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10 Best Christmas Tree Skirts

If you’ve ever put up a real tree at the holidays, you know that the dropping needles can make a mess of your floors — fortunately, the best Christmas tree skirts are an easy solution. Made from a circle of fabric, these skirts shield your flooring from sap, needles, and falling ornaments. They’re also beautiful and festive, so you can use one with both artificial and real trees. Chosen correctly, a tree skirt complements your decor and ornament style and creates a complete holiday picture. There’s an option for every taste; whether your preferences tend toward classic Christmas designs or fun, contemporary looks, it’s easy to find a skirt that fits the bill.

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1. QueenDream Tree Skirt


QueenDream Tree Skirts 48 Inch Silver Tree Skirt Merry Christmas Snowflake Sequin Table Linen Tree Skirt for 4ft Tree best Christmas tree skirts


Bring a little bling to your holidays with this QueenDream tree skirt, which is covered in glittering sequins. When you turn on the Christmas tree lights, the sequins sparkle beautifully for a magical effect. With its 4-foot diameter, this skirt provides plenty of floor coverage. Choose a pale color for a wintry look, or go with a saturated tone for maximum drama. This tree skirt looks lovely alone or under presents. Plus, since each sequin is dense and fastened securely to satin mesh fabric, this skirt helps prevent shedding for lasting beauty.


2. AISENO 48-inch Christmas Tree Plush Skirt


AISENO 48 Inch Christmas Tree Plush Skirt Decoration for Merry Christmas Party Faux Fur Christmas Tree Skirt Decorations best Christmas tree skirts


Amp up the Christmas fun with this AISENO plush tree skirt, which is crafted with a thick fur pile. Reminiscent of shag carpets, this fur Christmas tree skirt is ultra-contemporary but also gives a nod to retro styling. The bright white color highlights the natural beauty of your tree — or, pair this skirt with a fiber-optic artificial tree for an unexpected modern twist. A hook-and-loop closure runs up one side of the skirt, creating a tight hold and preventing the piece from moving throughout the season.


3. LimBridge Christmas Tree Skirt


LimBridge Christmas Tree Skirt, 48 inches Cable Knit Knitted Thick Rustic Xmas Holiday Decoration, Burgundy best Christmas tree skirt


Prefer a rustic look? Head straight for this LimBridge Christmas tree skirt. Constructed from heavy-duty yarn in a cross-stitch design, this skirt adds a luxurious touch of texture to your decor. A thick cable-knit accent runs around the exterior of the skirt for an extra pop of fun. At the back, three ties enable you to fasten this skirt securely. We love the solid color, which highlights the subtle detailing and pops next to the green branches of your tree.


4. Lalent Christmas Tree Skirt


Christmas Tree Skirt - 48 inches Large White Luxury Faux Fur Tree Skirt Christmas Decorations Holiday Thick Plush Tree Xmas Ornaments (White/Gold) best Christmas tree skirt


If you’re aiming for a wintry look, this Lalent tree skirt makes a lovely finishing touch. Glittering golden snowflakes pop on the crisp white background, creating a look that’s undeniably elegant. Tiny sequins adorn each snowflake for a subtle touch of sparkle under the tree lights. Pair this skirt with gold-toned ornaments for a coordinated look, or use it with multicolored decorations for a traditional twist. The thick, plush fabric looks welcoming and homey in your living room.


5. LimBridge Knit Christmas Tree Skirt


LimBridge Christmas Tree Skirt, 48 inches Knitted Knit Thick Heavy Yarn Rustic Xmas Holiday Decoration, Burgundy and Cream best Christmas tree skirt


Ring in the holidays in traditional fashion with this LimBridge Christmas tree skirt. Constructed from knit fabric, this skirt adds a rustic, down-home look to your home. The red and cream color scheme exudes classic Christmas cheer, and the varying knit patterns bring a comforting texture. With its thick material, this skirt keeps falling needles away from your floors; the two-tone design looks gorgeous alone or laden with presents. With three ties, this skirt is a breeze to install.

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6. Amerzam Christmas Tree Skirt


Amerzam Christmas Tree Skirt Mat Christmas Holiday Party Decoration (RED) best Christmas tree skirt


If you’re planning Christmas with little ones, this Amerzam tree skirt adds just the right touch of fun. Santa, Rudolph, and Frosty dance across the top surface bringing a classic holiday look to your tree. Each face is crafted from fabric and stitched onto the skirt, creating a charming blend of texture and color to the solid red background. A few white snowflakes complete the festive look. Constructed with soft fabric, this skirt drapes easily over your tree stand.


7. S-DEAL Grey and White Snow Carpet


S-DEAL 48 Inches Christmas Tree Skirt Double Layers Grey and White Snow Carpet for Party Holiday Decorations Xmas Ornaments best Christmas tree skirt


Fun and festive, this S-DEAL snow carpet adds a seasonal look to your stack of Christmas Presents. The magic is in the grey and white snowflake pattern, which adds a wintry look to a tree that’s decorated with white or silver ornaments. You can also choose from other color options to match your living area. We love the opening, which closes with magic tape; that means you can fasten the ends together and let them be for the rest of the season. With its soft, thick fabric, this skirt looks plush and comfortable.


8. Mr. and Mrs. Snowman Skirt

56 inch Mr. and Mrs. Snowman Dimensional Applique Plush Embroidered Christmas Tree Skirt best Christmas tree skirt

Dream of winter when you have this Mr. and Mrs. Snowman tree skirt. Two sweet snowmen sit on the front, surrounded by a snowy scene and a stack of gifts. Designed with classic Christmas colors, this skirt is an excellent way to complete your rustic or traditional decor scheme. We love the blend of fabrics, which adds a charming mix of textures to your tree. On the back, the split seam opens easily and enables you to slide this skirt around the base of your tree for fast installation — that way, you can get back to enjoying the festivities.


9. Ivenf Christmas Tree Skirt


Ivenf Christmas Tree Skirt, 48 inches Large Red Fleece 6-Layer Ruffled Skirt, Rustic Xmas Tree Holiday Decorations best Christmas tree skirts


Looking for an ultra-feminine way to accent your Christmas tree? This ruffled tree skirt from Ivenf is the perfect option. Tiers of thick ruffles extend out from the tree trunk in rings, bringing a luxurious and sweet texture to your living room. The thick gathers look luxe on your floor and the brilliant red color pops against the rich green of your tree branches. On the split seam, two ties make it easy to fasten the skirt and access your tree stand for watering.


10. Violet Linen Decorative Tree Skirt


Violet Linen Decorative Christmas Embroidered Leaves Design Tree Skirt, 43", White best Christmas tree skirts


Bring a bit of elegance to your Christmas decor with this Violet Linen tree skirt. With its bright white background and delicate leaf and ribbon detailing, this skirt is an understated way to highlight your tree. Made from polyester fabric, this embroidered Christmas tree skirt is lightweight and easy to install. Our favorite part? The ribbon border and ties, which add a traditional vibe.

Tree skirts are a great way to protect your floors and amp up your Christmas decorations. The trick? Finding one that matches your personal style. By starting with the best Christmas tree skirts, you can find a beautiful option to ring in the holidays.

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By BCR Staff

September 2019