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10 Best Piping Tips

The best piping tips are essential features of any decorative baker’s toolkit. If you’re just getting started, an all-inclusive kit with pastry bags and a guide showing you how to create beautiful flowers or other frosting-based features may be ideal. For the veteran bakers among you, a kit with all the bells and whistles may be more than you need. Special sets of piping tips that produce a specific result or Russian piping tips that craft entire flower heads with a single squeeze of the pastry bag may be what you seek. We’ve drawn together the best kits and more refined sets available in order to let you get away from the computer and back to the kitchen.

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1. Wilton Master Decorating 55-Piece Tip Set

Wilton Master Decorating Tip Set, 55-Piece decorating tips, Cake Decorating Supplies best piping tips

Whether you’re a dedicated amateur ready to take your decorating skills to the next level or a professional baker, this piping tip set has every type of tip you could possibly need. It includes 50 stainless steel tips, two nails for expert flower fashioning and two bag couplers to help keep your frosting contained in the bag. When you’ve created your masterpiece, all components can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher’s top rack. The kit comes with an organizer to hold all your cake decorating needs, so you can quickly find the right tip for any frosting job.

2. Russian Piping Tip Decorating Kit from Gemlon

Russian Piping Tips - Cake Decorating Supplies - 88 Baking Supplies Set - 49 Icing Piping Tips - 3 Russian Ball Piping Tips, Flower Frosting Tips, Bakes Flower Nozzles-Large Cupcake Decorating Kit best piping tips

Russian piping tips produce whimsical, gorgeous flowers and other shapes. This kit offers you everything you’ll need to decorate confections and cakes with memorable designs, all neatly stored in a beautiful box. Included are 25 Russian tips, 20 stainless steel tips in a variety of functional shapes, 3 ball tips, 1 bismarck tip, 30 disposable icing bags, and one reusable silicone piping bag, a tri-color coupler and a single color coupler, a flower nail with lifter, a cake brush, and a helpful chart.

3. 32-Piece Decorating Kit by Kootek

Kootek 32-Piece Cake Decorating Supplies Tips Kits Stainless Steel Baking Supplies Icing Tips with Pastry Bags, 3 Icing Smoothers, 1 Flower Nails and 2 Reusable Coupler best piping tips

This decorating kit comes neatly stored in its own case, so you can always find exactly the right frosting tip for your needs. Twenty-four stainless steel tips will enable you to create beautiful designs and memorable confections with ease. The kit also includes reusable plastic couplers to keep frosting contained in one of the reusable frosting bags. Three marking tools can be used to craft texture or easily portion fondant.

4. 90-Piece Russian Piping Tip Set with Storage and User Guide by RFAQK

RFAQK- 90 Pcs Russian piping tips set with storage case - Cake decorating supplies kit - 54 Numbered easy to use icing nozzles (28 Russian + 25 Icing + 1 Ball tip) - Pattern chart, Ebook User Guide best piping tips

This kit comes with everything you’ll need to decorate cakes and confections like a professional, whether you’re already a trained decorator or simply intensifying a casual interest. Russian frosting tips produce enchanting shapes that are difficult or impossible to create with the basic tips usually available. It includes 28 Russian tips, 24 standard icing tips, one leaf tip, one ball tip, a single and a tri-color coupler, 30 disposable icing bags, a reusable silicone piping bag, and a cleaning brush. All tips and couplers are dishwasher safe, durable, rust-resistant, and have precisely crafted edges to create the perfect design. A user guide e-book will take those new to the art of cake decorating through the process in a clear and simple-to-grasp manner.

5. Beginning Buttercream 20-piece Decorating Set from Wilton

Wilton Beginning Buttercream Decorating Set, 20-Piece Cake Decorating Kit best piping tips

Everyone must start somewhere, and practice makes perfect. This 20-piece frosting piping kit has everything you’ll need to grow your curiosity into a skill. Ten plastic frosting bags and the ten basic decorating tips will allow you to practice leaf, rosette, and star until you’re confident in your abilities. Then, delight and surprise your friends and family with beautiful, unique cakes, cupcakes, and confections.

