the bright and cheerful colors of this 360-degree rotating model that features four LED colors and eight modes. Perfect for birthday parties, special occasions, or even a romantic evening with your partner, the projector will fill the room with a galaxy of colorful stars that calm, entertain, and uplift.

The projector can be used as a simple nightlight by covering it with the included dome, and it is available in black, purple, pink, and blue. Quiet and easy to operate, this affordable light includes a plug but can also run on batteries, making it ideal for travel.

Bananas Over Baby Top 10 Star Projector Lights



BY BCR Staff

September 2019