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Top 10 Best Full-Size Mattress Pads

When it comes to maintaining comfort and support for as long as possible in full-size mattresses, the best option might be found in our list of the top ten full-size mattress pads. These mattress pads are designed to lay on top of the bed and create an additional layer of comfort, often prolonging the life and usability of the mattress at the same time. However, there are a surprising number of performance points and other attributes to consider in mattress pads. Due to the nature of this type of product, returns are not always an easy avenue should you make the wrong pick. This list will help the selection process remain stress-free for you.

1. Utopia Bedding Quilted Fitted Mattress Pad

This Quilted Fitted Mattress Pad by Utopia Bedding is a definite top choice in the vast field of fitted mattress pads for full-size beds. It is because of its great quality knitting, non-bunching fit, and lasting, stain-resistant coverage. High breathability throughout and a fully machine-washable design also make this one a winner among in affordability.

Utopia Bedding Top Ten Full-Size Mattress Pads

2. The Grand Deep Pocket Fitted Full Mattress Pad Cover

The Grand brings us one of our favorite choices in full-size mattress pads with its Deep Pocket model. As its name suggests, this deep pocket pad system provides mattress-grabbing pockets as well as truly comfortable, top-layer cushioning with all hypoallergenic and highly breathable materials. Strong stitching, a strong skirt, machine-washability, and a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee round things out very nicely with this one.

The Grand Top Ten Full-Size Mattress Pads

3. Bedsure Full-Size Hypoallergenic Mattress Pad

When you look across the whole of the market, affordable full-size mattress pads don’t get much better than the Full-Size Hypoallergenic Mattress Pad by Bedsure. Here, sleepers can look forward to an all-hypoallergenic design, breathable, heat-dissipating materials, and microfiber that lasts without producing common issues seen in other pad systems. A Bedsure 100 percent satisfaction guarantee also definitely helps the buyer to rest well.

Bedsure Top Ten Full-Size Mattress Pads

4. Naluka Full-Size Microplush Mattress Pad/Mattress Topper

Naluka gets it right with this Full-Size Microplush Mattress Pad/Mattress Topper. This mattress pad is comprised of a plush, quilted pillowtop material that is comfortable, but also surprisingly washer and dryer friendly. Double-needle stitching keeps the entire system of materials in place use after use, and a special high-stretch skirt prevents all those common roll-up and bunching issues. Even better, Naluka guarantees every customer’s satisfaction with this model.

Naluka Top Ten Full-Size Mattress Pads

5. Bedsure Full-Size Deep Pocket Cotton Mattress Pad

Cheap full-size mattress pads can get the job done just like their costly competition. Bedsure proves this truth yet again with its Full-Size Deep Pocket Cotton Mattress Pad that is about as comfortable as any we’ve tried. Some of the game-winning attributes to this model include a fluffy, thick comfort layer, quality stitching, the use of 300-thread count cotton throughout, and up to 18 inches of stretch in its elasticized, stay-put skirt.

Bedsure 2 Top Ten Full-Size Mattress Pads

6. Emonia Pillowtop Fitted Mattress Pad Cover

This Emonia Pillowtop Fitted Mattress Pad Cover is quite possibly our top pick for sheer comfort in mattress pads. A system of 100 percent cotton chambers that hold a fluffy down alternative microfiber feels like heaven when you lay on it. Aside from this aspect, notable features that make this a top choice mattress pad for us include 18 inch deep, mattress-hugging pockets, quality stitching, and a generous return policy just in case.

EMONIA Top Ten Full-Size Mattress Pads

7. EXQ Home Full-Size Quilted Mattress Pad

EXQ Home tops virtually all of its competitors in warranty terms with an impressive ten-year warranty that is included with each of its Full-Size quilted mattress pads. This performer is made of a completely noise-free material combination, is vinyl-free, and 100 percent hypoallergenic. Machine-washability, durable stitching, and a moderate yet very comfortable layer of top cushioning also await the sleeper here. All of these features combined create a the perfect high-quality mattress pad.

EXQ Home Top Ten Full-Size Mattress Pads

8. mDesign Twin XL Size Hypoallergenic Quilted Mattress Pad Cover

Those looking for dependable quality in an economy mattress pad set are well-served by mDesign’s Twin XL Size Hypoallergenic Quilted Mattress Pad Cover. Quality, box-style stitching, all-hypoallergenic materials, and great breathability come together here for a great sleep experience. It is also worth noting that this mattress pad is fully machine-washable as well as dry-clean safe, so cleaning it will always be a breeze.

mDesign Top Ten Full-Size Mattress Pads

9. Malouf Sleep Tite Quilted Mattress Pad

Another fantastic buy when it comes to affordable mattress pads is the Malouf’s Sleep Tite Quilted Mattress Pad. This pad utilizes a special microfiber gel that prevents shifting and bunching and is fully hypoallergenic and machine-washable. Should any problems ever arise with this pad, Malouf also stands by it with five years of warranty coverage.

MALOUF Top Ten Full-Size Mattress Pads

10. EASELAND Pillowtop Mattress Pad

The Pillowtop Mattress Pad by EASELAND is an easy, top choice in comfort and overall performance. This ultra-plush pad is made of 100 percent cotton and is loaded with a down alternative that gives it a truly cushion-filled body. Pockets that stretch up to 21 inches and machine-washability without loss of cushioning and fluff are also great attributes. A high-quality box stitching system also helps to make this one of the best full-size mattress pads out right now.

EASELAND Top Ten Full-Size Mattress Pads


By BCR Staff

September 2019