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10 Best Christmas Tablecloths

When you want to make a big splash with your holiday decorations, the best Christmas tablecloths are an easy way to do it. Since they cover a large surface area, tablecloths have a big impact on the look of a room. You might set one on a plain table for a quick makeover, or use one under a festive table setting for Christmas dinner. Plus, since tablecloths are available in a huge range of sizes and shapes, you can find them for tiny side tables or massive family dinner tables. As you’re narrowing down the options, consider styles that enhance your existing Christmas decorations — a traditional design fits nicely with a vintage theme, while a sequined tablecloth complements glam decor.

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1. Maison d’ Hermine Holly Time


Maison d' Hermine Holly Time 100% Cotton Tablecloth 60 Inch by 120 Inch. Perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas best Christmas tablecloths


Set a beautiful vintage table with the help of this Holly Time tablecloth from Maison d’ Hermine. Printed with a wide border of softly colored foliage in shades of green and blue, this piece evokes a festive feeling without being over-the-top. A bright red ribbon runs along the edge, lending the perfect pop of color. Scattered decorations adorn the center of the cloth, leaving a wide white field to hold your place settings. Made from cotton fabric, this tablecloth is machine washable and easy to clean between meals.


2. Benson Mills Santa’s Sleigh Christmas Tablecloth

Benson Mills Printed Christmas Tablecloth (60" X 104" Rectangular, Santa's Sleigh) best Christmas tablecloths


Design an elegant table with this Benson Mills Santa’s Sleigh tablecloth. Tone-on-tone stripes and snowflakes cross the fabric, creating a subtle texture that enhances your tablescape without detracting from your centerpiece. Around the edge, Santa and his reindeer glide through a forest of brilliant green trees above a ribbon of red. With its classic colors, this tablecloth suits your traditional decor.


3. Maison d’ Hermine Deer in The Woods


Maison d' Hermine Deer in The Woods 100% Cotton Tablecloth 60 Inch by 108 Inch. Perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas best Christmas tablecloths


If you’re searching for a winter-themed tablecloth that you can use all season, head straight for this Deer in the Woods model from Maison d’ Hermine. It features a flurry of gold, silver, and white snowflakes for a look that’s both festive and elegant. The large-scale border print features adorable deer strolling through a forest of snowy trees in a design that you can use at Christmas, New Year’s, and beyond. Choose from a variety of square, rectangle, and round options to suit any table size.


4. Benson Mills Christmas Story Tablecloth


Benson Mills Christmas Story Engineered Jacquard Fabric Tablecloth, 60" by 120" best Christmas tablecloths


Looking to add a pop of color to your holiday table? This Benson Mills Christmas Story design has you covered. It comes in a rich shade of red that instantly brings your dining room to life. A soft white winter scene runs around the outside edge, complete with Santa and his sleigh soaring above the treetops. To top it all off, delicate snowflakes dance across the center of the fabric, adding a subtle touch of texture to your Christmas dinner.


5. Newbridge Farm Fresh Tablecloth


Newbridge Farm Fresh Christmas Tree Holiday Print Vinyl Flannel Backed Tablecloth, Nostalgic Retro Christmas Tablecloth, (60 Inch x 84 Inch Oval) best Christmas tablecloths


Embrace a vintage country-inspired style this Christmas with this Newbridge Farm Fresh tablecloth. Bright red retro trucks and brilliant green Christmas trees pop against a background of farm-themed line drawings. The gorgeous rounded corners create a soft, casual look that suits a family gathering. Thanks to its large-scale print, this tablecloth transforms a table all on its own — no centerpieces needed. The flannel backing is gentle and scratch-resistant, and the vinyl top is a breeze to wipe down after a meal.

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6. Decoser Heavy Duty Tablecloth


Decoser Heavy Duty Flannel Backed Vinyl Tablecloth Easy to Wipe-Clean Oil-Waterproof Plastic Rectangle 55x72 inch Table Cover for Christmas best Christmas tablecloths


If you’re hosting a big holiday dinner this Christmas, this Decoser tablecloth is a great choice. It’s made from durable vinyl that keeps spills and stains away from your table surface. On the other side, the soft flannel lining prevents scratches and damage. We love the Santa-themed print, which is rendered in rich colors for a traditional look. Hints of gold scattered across the cloth sparkle in the sunlight for a stunning, festive look.


7. DII Round Holiday Tablecloth


DII 100% Cotton, Machine Washable, Dinner and Holiday Tablecloth - 70" Round, Seats 4-6 People, Woodland Christmas best Christmas tablecloth

Make a bold statement on a dining room table with this DII holiday tablecloth. Soft green foliage and brilliant red flowers spread from one edge to the other, instantly bringing new life and energy to your home. The slightly muted green shades lend this tablecloth a vintage look that’s equally beautiful in a Victorian house or a contemporary apartment. Made from 100 percent cotton, this tablecloth is a breeze to care for — simply toss it in the washing machine.


8. Newbridge Jingle Bells Santa Claus Tablecloth


Newbridge Jingle Bells Santa Claus Fun Christmas Print Vinyl Flannel Backed Tablecloth, Whimsical Santa and Reindeer Xmas Tablecloth, (60 Inch x 84 Inch Oval) best Christmas tablecloths


Looking for a kids’ Christmas tablecloth to make the holidays a little bit more magical? This Newbridge Jingle Bells Santa Claus model is a fun way to bring a table to life. The secret is the large-scale Santas, trees, stockings, and reindeer that dance across a colorful background. With its cartoonish style and bright tones, this adorable tablecloth is sure to delight the little ones in your house. Plus, since it’s made with a vinyl top, cleaning is fast and easy.


9. PartyDelight Silver Sequin Tablecloth


PartyDelight 70" inch Silver Sequin Tablecloth Round Wedding, Party, Christmas Decorations best Christmas tablecloths


Bring a bit of glam to your holidays with this glitzy tablecloth for New Year’s Eve and Christmas. It’s covered in sparkling sequins that add an over-the-top burst of shine to your decor. Your guests won’t be able to look away, especially if you turn on the Christmas tree lights or light a candle for extra impact. Choose this solid silver model for a wintry look, or go with one of the other solid colors to match your tree ornament theme. Each option is made with a backing fabric that matches the sequins for consistency.


10. Benson Mills Christmas Village


Benson Mills Christmas Village Fabric Printed Tablecloth (60" X 104" Rectangular, Holiday Trimming) best Christmas tablecloths


If you like a bit of retro flair in your Christmas decorations, this beautiful Christmas Village tablecloth from Benson Mills will fit right in. A row of vintage ornaments runs along the outer edge bringing a rich pop of color and texture to your holiday dinner parties. Near the center, a carefully positioned row of greenery and red berries runs right under your place settings for the perfect tablescape. The center is white, leaving room for centerpieces and serving dishes.

Tablecloths are a fast, easy way to decorate your home for the holidays. By selecting the best Christmas tablecloths, you can amp up the festive spirit and get ready for a fun season.

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By BCR Staff

October 2019