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10 Best Beverage Dispensers

If you’re planning a special function, entertaining more frequently, or simply want easy access to cold beverages during outdoor activities, the best beverage dispensers are available online. But how do you select the model that’s right for you? There is a seeming profusion of options, and you can narrow your search criteria based on the occasions for which you’ll use the dispenser. Elegant glass or shatterproof plastic containers can add a note of beauty to a festive drinks table. Quaint designs can communicate your tastes and amuse family, friends, or guests. Durable, capacious dispensers are ideal for practical, everyday use. To further refine your search and reduce the time you spend comparing models, we’ve compiled a list of the top dispenser options at your avail.

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1. Two-Gallon Glass Beverage Dispenser with Infuser by Ilyapa


2 Gallon Glass Beverage Dispenser with Infuser, Metal Base, Stainless Steel Spigot & Hanging Chalkboard - Outdoor Drink Dispenser for Lemonade, Tea, Cold Water & More best beverage dispensers


When you’re hosting an outdoor event or getting work done in the yard, things can get thirsty. This extra-large beverage dispenser with a stand is just what’s needed. Beautifully crafted of glass and protected by the sturdy metal stand frame, holds two gallons of your favorite cold drink. Fill it with water, tea, juice, or a fruity infusion. The infuser allows you to craft fruit or herbal beverages without a mess. A wide mouth makes filling the container simple, and the screw-top lid keeps things secure. A stainless steel spigot dispenses your chosen beverage efficiently and prevents spilling.


2. Buddeez 1.75-Gallon Clear Plastic Beverage Dispenser


Buddeez 14401C-ONL Party Top New Beverage Dispenser, 1.75 gallon, Clear best beverage dispensers


Made with shatterproof BPA-free plastic, this beverage dispenser is ideal for any occasion that inspires profound thirst. It’s designed to be easy to fill, with a wide top mouth. The stainless steel spigot dispenses the right amount of beverage without spills or overfilling, and the removable base can serve as an ice bucket or additional chilling. This beverage dispenser also has space for an ice core, so you can keep things cool without watering down juice, infused beverages, or party drinks.


3. Buddeez Unbreakable 3.5-Gallon Beverage Dispenser with Optional Ice Cone


Buddeez Unbreakable 3-1/2-Gallon Beverage Dispenser with Removable Ice-Cone and BONUS Chalkboard ID tag - perfect for parties. best beverage dispensers

One of the primary hazards associated with glass dispensers is the possibility of breakage, damage, and even danger. This extra-large beverage dispenser is crafted from crystal clear, BPA-free triton and will never shatter or crack. The removable ice cone keeps drinks cool but will never water them down, because the ice and beverage remain separate. An attractive, fluted form and a base that may be filled with ice or decorative items make this dispenser a party pleaser.

4. One-Gallon Beverage Dispenser with Metal Handle and Spigot from Ilyapa


Outdoor Glass Beverage Dispenser with Stainless Steel Spigot - 2 Gallon Drink Dispenser for Lemonade, Tea, Cold Water & More best beverage dispensers

Fashioned in the form of a quaint jar, this one-gallon glass dispenser is perfect for taking along on picnics, keep handy for yard work, or provide drinks for a gathering of friends. The vintage styling couples beautifully with modern utility and quality production. Never spill a drop with the stainless steel spigot and refill with confidence through the wide top aperture. For an added touch of quaint charm, use the mini chalkboard to label your favorite beverages.


5. Elegant 2.5-Gallon Glass Dispenser with Stand from Redfern


Redfern Elegant 2.5 Gallon Glass Beverage Dispenser with Stainless Steel Spigot and Metal Stand - Cracked Ice Design Drink Dispenser best beverage dispensers


If elegance is a touchpoint of your life, this beautifully faceted beverage dispenser will charm you and add beauty to any al fresco event. A cracked ice patter exudes an inviting impression of chilled drinks, and a stainless steel spigot keeps everything tidy, so you need never fear for your table linens. Easily refill your drinks reservoir via the wide-mouth jar aperture. And make it easy to slake thirst by utilizing the stand, which puts the spigot at the perfect height for party cups or glasses.

