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Top 10 Best Full-Size Down and Down Alternative Comforters

Many factors went into finding the our top 10 best full-size down and alternative down comforters for a home. The color, patterns, and loft are all significant concerns that buyers consider when purchasing one of these warm and comfortable sleep blankets. It is also essential to know the allergy potential as many comforters are filled with the down from various birds. In the end, it is the preferences of the homemaker that determines how much investment they will make into one of these luxurious items. To find the top-quality comforters that will satisfy your needs, look over this list of the 10 best full-size down and down alternative comforters before venturing further.

1. The EASELAND All-Season Alternative Fill Comforter

EASELAND produces affordable full-size down and alternative down comforters like this one with a non-allergenic fill for those with goose or other bird down allergies. The elegant appearance belies what hides beneath where multiple patterns of stitching keep the filling in place. The filling is chosen to fluff when tumbled at low heat so that the hefty appearance stays for years. The comforter is built to draw heat away during warm months and retain heat during the cold parts of the year. The colors and patterns fit any bedroom décor.
Easeland Top Ten Full-Size Down and Down Alternative Comforters

2. The Utopia Bedding Alternative Comforter

The designers at Utopia Bedding deliver cheap full-size down and alternative down comforters with a splash of comfort and classic form. The filling in this comforter consists of a silicon fiber that retains heat while maintaining a consistent fluff for a soft fill. The outside material is microfiber that is piped at the edges and box stitched to keep the filling from shifting and clumping. The comforter is sized to allow for the use of a duvet cover and has loops attached at all four corners to allow you to use that added protection.
Utopia Bedding Top Ten Full-Size Down and Down Alternative Comforters

3. The DOWNCOOL Cotton Down Filled Comforter

DOWNCOOL offers this down comforter with a filling of white goose duck down for an exotic feel that lets you sleep as if you were under a warm cloud. The down is sandwiched between layers of 233-thread count cotton that provides a slick and soft feel to any hand. The cotton covering contains the down in box patterned squares for a traditional look that also serves to keep the filling in place. The comforter is perfectly proportioned to fit inside a full-size duvet cover.
DOWNCOOL Top Ten Full-Size Down and Down Alternative Comforters

4. A Top-Down and Alternative Down Full-Size Comforter from the Sweet Home Collection

The Sweet Home Collection excels again with this alternative down full-size comforter. The surface of the comforter consists of a durable 100% microfiber that provides the ultimate in smoothness. The filling is polyester to alleviate the contentious allergies that accompany down for so many sleepers. The familiar classic box pattern is double stitched to keep the filling in place even when you are tossing and turning in the night. The comforter comes in multiple colors allowing you to change hues with the season.
Sweet Home Collection Top Ten Full-Size Down and Down Alternative Comforters

5. The BESC Goose Down Comforter

BESC uses a unique blend of 45% goose down and 55% baby bird feathers to fill this comforter. The result is a more breathable cover with less movement within the stitched squares due to a tighter pack. The comforter is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer as the feathers work their magic. The feathers are repeatedly cleaned to eliminate any odors or allergens before the packing process. The 100% cotton cover is washable and is equipped with eight ties to fasten inside a duvet.
BESC Top Ten Full-Size Down and Down Alternative Comforters

6. The Puredown Full-Size Goose Down Comforter

Puredown created this affordable goose down full-size comforter with the intention of using it as filler inside a duvet. Even without a duvet, this comforter has the looks and functionality to perform as the perfect bed warmer. The filling is 75% white goose down and 25% white feathers which are covered by a thick cotton material that keeps the feathers in. With this white comforter in place, the bed takes on a classic look that shines when light hits the fabric.
puredown Top Ten Full-Size Down and Down Alternative Comforters

7. The Egyptian Bedding Full-Size Goose Down Comforter

Egyptian Bedding produces this full-size goose down comforter for those who relish a heavy blanket during the night. The timeless look of the 100% Egyptian cotton 1200 thread exterior adds a classic look to the bedroom. The comforter is paneled in a box-like pattern with double stitching to ensure that the white goose down filling stays in place. This comforter is equipped with loops and sewn corner tabs to secure it inside a duvet.
Egyptian Bedding Top Ten Full-Size Down and Down Alternative Comforters

8. The Clara Clark Full-Size Goose Down Alternative Down Comforter

If you are looking for a hypoallergenic comforter that is also antibacterial and environmentally friendly, look no further than this super-plush comforter from Clara Clark. The look is one of luxury as the box panel stitching flows from one corner of the comforter to the other. The brushed microfiber finish is extremely smooth to the touch and resists wrinkling, stans, and will never shrink. This comforter from Clara Clark is a perfect gift for any loved one on any occasion.
Clara Clark Top Ten Full-Size Down and Down Alternative Comforters

9. The Natural Comfort Full-Size Alternative Comforter

Natural Comfort markets this alternative comforter as an insert into a duvet. However, the fine finish that Natural Comfort adds to this comforter makes it an attractive addition to any bedroom with a full-size bed without the addition of a duvet. The filling is a smooth polyester that is kept in place by box panel stitching throughout the body and extra-strength piper stitching along the edges. The comforter is machine washable and dries easily in a home dryer at low heat while tumbling.
Natural Comfort Top Ten Full-Size Down and Down Alternative Comforters

10. The Full-Size Alternative Down Comforter from the Masterex Milligram Collection

Covering your full-size beds with this alternative down comforter adds elegance to your home. No matter if you are using it on a child’s bed or in the guest room, the gold sateen piping adds an incredible sense of patronage usually reserved for wealthy households. The filling is 100% polyester that adds an extra bit of smoothness to the finish. The filling never bunches and whisks away heat during the summer months and holds heat in during the winter.
Mastertex Top Ten Full-Size Down and Down Alternative Comforters
There are an abundance of full-size goose down and alternative down comforters on the market. There is some reason for concern as many of the products have unreliable stitching between panels and finishes that lose their appearance quickly. Peruse this list of the best full-size down and down alternative comforters to get an idea of what to look for that will keep you warm and comfortable for years to come.



By BCR Staff

September 2019