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6. 100-Piece Cake Decorating Bundle by Aleeza Cake Wonders

Piping Tips and Bags - 100 Piece Cake and Cupcake Decorating Bundle with 48 Pastry Nozzles, Icing Tips Case, Couplers, Reusable Silicone and Disposable Frosting Bags and Icing Tips Chart! best piping tips

With 48 essential pastry nozzles, this kit is a must-have in any baker’s studio. Whether you’re frosting cakes to celebrate friends’ and family’s special days or making 750 madeleine cookies a week, you’ll be glad of this set. For those new to the art of decoration and baking, each tip is emblazoned with a visible number for simple, quick identification. You’ll also receive 40 disposable icing bags that are perfect for expert and neophyte alike. As an added bonus, the kit comes with three reusable pastry bags crafted of food-grade silicone, three couplers, and five reusable ties.

7. Extra-large Piping Tips from Pridebit

Cupcake Decorating Tips Extra Large Piping Icing Tips best piping tips

For individuals who are interested in achieving a specific result and those who may not need a more extensive frosting piping kit, this affordable set is ideal. You’ll receive five specially designed extra-large icing tips each crafted from stainless steel and shaped to achieve a specific effect. Whether you want a ridged or a smooth swirl, a leaf and petal tool, or a great way to cover large amounts of cake with precise designs, these tips are just the thing. In addition, you’ll receive ten disposable pastry bags to get you started.

8. Baker’s Dozen Premium 50-Piece Cake Piping Kit

Baker's Dozen Premium Cake Decorating kit 50pcs.Cake Decorating Supplies/Baking Supplies-36pc Piping Tips(unnumbered),Silicone pastry bag,Icing tips Coupler,BONUS x10 Piping Bags,eBook Cake Decorating best piping tips

In addition to 36 high-quality stainless steel icing tips, you’ll receive a special case that’s perfect for keeping everything organized and close to hand. What makes this kit great for both those new to frosting art and individuals who’ve been creating it for years are the reusable pastry bags and couplers. One of the primary frustrations that occasionally visits everyone who engages in the craft is a split, spill, or even a catastrophic burst in their bag. It’s a mess and can set back decorating time substantially. Reusable bags are stretchy and crafted from silicone, which will stretch rather than split under pressure like disposable paper or plastic sleeves.

9. Cake Topper and Cupcake Frosting Tips

Ateco 787 - 6 Piece Decorating Tube Set, Includes Stainless Steel Tips: 804, 808, 827, 864, 846, 898 best piping tips

Unlike the comprehensive kits, this set of four jumbo and two large frosting tips is for those who are seeking specific solutions. If you’re baking and frosting 250 cupcakes a day or engaged in a wedding cake decorator business, you need precision tools. In the stainless steel, set are included one closed star, an open star, a French, and a round tip. You’ll also receive a cyclone tip and a rosette, making quick work of large tasks and offering only flawless results.

10. PALOTOP Russian Piping Tips with Coupler and Bags

PALOTOP Russian Piping Tips 18 Pcs/SET - 7 Russian Tips +10 Disposable Pastry Bags+1 Tri-color Coupler - 304 Stainless Steel Large Size Icing Tips Set with Online Video Instructions best piping tips

Each tip is crafted from durable 304 stainless steel with a continuous welding process that guarantees a precise and beautiful result. Russian tips create flowers with a single squeeze and are usually an order of magnitude above basic frosting tips in terms of the baker’s skill needed to wield them. That said, comes with ten disposable pastry bags and a tri-color coupler so that you can craft realistic looking roses, irises, crocuses and tulips in a flash.

Whether you want a numbered kit with all the special pastry tips, reusable silicone pastry bags, flower nails, shears, ties, and couplers, or you just need those four jumbo frosting tips to help you with your cupcake business, you’re sure to find just what you need. Plus, while less professional frosting jobs taste just as delicious, having the best piping tips will boost your business or your confidence as a baker.

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By BCR Staff

July 2019

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