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Top 10 Best Electric Stove Covers

This list will present the 10 best electric stove covers that can be purchased online.

The stove is one of the most expensive appliances in your kitchen; with electric stove covers, you can get more from your investment. These durable plates fit over the top of the burner, protecting it from damage and spills when the stove isn’t in use. Each one creates a flat surface, which expands the usable space in your kitchen — it’s a convenient solution for homes with minimal counter space. As an added bonus, many covers are heat resistant and safe to use as trivets for hot pots and pans. To protect your stove, it’s crucial to choose covers that are strong and engineered to fit.

1. Reston Lloyd Electric Stove Burner Covers

If you have a white stove, these Reston Lloyd products are some of the best electric stove covers on the market. They come in a set of four — two large and two small — so they fit easily over standard burner sizes. Constructed from a durable tin, these covers are rigid and strong enough to prevent damage. They’re best used for light protection and aren’t advised to hold heavy pots and pans. The solid white finish looks lovely and fresh on your stovetop. At 3/4 inch tall, these covers fit neatly over standard electric burners.

Reston Lloyd Top 10 Electric Stove Covers

2. Calypso Basics Heavy Weight Electric Burner Cover

Turn your stove into an extra prep space with these Calypso Basics burner covers. They’re crafted from heavy-gauge carbon steel, which is strong enough to hold full dishes of food without bending. If you have a busy, high-energy kitchen, these covers can help you protect burners from accidental damage. These are the top electric stove covers available for a reason — the enamel coating adds durability, and the rimless design creates a seamless look against the stove. Don’t worry if you turn on the wrong burner; each cover can stand up to the heat.

Calypso Basics Top 10 Electric Stove Covers

3. Electric Stove Bib Liners

When you’re cooking messy dishes, it’s normal to get splashes and spills in the bowl of your burner. That’s where these cheap electric stove covers come in — the lightweight aluminum sits under the burner coil, protecting the pan from stuck-on foods. This means that you don’t have to spend much time scrubbing; instead, simply toss the liner in the garbage. With 50 per pack, it’s easy to keep your stove clean and fresh.

Stock Your Home Top 10 Electric Stove Covers

4. Set of 4 Electric Stove Burner Covers

Greet the day with a cheery outlook when you have these burner covers. Each one is printed with the words “Wake up and smell the coffee”, so they bring a fun burst of color and personality to your stove. Designed with a white, brown, and black design with teal accents, this set of covers complements most standard stovetops. The lightweight metal construction is best for gentle protection and a decorative look rather than heavy-duty use.

Cooking Concepts Top 10 Electric Stove Covers

5. Range Kleen 550 Burner Kovers

If your heating elements or old or unsightly, these 550 Range Kleen covers can help. They’re constructed from stainless steel in a silver finish, so they give your stove a neat, streamlined look. Simple and unadorned, the covers match a wide range of appliance styles. Plus, since they’re strong and durable, they can be used as a resting place for mixing bowls, hot dishes, and more. Each one is easy to wipe down using a damp cloth, so you can clean the kitchen in seconds.

Range Kleen Top 10 Electric Stove Covers

6. Range Kleen 5056 Burner Kovers

Give your stove an affordable makeover with these Range Kleen 5056 burner covers. Constructed from metal and embossed with a ring of flowers, each cover adds a sophisticated touch of texture to the kitchen. Each one is finished in black; use it on a black stove for a subtle upgrade, or set it on a white stove for a bold, high-contrast look. This set comes with two small and two large covers, so it fits easily on a standard four-burner stove. Simply drop the cover in place for fast, hassle-free installation.

Range Kleen 2 Top 10 Electric Stove Covers

7. Corelle Coordinates by Reston Lloyd Burner Covers

If you have a contemporary kitchen, these burner covers from Corelle Coordinates by Reston Lloyd are an ideal solution. Swooping black lines dance across a white background, adding an artistic look to your stovetop. These affordable electric stove covers are fabricated from chip-resistant metal that looks neat and professional even after frequent use. Use them for decorative purposes and light protection; they are not strong enough to act as trivets.

Reston Lloyd 2 Top 10 Electric Stove Covers

8. RangeKleen 5079 Family Sentiments Covers

Remind yourself of your priorities each time you look at these Family Sentiments covers from RangeKleen. Printed with words including “family”, “home”, and “laugh”, these pieces are sweet and traditional. The warm colors fit right into your earthy kitchen decor, giving it a country-chic vibe. With their classic round shape and .625-inch height, these covers fit over both electric and gas burners.

Burner Kovers Top 10 Electric Stove Covers

9. Calypso Basics Heavy Weight Cover in White

If you’re a serious cook, these Calypso Basics covers can be a useful addition to your kitchen. This set comes in crisp white to give your stove a clean look. They’re crafted from heavy-gauge carbon steel that holds up to intense use. The durable frames are strong enough to hold pots and pans, and the enamel coating stands up to hot surfaces. Designed with a simple, rimless design, these covers give your stove a contemporary look.

Calypso Basics 2 Top 10 Electric Stove Covers

10. Sea Shore Seashell Tern Covers

Printed with adorable birds and seashells, these beach-themed covers bring an elegant look to your coastal-inspired kitchen. The soft tan color sets a soothing tone, and the hints of turquoise enliven your space. Rely on the sturdy metal construction to extend the lifetime of your heating coils. This set comes with four covers for easy use on a traditional stove.


Burner Top 10 Electric Stove Covers

The burners on your electric stove are some of the appliance’s most delicate parts. A cover protects the coil, so you don’t need to worry about damage from spills or accidents. With the best electric stove covers, you can help your stove last for years.


By BCR Staff

September 2019