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Top 10 Best Standing Desks

If you work in front of a computer all day, you would probably benefit from switching your work area over to one of our top 10 standing desks. While most people know that it isn’t healthy for your body to sit around all day, there are many lesser-known benefits to standing desks, which can be great for those in an office environment.

If you’re standing all day rather than sitting, you burn more calories throughout the day on average. Over time, this results in a lower risk of weight gain and obesity, one of the leading health problems among American adults. Additionally, using a standing desk could lower your blood sugar levels. Sitting after meals typically causes a spike in blood sugar, but utilizing a standing desk can keep your blood sugar levels closer to equilibrium. If you don’t have a high-quality chair at work, using a standing desk could also reduce back pain. Since posture is a huge part of back pain, swapping some of your sitting time for standing time could ease some of the discomfort you feel during the workday. If you’re looking for the perfect standing desk to complete your office space, keep reading to see our top 10 picks.

1. Height Adjustable Stand-Up Desk Converter – by VIVO

This flexible desk space provides the freedom for you to sit or stand, extending and collapsing as needed throughout the day. The dual gas spring force allows you to move the desk upward in one fluid motion without having to worry about anything falling or tipping over. Since the extender sits on top of your already assembled desk, it requires very little time to put together and is almost entirely ready out of the box. The desk holds up to 33 pounds with an adjustment range of 6.5 to 17 inches.

Vivo Top Ten Best Standing Desks

2. Height Adjustable Standing Desk – by ApexDesk

This adjustable desk by ApexDesk is sleek and elegant, coming with a glossy finish in several different colors and styles. The desk extends anywhere from 29 to 48 inches and features a curved midsection to users who need to sit closer to their laptop or other essentials. It fully lifts at a minimum speed of 1.5 seconds, making sure you can easily and quickly change positions. The steel frame of the desk comes in one piece, so it’s simple to put together and can support up to 225 pounds of weight. The desk also comes with a six-button programmable remote that allows you to preset up to four different desired desk heights. This remote feature allows you to quickly change positions with minimal effort throughout the day.

ApexDesk Top Ten Best Standing Desks

3. Adjustable Stand-Up Desk – by TaoTronics

Equipped with a quick-release gas spring by TaoT system, this desk is designed to go from a sitting to a standing height with minimal effort. If features 12 different height levels, so it’s able to meet the needs of any person regardless of their stature. The desktop itself holds up to 79 pounds of weight and measures 36 by 23 inches. This space is enough to hold two computer monitors side by side, as well as a keyboard tray that can support a mouse and keyboard side by side. TaoTronics also offers a 100% money-back guarantee for three years if you aren’t satisfied with the desk, so you can feel comfortable buying it risk-free.

TaoTronics Top Ten Best Standing Desks

4. Cubicle Desk Riser – by FlexiSpot

This standing desk riser comes with a regular desktop and keyboard tray, and enough space to support two side by side monitors, a keyboard, and a mouse. The keyboard tray is also easily removable for when you don’t need access to a mouse or keys. The desk, made by FlexiSpot, is explicitly designed to fit in a cubicle for those at desk jobs who want a bit more versatility. It has a single-handle design to promote easy use as well as 12 different adjustments for whatever your height preference is.

FlexiSpot Top Ten Best Standing Desks

5. Mobile Stand Up Ergonomic Desk – by Flash Furniture

This standing desk, unlike many others on this list, can move wherever you want to go. With a curved desktop and pencil tray, the 28 by 18-inch workspace is more versatile than your typical desk. The four-wheel system has two locking casters, so the desk only moves when you want it to move. The desktop is a thick 1 inch mahogany with a laminate finish, so it’s an attractive workspace no matter what your goals are. It also comes in two other black and white finishes, so this little mobile desk can match your decor.

Flash Furniture Top Ten Best Standing Desks

6. Height Adjustable Mobile Standing Desk – by Eureka Ergonomic

This desk by Eureka Ergonomics comes with 16 possible height positions and is an entirely mobile workspace. It has a double locking caster on the wheels, so the desk only moves when you need to move, and it also comes with a detachable hutch. This desk is also perfect for a more extensive computer system as it has a concealed bottom shelf that could comfortably accommodate an external computer tower. The desktop itself measures 40 by 23 inches and has an additional riser on top to hold a monitor. Eureka Ergonomics offers a 36-month warranty on their standing desk, so you can be ensured you’re buying risk-free.

Eureka Ergonomic Top Ten Best Standing Desks

7. Standing Desk With Clamp-On Shelf – by Stand Steady

The Stand Steady desk is ideal for someone who needs extra space, as its massive workspace measures 55 inches across the desktop. It has a fully adjustable height between 29 and 46 inches so that it will work for anyone as tall as six feet four inches. It’s also compatible alongside many treadmill desks, in case you want to get some exercise in while you work. The ample desktop space can fit two monitors, a laptop, keyboard, mouse, a cup of coffee, and more! Stand Steady also offers extensive customer service and they are happy to refund any customers who aren’t satisfied with their purchase.

Stand Steady Top Ten Best Standing Desks

8. Height Adjustable Workstation – by Uprite Ergo

Uprite Ergo’s standing desk supports up to 21 pounds of weight and is large enough to support two monitors alongside a keyboard and mouse. The workspace itself slides in and out of the desk to discreetly hide your tools when they aren’t needed. It includes 18 inches of possible height adjustment space and 23 options for where you want the desk to stand. A locking lever ensures that your height setting will not be lost when putting weight on the desk, and you can rest assured that you won’t need to adjust continually. No special tools are required to put this desk together, and it can be assembled by one person in a short amount of time.

Uprite Ergo Top Ten Best Standing Desks

9. Adjustable Standing Desk – by Eletab

A crank system operates this unique standing desk by Eletab, so it’s incredibly easy to adjust the height to exactly where you want it to be. It has a height range between 29 to 48 inches, with the hand crank ensuring a smooth transition from sitting to standing. The steel frame is resistant to breakage or scratching, holding up to 88 pounds of weight on the desktop. All hardware is included for easy assembly, as well as an easily understandable handbook so you can put the entire desk together yourself.

Eletab Top Ten Best Standing Desks

10. Ergonomic Electric Standing Desk – by Caesar Hardware

This desk by Caesar Hardware is massive, measuring a whopping 71 inches on the desktop, which holds a maximum weight of 500 pounds. This desk is one of the few on the list that is electric, meaning no manual effort is required to raise or lower the height. An LED display and push-button control quickly change the height of the desk, and you’re able to program up to three desired heights, which can be automatically recalled. A heavy-duty steel frame ensures that this sturdy desk will be in use for many years.

Caesar Hardware Top Ten Best Standing Desks


By BCR Staff
December 2019