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10 Best Kitchen LED Lighting

While lighting concepts are often part of a kitchen’s original design, the best kitchen LED lighting allow you to tailor task-oriented or safety illumination to your needs. When shopping for these systems, it’s important to note whether they meet those standards for which you’re shopping. It’s not uncommon to encounter a flood of questionable products when perusing the online marketplace. Will the lights meet or exceed the quality level claimed? Will they serve the purpose for which they’re purchased? Are the elements of a given lighting product easy to install and efficient to use? Each of these questions can help narrow the selection. In order to assist in that quest, this list provides the top kitchen LED products to save time, energy, and money.

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1. Wireless Puck Light 6-Pack with Remote from Brilliant Evolution


best kitchen LED lighting


Puck lights allow you to situate direct lighting wherever it is most needed. Individual spotlights can be easily placed under your upper kitchen cabinets to illuminate task areas or provide individual nightlights for safety. This six-pack of lights can be operated using the remote or by touching the tap lens, making them efficient and part of a flexible lighting concept. Each disc operates on three AA batteries, and the pack includes 18 to get you started. At 100 percent brightness, they have a 100-hour run time, which is four times longer than competing products. You can also craft a lighting concept on a flexible timer using the remote.


2. 12-Volt Hardwire LED Lighting System with Dimmer by Inspired LED


12V LED Hardwire Kitchen Light Kit | 10 Panels | Dimmable LED System Included | Warm White ~3000 K | Pro Series | Inspired LED | Ambient LED Lighting | 40W Magnitude Electronic Transformer | Lutron best kitchen LED lighting


For those who are seeking something more permanent and less reliant on individual batteries, this system can be easily installed and run on your house current. Ten panels of individual capsule LED lights in a shade of warm white provide customizable task lighting. The dimmer function allows you to brighten or lower the lighting level for any time of the evening, including overnight. Plus, this system provides ten years or 100,000 hours of guaranteed illumination. The Tempe, Arizona headquarters offers consistent, guided customer service should any difficulties or questions present during installation or operation.


3. Motion sensor Wireless Lighting Bar System by SZOKLED

SZOKLED LED Motion Sensor Light, Under Cabinet Kitchen Lighting Battery Powered Lights, Wireless Under Counter Light, Closet Lights, Stick on Lights, Night Light Bar Hallway Light Stairs Lights, White best kitchen LED lighting

Fashioned as lighting bars, these high-efficiency LED lights are operated with four AAA batteries and have a long lifespan. They function as nightlights or under-cabinet task lighting and can be attached in pantries or cabinets to provide clear, safe illumination. An additional feature that renders them easy to use is their motion sensor capability. The light bar will automatically come on if movement is detected within ten feet. If no further movement occurs, the lights switch themselves off within 12 to 17 seconds.


4. Wobane’s Flexible DIY LED Strip Lights


Wobane Under Cabinet Lighting Kit,Flexible LED Strip Lights Bar,Under Counter Lights for Kitchen,Cupboard,Desk,Monitor Back,Shelf,6.6 Feet Tape Light Set,UL Listed,120 LEDs,1100lm,2700K WarmWhite best kitchen LED lighting


The best thing about this kit, other than its many great lighting features and flexible, safe operation, is that no tools are required to install them. The 1100 lumens of light can be directed anywhere, but with a voltage of only 12V, they’re safe to touch and will never damage cabinets or their contents with heat. Simply choose a location, tidy it of any dust or under-cabinet clutter, stick on the lighting strip with the strong 3M tape, and connect it to your house current.


5. Slim LED Bar from GE


GE Premium Slim LED Light Bar, 24 Inch Under Cabinet Fixture, Plug-In, Convertible to Direct Wire, Linkable, 803 Lumens, 3000K Soft Warm White, High/Off /Low, Easy to Install, 38848 best led kitchen lighting


The 24-inch premium lighting bar provides 803 lumens of warm white light anywhere you need it. It mounts simply with strong, double-sided tape and plugs into any nearby outlet. You’ll never have to replace a battery or bulb. While GE advises professional assistance, the conversion box included with the set allows you to free up electrical outlets and link to as many as 30 different bars. The direct wire solution comes with every screw and wire needed to create a custom, permanent under-cabinet lighting concept that meets your needs while staying cool to the touch and safe for consistent use.

