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Top 10 Best King Size Duvet Cover Sets

This review will cover the top 10 duvet cover sets you can purchase online.

If you’ve never gone shopping for a duvet cover, you probably don’t even know where to begin. A duvet cover essentially offers you a fabric bag to hold your comforter. Similar to your pillowcase, your duvet will be closed via ties, buttons or zippers. Duvet covers are great for protecting your comforter from daily wear-and-tear while also adding a new visual element to your bedroom. The average comforter should only be washed once every year or so. In order to keep your comforter clean in between washes,  consider one of the top king size duvet cover sets that we have found.

1. Pinzon 300 Thread Count 100% Cotton Percale Duvet Cover Set

Looking for quality duvet covers requires you to pay attention to thread count. The Pinzon 300 thread count duvet cover set comes in a beautiful platinum color. Fitted for twin, full, and king-sized beds, this duvet set provides everything you could want out of an upscale bedding product. This set includes a duvet cover as well as a pair of matching pillow shams. The Pinzon Percale Duvet Cover Set features a smooth matte finish that is more comfortable than traditional sateen. You can also get this duvet cover set in three other color options, including Bijou Blue, Spa Blue, and Straw Yellow.

Pinzon Top 10 King Size Duvet Cover Sets

2. AmazonBasics Deluxe Striped Microfiber Duvet Cover Set

Amazon got into the bedding game with its AmazonBasics line of products. The AmazonBasics Deluxe Striped Microfiber Duvet Cover Set comes in five different colors as well as every traditional sizing option. This beautiful cover set is made out of polyester brushed microfiber which makes it thicker, stronger, and softer than traditional sheet sets. The striped pattern adds a unique style twist while the multiple color options allow you to embrace your own inner style. You can machine wash this bedding so long as you skip chlorine-based bleach. This is one of the most affordable duvet covers available online.

AmazonBasics Top 10 King Size Duvet Cover Sets

3. FACE TWO FACE 3-Piece Duvet Cover King

There are duvet covers and then there are FACE TWO FACE duvet covers. FACE TWO FACE is known for developing strong, durable, and comfortable duvet covers that are as stylish as they are effective. This 3-piece duvet cover features a comforter cover as well as matching pillow shams. Made out of breathable, hypoallergenic material, you have the added benefit of knowing that this duvet set will never lose its color. You can immediately add a sense of elegance to your bedroom when you put this on your bed.  You’ll also find that FACE TWO FACE offers a dozen other color options available in both king and queen sizes.

FACE TWO FACE Top 10 King Size Duvet Cover Sets

4. Dreaming Wapiti Duvet Cover King,100% Washed Microfiber 3 Piece Bedding Sets

Dreaming Wapiti Duvet Cover King is a three-piece bedding set that features pillow shams and a duvet cover. This set utilizes a blended fabric that uses both cotton and microfiber. The pillow shams and duvet all seal with a hidden zipper that you won’t even know they are there without looking. This elegant set comes in a couple of different colors with gray being the base option. This breathable design has a charming, modern appearance that will find itself at home in just about any bedroom. You can wash this bedding set as long as you skip the bleach and hang dry after washing.

Dreaming Wapiti Top 10 King Size Duvet Cover Sets

5. Bedsure Duvet Cover Set King Grey Plum Blossom Pattern Comforter Cover 3 Pieces

Bedsure has long been one of the more elegant duvet providers in the industry. The Bedsure Duvet Cover Set featuring a Gray Plum Blossom Pattern is one of the more attractive products that they have put out. This duvet set features two pillow shams as well as a beautiful duvet cover. The duvet itself has sharp colors that pop in order to showcase the unique Asian artwork. The whole set is made out of brushed microfiber which allows for both comfort and easy cleaning. Long after you first start using this cover, you’ll still find that it holds its shape and flawless design.

Bedsure Top 10 King Size Duvet Cover Sets

6. 1500 Thread Count Duvet Cover Set, 3pc Luxury Soft

For a luxurious duvet, you need to pay close attention to the thread count of the product. HC Collection’s 1,500 Thread Count Duvet Cover Set is one of the most comfortable bedding sets available. Made out of brushed microfiber, it feels like coveted 1,500 thread count Egyptian cotton. This set is an affordable alternative to similarly luxurious duvet sets. HC Collection promises a satisfaction guarantee, so if you are at all unhappy with the product you can reach out to their customer service for a refund. This entire set comes factory sealed and machine wash ready, so long as you use cold water.

HC COLLECTION Top 10 King Size Duvet Cover Sets

7. Tebery Duvet Cover Set with Zipper Closure 3 Pieces

The Tebery Duvet Cover Set is an affordable alternative to many upscale duvet cover options. This cover set comes with two pillow shams as well as the durable duvet cover itself. You’ll find this product to be exceptionally soft thanks to the microfiber polyester build. The fabric is plush yet wrinkle-resistant and the color will not fade over time. The duvets seal with corner ties so you don’t have to worry about the fabric riding up on the bed while you are using it. This cover set is machine washable in warm water without bleach. The final feel of this duvet cover set is similar to washed cotton.

Tebery Top 10 King Size Duvet Cover Sets

8. Balichun Duvet Cover Set King Size White Premium with Zipper Closure

For hotel quality duvet bedding sets, Balichun has a variety of different affordable products. The White Premium Balichun Duvet Cover Set is an ideal way to dress up your home or rental with quality bedding at a reasonable price. This bedding set features a comforter cover as well as a pair of pillow shams. All pieces of this set feature hypoallergenic microfiber with extended durability and softness, especially when compared to traditional cotton covers. There are six corner loops that can be used in order to secure your comforter in place. The set is easy to take care of thanks to a machine washable cleaning routine.

Balichun Top 10 King Size Duvet Cover Sets

9. YEPINS Microfiber Duvet Cover Set with Zipper Closure

This beautiful duvet cover set by YEPINS is made from microfiber as well. Featuring a gorgeous floral print pattern, the set is also reversible so that you can enjoy refreshing your bedding at will. This entire bedding set features pillow shams as well as the duvet cover. Zipper closures are used to secure the comforter and these special closures are easy to operate when you need to clean your bedding. This lightweight set is great for providing you comfort on an otherwise warm night. You’ll also enjoy the one year warranty that YEPINS offers with their product.

YEPINS Top 10 King Size Duvet Cover Sets

10. OREISE Duvet Cover Set King Size Washed Cotton Yarn

The OREISE Duvet Cover Set is a great choice for an upscale, luxurious bedroom. This set features two shams and a duvet cover, with the duvet sized at 104 x 90 inches. The duvet ties down at all four corners and you’ll also be able to secure the cover in place with button closure. You can machine wash this entire bedding set so long as you dry it on a low speed while avoiding bleach. The jacquard gray and white design lets the white floral patterns pop right off of the blanket. There is no dye used on this product either as the duvet cover was never printed, but jacquard instead.

OREISE Top 10 King Size Duvet Cover Sets


By BCR Staff

September 2019