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10 Best Queen-sized Electric Blankets

Finding the best queen-sized electric blanket is often much easier than done. Courtesy of innumerable companies that are participating in the market of home goods, there are hundreds of outstanding options. Choosing only one of them becomes quite tricky once various price ranges, customer reviews, and aesthetic appeals enter the equation. To avoid losing money, however, researching the alternatives and inquiring with previous buyers may be necessary. Hence why most folks who decide to get an electric blanket, also known as the “heated” blanket, do not mind the due diligence that comes with the buying process.

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1. Holmes Luxury Velvet Plush

Holmes Luxury Velvet Plush Heated Blanket (Various Sizes and Colors) (Queen, Walnut) best queen-sized electric blanket

Holmes luxury queen electric blanket comes in walnut and sand-colored trims. As with most of the options here, the product offers 10 heat modes that make it easy to optimize the level of warmth. There is also a built-in feature that will automatically shut the blanket off after 10 hours. Buyers get a set of two controllers that have an LCD display with preheat settings.


2. Sunbeam Micro-Plush

Sunbeam Heated Blanket | Microplush, 10 Heat Settings, Slate, Queen best queen sized electric blanket

Due to the fact that Sunbeam has a long track record and countless options, the blankets that they produce will be the most common on this list. Those who are looking for a polyester product that has the auto-off feature, 10 power modes, and ThermoFine technology, however, should look into the micro-plush queen blanket. While the price tag is similar to the previous option, there are 10 additional colors to choose from.


3. Beautyrest Fleece Two-Piece Combo


Beautyrest Fleece 2 Piece Electric Blanket Combo Ultra Warm and Soft Heated Throws Bedding Set with Auto Shutoff, Queen, Blue best queen sized electric blanket


Beautyrest fleece electric blanket is one of the simplest and most elegant products on the list. As such, it certainly earns the right to carry the attention-catching name of its manufacturer. To ensure that the product fits in with the layout of the room, buyers can choose between blue, ivory, gray, and tan trims. The five-year warranty and the 2-hour automatic shutoff also help the Beautyrest stand out to anyone who is in the market for safety and longevity. Those who do not fall in love with this all-fleece cover can request a full refund after 30 days.


4. Sunbeam Mushroom Heated Blanket

Sunbeam Heated Blanket | Microplush, 10 Heat Settings, Mushroom, Queen best queen size electric blanket



The next Sunbeam blanket is the mushroom color that comes in five different colors. It uses 100-percent polyester material and forward-thinking heating technology that will adapt to the user. Every package includes two controllers that almost look like small alarms. The automatic shutoff sets in after 10 hours, and the pre-heat option allows people to warm their sheets up right before going to sleep.


5. Biddeford Micro Mink 6003 Sherpa


Biddeford 6003-9051136-635 Electric Heated Micro Mink/Sherpa Blanket, Queen, Sage best queen sized electric blanket


Biddeford dual-zone electric blanket is made of polyester and has an innovative technology that can warm the two sides of the bed to different temperatures. That way, someone who sleeps with their partner will never have to compromise on the level of warmth. It is also important to mention that the blanket is washer and dryer-friendly. Those who may need even more convincing to look into the 6003 sherpa should note that it is amongst the most affordable alternatives so far.

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6. Sunbeam Micro-Plush Garnet

Sunbeam Heated Blanket | Microplush, 10 Heat Settings, Garnet, Queen best queen sized electric blanket

As one of the best microfiber electric blankets in the market, Sunbeam’s micro-plush garnet has over 2,700 reviews. Even though they are not perfect, many of the buyers praise the preheating mode, visual appeal of the product, and a great price. Anyone who purchases the queen-size blanket will get two ComfortTec controllers that are known for their durability and seamlessness.

7. SensorPedic Electric Blanket With SensorSafe

SensorPedic Heated Electric Blanket with SensorSafe, Queen, Soft Grey best queen sized electric blanket

SensorPedic heated blanket is one of the most advanced products yet. It leverages SensorSafe technology to allow the user to set a heating timer and select one of the nine heating modes. The 17-foot cord that connects to an outlet is long enough to facilitate easy hiding under or around the bed frame. As with some of the other products, folks can also wash the SensorPedic blanket in a regular washer and drier. Any malfunctions will be covered by the five-year warranty.


8. Biddeford Micro-Plush 2033

Biddeford 2033-905191-544 MicroPlush Electric Heated Blanket Queen Navy Blue best queen sized electric blanket

Biddeford 2033, while fairly similar to the 6003 model, is a beautiful microfiber blanket that relies on an ultra-thin wire to connect to an outlet. It comes in seven different colors, some of which are unorthodoxly unique. For instance, people can buy the leopard trim that quite literally looks like the leopard’s skin. Every queen product has two digital controllers that bring a very modern and simplistic look with only three buttons.

9. Sunbeam Luxurious Velvet

Sunbeam - Queen Size Heated Blanket Luxurious Velvet Plush with 2 Digital Controllers and Auto-Off Feature - 5yr Warranty (Mushroom Beige) best queen sized electric blanket

One of Sunbeam’s more expensive options is the luxurious blanket that comes in 12 different colors. As with almost every other cover, this one includes a 5-year warranty, automatic shutoff, and two digital controllers. What is very unique about it, however, is the fact that it has a whopping total of 20 heat settings. In other words, it is twice as customizable as any of the other blankets here.

10. Sable ETL-Certified Electric Blanket

Sable Electric Throw, Heated Blanket Fast-Heating, Full Body Warming ETL Certified, 10 Temperature Settings Auto Off, 50" x 60" best queen-sized electric blankets

Finally, anyone who wants the perfect mix of affordability and satisfaction should not look past Sable’s electric blanket. With rapid-heating technology and ETL certification, this product offers outstanding comfort whilst prioritizing safety. There is also a built-in timer that helps preserve electricity by automatically turning the heat off after one, two, or three hours. The five-year guarantee is further replaced by a lifetime warranty that will help people get a brand new blanket in case of any electric malfunction.

Since the lack of sleep can lead to lower productiveness or dangerous health issues, it is imperative to find a way to get enough rest every night. For most people, that means ensuring that their bed is comfortable. During colder weather, one of the main opponents of such comfort will be the low temperatures that creep through walls and make it hard to fall asleep. After all, the initial nightly encounter with the bedsheets can sometimes be compared with entering a frozen lake. One of the easiest ways to avoid feeling this way is to look into electric blankets. With many state-of-the-art features and great prices, it is fair to say that everyone can find a cover that fits their criteria. Because there is a ton of options in the market, however, top 10 queen-sized electric blankets mentioned here are a great starting point.

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By BCR Staff

Septemeber 2019