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10 Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations

While there are many ways to show festive spirit during this season, the best outdoor Christmas decorations will do so in a way that is safe, affordable, and memorable. When considering this dynamic, it’s easy to remember instances in which real neighbors or fictional characters hit two points but missed the third. Inexpensive, memorable designs or products that overlooked basic safety and décor that breaks the bank but makes an impression safely are equally undesirable. In order to help you tick all the boxes on your holiday decorating needs list, we’ve compiled a handy collection of the best, safest, and most memorable products available in the online marketplace.

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1. Hanging Outdoor Holiday Banners by Oriental Cherry


ORIENTAL CHERRY Christmas Decorations Outdoor Indoor - Merry Bright Porch Sign - Red Xmas Decor Banners for Home Wall Door Apartment Party best outdoor Christmas decorations


Crafted of weather-resistant 100 percent polyester oxford cloth, these bright banners add a note of festive cheer and can be hung anywhere you desire. Because each banner is independent, the Merry and Bright panels can bracket any door, window, or porch railing. The set includes two panels, individually measuring 14 by 74 inches, with a weather-resistant and adjustable braided cord attachment that adds another 7.5 inches to the overall length. The kit comes with the assembly rod and braided cord for each banner, two banners, and is ready to hang.


2. Set of Three Lighted Gift Boxes from Rocinha


Rocinha Set of 3 Lighted Gift Boxes Christmas Box Decorations, Red Green and Blue Lit Present Boxes The Best Christmas Yard&Home Décor (80 Lights) best outdoor Christmas decorations


These decorative, lighted gift boxes are, quite simply, pretty. They are suitable for both indoor design schemes, but may also accent porch and outdoor décor because they are waterproof. Blue, red, and green transparent gift wrap tints 80 bright bulbs, which will bring light to any arrangement. Choose your mode. Whether you favor a steady glow or take delight in watching them flash on and off, the settings are easily customized for the best effect.


3. Abrillo Seven-Foot Tall Inflatable Christmas Tree


best outdoor Christmas decorations


Who doesn’t want a giant inflated Christmas tree in their outdoor Christmas decorating scheme? This iconic symbol of winter festivity is both attractive and safe to use. Crafted from durable 210T waterproof polyester fabric, it’s great for both indoor and outdoor use. Plus, it has a self-inflating and deflating feature that makes it infinitely simple to set up or dismantle for storage. Because low power use is a consideration for most holiday decorating budgets and safety, this model uses only 12 volts, making it the perfect choice.

4. LED Snowflake Light Projector by Syslux


best outdoor Christmas decorations


Decorating the exterior of your home for the holidays has never been quite so easy. If you dread hauling out the ladder and untangling strings of lights, these are the best outdoor Christmas lights for you. The waterproof housing also makes it a great deal safer than using even the toughest extension cords. Create the effect of gently falling snow against any surface with these bright, long-lived LED lights. A remote makes customizing your décor even simpler. You can choose between steady and flickering flakes, set a timer for two, four, or six hours of active decoration, and even customize the speed of the rotating motor that moves the lights within the safety of the housing.


5. National Tree Company’s Pre-Lit Garland


National Tree 9 Foot by 10 Inch Crestwood Spruce Garland with Silver Bristle, Cones, Red Berries and 50 Clear Lights (CW7-306-9A-1) best outdoor Christmas decorations


This garland is ideal for anyone who’s pressed for time to decorate doorways or window apertures for the holidays. Measuring nine feet in length, it comes pre-dressed with silver bristles, bright red holly berries, pinecones, and glitter. It also boasts fifty evenly distributed soft white lights for added festive cheer and convenience.

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6. Color Changing Waterproof Hanging Solar Lanterns by Gigalumi

GIGALUMI 8 Pack Hanging Solar Lights Christmas Yard Decoration,Multi-Color Changing Cracked Glass Hanging Ball Lights Waterproof Outdoor Solar Lanterns for Garden, Yard, Patio, Lawn best outdoor Christmas decorations


The crackled glass effect of these waterproof hanging lanterns is sure to add a note of cheer to any outdoor concept, plus the bright and long-lasting light brings safety to any poorly lit space. While they do require batteries to help store solar energy and tide them over on cloudy days, they can easily be recharged. Hang them in any space in which they can absorb direct sunlight to charge them up for evening use. Use the pack of eight lanterns to add a note of beauty to any doorway, patio, pathway, or deck railing.


7. Whonline’s Candy Cane Pathway Markers


Whonline Christmas Candy Cane Pathway Markers Set of 10 Candy Cane Lights Christmas Decoration Lights for Patio Yard Paths Fences Indoor Outdoor (60 Bulbs) best outdoor Christmas decorations


More kid-friendly Christmas decorations you won’t find. In fact, these pathway markers are everyone-friendly. Light up potential outdoor trouble spots, point the way for carolers or guide family and friends right to your door with this set of ten brightly illuminated candy canes. They’re simple to use and easy to install.


8. 20-inch Feel Real Colonial Hanging Basket from National Tree Company


National Tree 20 Inch Feel Real Colonial Hanging Basket with Cones, Red Berries and 50 Warm White Battery Operated LED Lights with Timer (PECO1-300-20HB1) best outdoor Christmas decorations


This hanging basket is perfect for both indoor and sheltered outdoor contexts. Pre-lit with 50 warm white LED lights and decorated with discrete holly berries and pine cones; it adds a note of interest anywhere you place it. The efficient battery use and convenient remote operation allow you to schedule windows of operation at the touch of a button. The lights turn off right on schedule and remain so until the next time you need a little cheer.


9. 24-Inch Pre-Lit Spruce Wreath by OasisCraft


OasisCraft 24" Christmas Wreath Spruce Red Wreath Front Door with Pine Cones, Berries -50 LED Lights best outdoor Christmas decorations


Pre-strung with 50 warm white LED lights, this is the best outdoor Christmas wreath. The generous and festive decorations of pine cones, red Christmas tree balls, and bright holly berries will enliven and finish any entranceway. The unique double ring metal support artfully concealed by the lifelike branches of spruce helps it keep its shape and fullness all season long.


10. Outdoor Metal Peanuts Charlie Brown and Friends Yard Art from Improvements


Outdoor Metal Christmas PEANUTS CHARLIE BROWN & FRIENDS Yard Art Display Decor best outdoor Christmas decorations


If you grew up watching Charlie Brown’s Christmas Special, with its iconic tree and messages of seasonal fellowship, this yard décor is perfect for bringing that spirit home. Measuring 33 inches in width by 36 inches in height, the durable, color-true art includes Charlie Brown, Sally, Linus, Lucy, and, of course, Snoopy ranged in front of that familiar foliage.

The Season of Light isn’t far away by the calendar. For many, it’s already begun. Don’t hesitate to decorate to your heart’s content. While there are many ways to adorn the inside and outside of your home, making the most of your budget, safety awareness, and your unique aesthetic is the ideal. Of course, that’s easier said than done when it comes to choosing from among the many offerings available in the virtual market. In order to maximize your holiday cheer, we’ve drawn together some of the best outdoor Christmas decorations into one place, and we know you’ll make things merry and bright.

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By BCR Staff

November 2019