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6. Double Mini Mason Jar Glass Dispensers with Stand Bucket from Circleware


Circleware 92022 Double Mini Mason Jar Glass Beverage Dispensers with Stand Bucket, Fun Party Home Entertainment Glassware for Water, Juice, Beer, Punch, Iced Tea Drinks, 120 oz each each, Lancaster best beverage dispenser best beverage dispenser


The term “country chic” seems made to describe this adorable double beverage dispenser. Set on a stand crafted to look like an overturned steel washtub, the two dispensers appear to be outsized mason jars, complete with iconic screw top lids. The beauty of this product goes farther than its cute impression, though. You can offer two different beverages—sweet and unsweet tea, two different water infusion, two different juices—and the possibilities are almost without end. Never let there be a dull moment or a parched tongue at your parties.


7. Style Setter’s Glass Candy Jar Beverage Dispenser with Metal Stand

Style Setter Beverage Dispenser Cold Drink Dispenser w/ 2.75-Gallon Capacity Glass Jug, Metal Stand & Leak-Proof Acrylic Spigot Great for Parties, Weddings & More best beverage dispenser

While stainless steel fittings are often beautiful, they aren’t always ideal. This glass beverage dispenser is equipped with an attractive silver acrylic spigot perfect for smooth, spill-free operation. The glass container is shaped like an old fashioned candy jar, complete with a wide top opening for easy refilling. The lid calls to mind simpler, more elegant eras with its iconic flattened cone shape and nob handle. Meanwhile, the metal stand elevates the dispenser to the perfect height for trouble-free dispensing of beverage into party cups or glasses and keeps condensation from damaging surfaces.

8. Hammered Glass Elegance from RPI

Elegant Hammered Glass Beverage Dispenser with Scroll Iron Stand - 2.25 Gallon - Stainless Steel Leak Free Spigot Included - Home Bar & Party Vintage Drink Dispenser (Black) best beverage dispensers

Situated securely in a beautifully scrolled wrought iron stand, this hammered glass dispenser will please every eye. It evinces an elegance drawn from a bygone era, but its convenient features are all modern. A stainless steel spigot is guaranteed to be leakproof and prevent sticky mishaps, while the beautiful lid and wide top opening make refilling your cool beverage of choice easy and error-free.


9. Refinery and Co Miniature Wood Whiskey Barrel with Stand


REFINERY AND CO Miniature Wood Whiskey Barrel Dispenser 800 ml/27 fl oz Volume, for Serving and Entertaining, Table Home Accent Display & Storage of Spirits, Liquors; Great Gift for Men and Women best beverage dispenser


It misses the cutesy mark because of its careful design and obvious craftsmanship. However, this whiskey barrel dispenser of your favorite spirits will surely delight anyone who sees it. With an internal plastic liner, beverages won’t come in direct contact with the carefully shaped wooden vessel. That means you may fill it with your choice of beverages, alcoholic or otherwise. You can also try your hand at crafting infusions with different herbs and essences. Compliment your décor, enchant your guests, and indulge your senses with this charming dispenser.


10. Tall Square Mason Jar Glass Dispenser from Circleware


Circleware 92012 Tall Square Mason Jar Glass Chalkboard Beverage Dispenser, New Fun Party Home Entertainment Glassware Water Pitcher for, Juice, Beer, Punch, Iced Tea & Cold Drinks, 2.5 Quarts, Silver best beverage dispensers

While it makes a charming and affordable addition to any party drinks table, this tall square dispenser is perfect for everyday use. Designed especially to be shatterproof, you can fill it and use it with confidence. The wide top opening ensures trouble-free refilling and seals tightly with a stopper-style lid. Guests, family, or friends can confidently refill their cups with the wide handle of the spill-proof spigot. And never worry about tipping or shifting. The sturdy, weighted base will always stay right where you place it.

Generally speaking, all dispenser systems fulfill the same essential function—to provide drink for many individuals or hold a large amount of beverage for use by family, friends, guests, and others. The best beverage dispensers will speak both to your aesthetic sense and the underlying functional needs of the application to which you put them.

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By BCR Staff

August 2019

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