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Top 10 Best Kitchen Towel Sets

In this review, we feature a list of the top 10 best kitchen towel sets that can be purchased online.

Kitchen towel sets are some of the most useful tools in your kitchen — from drying dishes to cleaning up messes, they have you covered. Most are made from soft, absorbent fabric that soaks up water quickly to speed up the job at hand. In addition to being functional, kitchen towels can be beautiful; they come in a huge range of colors and prints, so you can find one that enhances your decor. Or, use towels to dress your space for the holidays or changing seasons. As you’re looking at different towel sets, consider how fast you go through towels; a larger set can keep you going between loads of laundry.

1. COTTON CRAFT Salsa Stripe Kitchen Towels

If you want to brighten your kitchen, this pack of COTTON CRAFT Salsa Stripe towels are the perfect fit. Each one is made with vibrant shades of red, orange, green, and blue, so it brings a fun, festive look that’s appropriate any time of the year. The striped print is well-suited for a casual kitchen. Made from 100-percent cotton, these towels are absorbent and easy to clean in the washing machine. Plus, each time it’s washed, the fabric gets softer and better able to soak up water. With 12 towels per pack, you can keep a convenient supply on hand.

Cotton Craft Top 10 Best Kitchen Towel Sets

2. Utopia Towels 12 Pack Kitchen Towels

Prep for all types of kitchen tasks with this pack of 12 Utopia towels. This is one of the best kitchen towel sets you can buy — the cotton fabric is soft and absorbent, so it dries your dishes without leaving scratches. The dobby-weave style feels comfortable on your skin, whether you’re drying or wiping down the counters. Each set includes solid-colored and checkered options for variation. We love the natural materials, which are safe and chemical-free.

Utopia Towels Top 10 Best Kitchen Towel Sets

3. THE FIREFLY COLLECTION Bamboo Kitchen Towel Set

If you want affordable kitchen towel sets that are designed to last, this set from THE FIREFLY COLLECTION is a great place to start. Each of the four included pieces are crafted bamboo, so they’re super-soft and ultra-absorbent; they’re perfect for drying your hands or wiping down clean dishes. The windowpane design looks simple and classic in your kitchen, and the solid color options blend easily with a range of decor styles. Thanks to the machine-washable fabric, these towels are a breeze to maintain.

THE FIREFLY COLLECTION Top 10 Best Kitchen Towel Sets

4. Cotton Craft Basket Weave Kitchen Towels

Refresh your kitchen with this set of four Cotton Craft kitchen towels. Printed with a simple white and red striped pattern, they add a pop of fun to your decor. The 100-percent cotton fabric features a basket-weave construction, so it soaks up moisture quickly to get you out of the kitchen in less time. The weave is also durable and lint-resistant for lasting good looks. We love the hanging loop, which makes it easy to hang these towels from a hook.

Cotton Craft 2 Top 10 Best Kitchen Towel Sets

5. Microfiber Kitchen Towels

Soft and luxurious, these microfiber kitchen towels bring a touch of comfort to your kitchen tasks. The large size gives you plenty of coverage, so you can speed through drying in less time. This pack of eight includes two different striped options, each in coordinating colors. They’re engineered to resist fading, so your space always looks fresh and clean.

HYER KITCHEN Top 10 Best Kitchen Towel Sets

6. DII Cotton Over-sized Kitchen Dish Towels

Bring a bit of style to your kitchen with this pack of five DII cotton dish towels. With three prints and a solid color, these towels look gorgeous hanging from a hook or draped over your refrigerator handle. The rich brown tones are a luxe option — or, select from a variety of vibrant tones to bring out the colors of your decorative items. This set includes four towels and a dishcloth, giving you the ability to wash dishes, wipe down the counters, and dry off wet areas with ease. Since each piece is machine-washable, cleanup is fast and hassle free.

DII Top 10 Best Kitchen Towel Sets

7. Harringdons Kitchen Dish Towels

If your aesthetic is bright and light, this set of 12 towels from Harringdons is an excellent fit. Each towel comes in a bright, solid white shade; three colorful bands run across one end, bringing a burst of color to your home. We love the cool and warm options, which make it easy to change up your space. Made from pure, natural cotton fibers, these eco-friendly towels are a great way to maintain your environmentally conscious practices. The 230 gsm weight feels professional and durable, and the large size offers ample coverage.

Harringdons Top 10 Best Kitchen Towel Sets

8. Sticky Toffee Cotton Terry Kitchen Dishcloth

Do you want towels with serious drying power? With its unique popcorn terry construction, this option from Sticky Toffee has you covered. This might be one of our options for cheap kitchen towel sets, but it doesn’t skimp on performance — in fact, the super-absorbent fabric helps you dry pots and pans quickly. This set of eight comes with four solid-colored towels and four white towels with three contrasting stripes on each side. Select from a range of colors to fit your kitchen.

Sticky Toffee Top 10 Best Kitchen Towel Sets

9. Euro Cafe Terry Kitchen Towels

Simple and elegant, this pack of eight Euro Cafe kitchen towels blends easily into any kitchen decor. If you’re after quality, this is your best bet — made from 400 gsm cotton in a two-ply weave, these towels are thick and able to soak up water effortlessly. The waffle-weave surface helps you scrub away stuck-on debris, and the large size works perfectly for pots or plates.

Cotton Craft 3 Top 10 Best Kitchen Towel Sets

10. Value Basics Herringbone Stripe Kitchen Towel Set

Update your farmhouse-style kitchen with this set of 14 towels from Value Basics. Each one comes in white with a soft blue stripe print down the center; they add a fresh, bright vibe to your home. With 14 towels, it’s a breeze to bridge the gap between laundry days. This is one of the top kitchen towel sets, largely due to the all-natural cotton construction and flat, professional-grade herringbone weave.

Value Basics Top 10 Best Kitchen Towel Sets
With a great towel, you can do everything from drying dishes to wiping up spills. Stock your cupboards with these kitchen towel sets to ensure that you’re ready for any task.


By BCR Staff

November 2019