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6. 66 LED Under Cabinet Rechargeable Motion Sensor Light by Lofter


66 LED Under Cabinet Light, Rechargeable Motion Sensor Closet Light Wireless Luxury Aluminum Night Lighting for Kitchen Cabinet, Closet, Wardrobe, 2 Sensor Mode (Only Motion, Motion & Light) best LED kitchen lighting


Using a lithium-ion battery, this light bar can provide up to 3 hours of consistent light when you choose the Always On setting. Recharging is simple with the included USB drive, and the under cabinet lighting system comes with customizable modes. The motion sensor feature functions only if the surrounding ambiance is low and motion is detected within ten feet. The light shield also protects dark-sensitive eyes from glare, making it ideal for indoor safety lighting.


7. Kuniwa’s Dimmable Puck Light Kit


LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit,Kuniwa Kitchen Puck Lights Dimmable 2W 1080lm Under Counter Lighting, Hand Wave Activated Switch Closet Lights, 3000K Warm White, Set of 6, All Accessories Included best kitchen LED lighting


This under cabinet kitchen lighting system offers the best of both worlds. Puck lights are prized for their versatility and focused task lighting features, but they can use quite a few batteries. Hardwired lighting systems actually conserve resources by drawing efficiently from the house’s grounded electrical current. To bring together all the positive features of both approaches, Kuniwa designed an affordable kit that allows you to install dimmable two-watt puck lights wherever you may need more focused illumination. They are fully customizable and can be turned on or off with the wave of your hand.


8. 12-Inch Light Bars from Litever


Litever LED Under Counter Lighting Fixtures Plug in, 6 PCS 12 Inches Light Bars, Daylight White 5000K, 31W 2000 Lumen Super Bright, Easy Installation, for Kitchen Counter Cabinet- (6 Bars Kit-5000K) best kitchen LED lighting


While many prefer the softer shade of light, usually called Warm White, there are tasks that demand greater clarity. Daylight is ranked at approximately 5000 Kelvins on the warmth scale, and this kitchen LED lighting kit provides the clear, bluer light more suited to fine or detailed tasks. It comes with all the materials necessary to install and tap directly into the electrical current of the home, from tape to screws and adapter box. The 12-inch bar provides 31 watts of crisp, daylight white illumination without the usual LED dots or light glaring associated with older models.


9. Bason’s Customizable Under Cabinet Lighting System


best kitchen LED lighting


The puck lights are wired directly into the house current via an adapter box. This allows you to save resources and funds, as well as create a programmable lighting concept with all the convenience of puck lights. While you can elect to use a soft white illumination, the affordable lighting system also allows you to customize your lighting design with blue, green, and red. You can even use two different colors or program a changing scheme to enhance visual interest during entertaining.


10. Wireless Under Cabinet Motion Sensor LED Bars by HYSUSPEH


Under Cabinet Lighting,Closet Lights Motion Sensor Light LED Rechargeable Under Cabinet Lights Wireless LED Kitchen Cabinet Lights Under Counter Lighting Magnetic Closet Lighting (White) best LED kitchen lighting


This product is both inexpensive and environmentally friendly. A rechargeable battery powers each bar for up to 120 days, and will provide ten full hours of intense, constant illumination. The lithium-ion batteries are recharged via an included USB cable. Plus, you can customize the setting. Choose a motion sensor setting for nighttime safety or one of two other efficient modes.

Updating your lighting concept for changing needs or tastes shouldn’t be expensive. Thanks to the best kitchen LED lighting products, you can now customize under cabinet lighting to meet your desired specifications, providing the additional brightness and quality of warmth, without breaking the bank.

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By BCR Staff

August 2019

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