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10 Best Christmas Tree Toppers

A beautiful holiday tree brightens your home — and the best Christmas tree topper models can take your decor to the next level. Toppers are the finishing touch for your collection of ornaments and lights; as the most visible element, they also set the tone for the tree and your room as a whole. With so many different designs to choose from, it’s a breeze to find one that matches your holiday style. Try a lighted star for a classic tree, or opt for a rustic angel to suit your cottage-style decorations. Each topper fits neatly on the top branch, so you can install it in seconds and get back to the Christmas celebrations.

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1. Willow Tree Starlight Tree Topper

Starlight Willow Tree Angel Tree Topper Figurine best Christmas tree toppers


The perfect blend of modern and rustic, the Willow Tree Starlight topper is a versatile addition to your collection of Christmas tree decorations. Made with soft shades of cream and gold, this topper is undeniably elegant. A resin woman holds an open-framed star, creating a look that’s serene and angelic. Each piece is hand-carved and hand-painted to create a completely unique design. We love the star, which is constructed from metal and pierced to allow light to shine through. With its simple frame, this topper slips over a branch and stands easily.


2. Kurt Adler Irish Angel


Kurt Adler Kurt S. Adler 16-Inch Polyester Irish Angel Treetop, Multi best Christmas tree toppers


If you’re adorning your home in traditional decor, this Christmas topper angel from Kurt Adler is the perfect finishing touch. This Irish angel is outfitted in a rich green dress that looks lovely next to the green of your tree. Glittering gold wings extend outward, sparkling in the glow from your tree lights. For an extra burst of shine and texture, the angel’s dress features glittering scrolls and cascading ribbons. At 16 inches tall, this topper makes a bold statement on medium and large-sized Christmas trees.


3. Wmbetter Christmas Tree Bow Topper


Wmbetter Christmas Tree Bow Topper Large DIY Christmas Tree Topper with Streamer Gold Edge, Christmas Wreath Bow for Christmas Decoration (Gold) best Christmas tree toppers


Want to make a serious splash on Christmas morning? Look no further than this Christmas topper bow. With its huge loops and oversized design, this bow dominates your tree for an over-the-top look. Constructed from velvet ribbon and decorated with a sheer, crinkled layer, this tree combines textures for an ultra-luxurious twist. Each loop and streamer tail has wire edging, so you can bend and adjust the bow to create the perfect look. Available in a rich shade of gold, this bow pops next to the rich green of your tree.


4. Kurt Adler Capiz Star Tree Topper


Image result for Kurt Adler 10-Light Multi-Color Capiz Star Tree Topper best Christmas tree topper


If you love a burst of color and light at the holidays, this Kurt Adler Capiz Star topper is a beautiful choice. The eight-pointed star is constructed with a brass frame and a frosted exterior, so it looks lovely during the day. When night falls, turn on the star — 10 colorful lights shine from the interior, filling your home with soft, glowing light. At 9 inches across, this star fits neatly on a small tree. The included extra bulb makes for easy replacements and a longer lifetime.


5. Mr. Christmas Animated Lit Tree Topper


Mr. Christmas 21" Animated Lit Tree Topper best Christmas tree topper


Turn your tree into a showpiece with this Mr. Christmas topper. The classic lighted star gives your Christmas tree a traditional look — but the real magic is in the Santa figurine that arches out from the base of the star. When you turn on the topper, Santa flies around your tree in a graceful arch. This lighted tree topper comes with hook-and-loop straps, so you can secure it firmly to both real and artificial trees. From the base of the Santa to the top of the star, this topper measures 20 inches; it’s perfect for a tall tree room with tall ceilings.

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6. Kurt Adler 6-Point Capiz Star with Scroll


Kurt Adler 10-Light 6-Point Capiz Star Treetop with Scroll Design best Christmas tree topper


Embrace vintage style with this Christmas topper star from Kurt Adler. This Capiz star features an ornate six-point design that’s enhanced by a contrasting metal frame. Scrolling heart accents extend outward from the star, creating an ornate look. Inside the star, white lights turn the frosted shell into a glowing, gorgeous accent. To install this star, simply slip the coiled metal spring over a branch to create a tight fit. The included cord makes it easy to connect the star to a power outlet.


7. Santa’s Workshop 3096 Homespun Angel Tree Topper


Santa's Workshop 3096 Homespun Angel Tree Topper, 16", Red best Christmas tree toppers


For a farmhouse-style Christmas scene, this Santa’s Workshop 3096 angel is a beautiful option. This rustic Christmas tree topper features wings that are crafted from brown vines and curling burlap ribbons that add an adorable touch of texture. With her fur-trimmed cape and printed skirt, this angel brings a beautiful blend of colors to your tree. Bright tones of red and green complement classic Christmas ornaments.


8. Thomas Kinkade Holidays in Motion Rotating Tree Topper

Thomas Kinkade Holidays in Motion Rotating Illuminated Tree Topper: Animated Christmas Decor by The Bradford Editions best Christmas tree topper


Indulge your flair for drama with this tree topper from Thomas Kinkade Holidays in Motion. This topper fastens below the tip of your tree using zip ties. An arching metal pole suspends the multi-pointed star above your treetop for a beautiful floating effect. On the base of the topper, Santa and his reindeer fly in a circle around the tree to create an eye-catching burst of movement. With its rich colors and stunning details, this topper takes your decor up a notch. It’s the perfect way to capture the magic of the holidays for both children and adults.


9. Kurt Adler Glass Santa Claus Treetop


Kurt Adler Glass Santa Claus Design Treetop, 16-Inch best Christmas tree topper


Go retro with your holiday decorations using this Kurt Adler tree topper. Crafted from glass and finished with brilliant colors, this topper captures the classic Christmas spirit. A pointed, coiled top and round ball base brings a distinct vintage vibe to your decor; in the middle, Santa climbs into a chimney. The base of this topper flares outward, so you can slip it over the top of the tree.


10. Santa’s Workshop Pine Cone Angel Tree Topper


Santa's Workshop Pine Cone Angel Tree Topper, 16" Tall, White/Green/Red best Christmas tree topper

If you love traditional colors and classic textures, this angel tree topper from Santa’s Workshop is a beautiful option. It’s all about the blend of materials — the fur-trimmed cape, the knitted skirt, and the vine-covered wings create an irresistible combination. Finished with shades of green and cream, this angel blends seamlessly with the natural colors of your tree.

A gorgeous Christmas tree is the centerpiece of your seasonal decor. When it’s decorated beautifully, it can give your home a welcoming, festive look for the holidays. Put a stunning final touch on your real or faux tree with the best Christmas tree topper.

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By BCR Staff

September 2019