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Top 10 Vitamix Blenders

Vitamix is a world-renowned company famous for making some of the best blenders in the food industry, and if you’re serious about cuisine and want to get the texture of your food just right, you will love having one of these powerful blenders around the kitchen. The best Vitamix blenders take into account all the features that home and pro chefs need when making soups, sauces, batters, smoothies, milkshakes and other mixed foods and drinks, such as precise pulse control, a removable lid vent for adjusting ingredients while mixing, and enough power to pulverize hard foods like carrots, nuts and ice.

1. Vitamix 750 Professional Artisan Baker Premium Set


This blender is number one on the list, because it has everything you need to blend wet or dry ingredients at hot or cold temperatures. The wet container has a specially made blade that pulls liquids down so that they get completely blended, and the dry container has a blade that is designed to push food up so that all of the ingredients get blended to the right consistency. The pulse button works at every speed to give you precise control over the texture of your food.

2. Vitamix 5200 Series Blender

Vitamix Blender

This model is the perfect addition to any small-scale kitchen, because it has a large container that can be used for wet or dry ingredients. The ball-bearing motor is designed to work for a lifetime, and the high-performance cooling fan keeps the blender from getting too hot while chopping, mixing or pureeing the thickest mixtures you want to make. It has a beautiful black design that matches the style of any kitchen and takes up very little space.

3. Vitamix 1782 TurboBlend

Vitamix BlenderThis exceptional two-speed blender has a 2-horsepower motor that has been engineered to run quietly and efficiently. The locking lid can easily be put on and removed with a quick quarter-turn motion, and the tamping tool that comes with it allows you to get rid of air pockets and move large chunks of food around in the container while the blender is going. It comes with a huge color recipe book with more than 160 recipes.

4. Vitamix 1363 CIA Professional Series

Vitamix Blender

This professional blender comes with a full-color recipe book as well as a training DVD. It has a motor that is rated at greater than 2 horsepower, and its laser-cut stainless steel blades can grind through the toughest foods you may blend. It’s engineered to run quietly and efficiently, and its motor stays cool even when processing heavy batters, smoothies and other mixtures. The motor is designed to stand up to any sort of job without losing power or overheating.

5. Vitamix 7500 Blender with Low Profile Jar, 2.2 HP Motor

Vitamix Blender

This new Vitamix model has an extra powerful 2.2 horsepower motor and runs up to 40 percent more quietly than previous models. It has a large mixing container that holds up to 64 ounces, and since it’s made from BPA-free plastic, you don’t have to worry about contaminating your organic recipes. It’s perfect for crushing ice, celery, walnuts and any tough, fibrous vegetables that you want to make easier to digest.

6. Vitamix Professional Series 300 Onyx

Vitamix Blender

This blender is a restaurant and home kitchen standard, and it includes all the features for which Vitamix blenders are known. Its 64-ounce carafe is made from heat-resistant, BPA-free PVC plastic that is designed to blend hot soups and sauces without warping or leeching toxins into your food. The stainless steel blades are designed to pull ingredients through them and back up to the top so that all of the contents get thoroughly blended.

7. Vitamix 1300 TurboBlend 4500

Vitamix Blender

This TurboBlend model has many of the same features as the 1782 model and is engineered to pulverize any vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and frozen ingredients that you could possibly want to blend. It features the same 2-peak horsepower motor as the other standard Vitamix blenders, and it’s designed to run quietly and conserve power so that it doesn’t overheat or wear out. It includes the same 64-ounce carafe and tamping tool as other TurboBlend models.

8. Vitamix S30 Personal Blender

Vitamix Blender

This blender is the perfect kitchen accessory for the health-conscious at-home cook, because it comes with a portable container for blending smoothies right in the glass. The lid of the container acts as the blade, and you can just attach it upside-down to the blender base. It also comes with a 40-ounce carafe for making all the standard kitchen fare. Vitamix has designed this model for family cooking, everyday meals and mixed drinks.

9. Vitamix 1710 Professional Series

Vitamix Blender

This model is Vitamix’s professional, restaurant-grade blender that features a brushed stainless steel finish and a powerful motor rated at more than 2 horsepower. The 64-ounce container has a spill-proof lid with a removable vent for adding ingredients while blending a mixture. The material used to make the container is BPA-free, and it comes with a convenient tamping tool for pushing down large chunks of food that get stuck. It comes with a beautiful full-color recipe book for blended foods.

10. Vitamix TurboBlend 4500 Countertop Blender with 2+ HP Motor

Vitamix Blender

This powerful TurboBlend model features a super-efficient motor rated above 2 horsepower and a high-performance cooling fan to ensure many years of blending. It has a stainless steel blade with sealed ball bearings and a 64-ounce carafe that is non-toxic and safe for organic foods. It’s designed for blending thick, heavy soups, sauces and vegetable mixtures and has two powerful speed settings.

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