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Top Ten Electric Fireplaces

This article presents 10 of best electric fireplaces on the market.

Twenty years ago, the technology of electric fireplaces didn’t exist. The idea of having a fireplace without the addition of wood was unheard of. The warmth, loud crackling, and flaming light show could only be experienced if you had a built-in fireplace. Luckily, those days are over. Electric fireplaces are both realistic in design and safe to use. It can be confusing when attempting to select the perfect fireplace. Features such as heat capacity, design and size are significant factors when choosing the right one. While there are many varieties and brands of electric fireplaces on the market, we’ve nailed down some of the best in this review.

1. Duraflame Infrared Quartz Fireplace

If you though Duraflame just made great fire logs, you’ll be surprised at the beautifully made Infrared Quartz fireplace. The 3D logs and flames illusion behind the beveled glass is truly a sight to see. Its convenient remote-control feature allows you to adjust the flame settings, timer, and thermostat of the fireplace. Along with being super energy efficient, it’s also a safe option to have around kids and pets. Although the fireplace heats from the bottom and side vents, the top is still cool to the touch. The visually appealing flames can still be seen even without the heating option on.

2. Lifesmart Infrared Quartz Fireplace

The Lifesmart Quartz Fireplace is not to be left off the list when it comes to electric fireplaces that pump out tons of heat. This small unit not only heats up to 1000 sq. Ft, it also runs on 5100 BTU’s. With power such as that, it will be no problem to conquer the cold of winter. Its unique outer shell made of Quakertown dark oak enables the fireplace to be firm and sturdy. The heater blower on this fireplace is so quiet that you may forget that it’s even on. The convenient economy setting cycles off and on during the day to maintain the same temperature. There will be no worries due to safety if it topples as the fireplace has a safety feature that turns it off when it falls.

3. SEI Sicilian Harvest Electric Fireplace

We want to introduce the Godzilla of electric fireplaces. The Sicilian Harvest unit measures in at 45 inches in width and 40 inches in height. If there was ever a doubt about electric fireplaces in your mind, this beast of a unit is guaranteed to put your mind at ease. This spacious fireplace can hold up to a 40-inch flat screen TV on its mantel. The unit makes an excellent piece of furniture and will surely compliment all the other wood furnishings in your home. The included remote control allows you to set timers and control both the flame intensity and brightness of the logs. The animated glowing embers are sure to give you that real fireplace feel.

4. Ameriwood Home Bruxton Electric Fireplace

Ameriwood created a winner in the making of this small but lovely LED fireplace. The beautiful design and classic wood frame assist in adding a cozy atmosphere to your home. The fast heating fireplace is excellent for small rooms or RVs as it is capable of heating 400 sq. Ft. The amazing flickering flames can be viewed with or without the heating function turned on. It’s brightly lit LED is sure to provide a pleasant ambiance for any room.

5. Southern Enterprises Tennyson Electric Fireplace

Who can say no to an electric fireplace with a bookcase? This model measures over 70 inches wide and has a bookshelf included. The bookshelf has 6 shelves on which you can place books or other small items. The mantle of the fireplace is big and strong enough to support a flat screen TV or another electronic device such as a stereo. What really gives this fireplace an edge is its remote-control feature. When using the remote, you can control the timer, temperature and the brightness of the flames and logs separately. The fireplace/space heater can heat an entire room in a matter of minutes. Its protective glass shield on the front of it assures the safety of small children and pets.

6. Ameriwood Home Electric Fireplace

Ameriwood electric fireplaces keep the home fires burning. The incredibly realistic flames will have you hypnotized for hours. Its built-in TV stand can fit a flat screen up to 50 inches. Yes, you read that right, 50 inches! Storage is the key word when describing this fireplace. Not only does it have storage slots on the top of the unit, but it also has storage cabinets at the bottom. The glass protected cabinets work great for storing items such as DVD’s, games and CDs. The 400 sq. ft. range of this fireplace makes it great for small or medium sized rooms.

7. Standing Electric Fireplace Realistic Brightness

The vintage brick pattern of this fireplace could fool you into thinking it came attached to the house. This infrared, quartz style fireplace is great for two things, pumping heat and showcasing bright flames. Go ahead, dare winter to cross your path so you can destroy it with 5,200 BTU’s of pure force. The heating element of this fireplace can reach 1000 sq. Ft. when pushed to the max. The remote-control option lets you control the heat, speed, and brightness of the flames. It’s realistic flames make it a great addition to kitchens and living rooms.

8. Southern Enterprises Electric Fireplace

Classy is the word that comes to mind when talking about the electric fireplace from Southern Enterprises. Its elegant face is covered with carved floral trim. The fireplace/space heater distributes heat quickly and efficiently. The vast mantel space is great for adding small ornaments and other items. This fireplace is also one of the best when it comes to safety features. It comes with a child safety lock and protective front glass that remains cool to the touch. Realistic looking logs and special light features can all be controlled from the remote.

9. Ameriwood Home Farmington Electric Fireplace

The rustic outdoor look of this electric fireplace is what separates it apart from the rest. The weathered design of this fireplace makes it perfect for any room in the house. The roomy cabinets and storage space can be used for cable boxes, video game systems and more. The lighted switch on the unit enables you to control the flame, heater timer, and power functions. Useful timer functions can be set anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours. A classic entertainment center with a fireplace is exactly what this is. Its sturdy structure can hold the weight of a flat screen TV.

10. ChimneyFree Walker Electric Fireplace Entertainment Center

If you’ve been searching for an entire media console with a fireplace, you’ve just found it. Storage space for electronics, books, and other items are located on both the top and bottom. The infrared firebox feature of this fireplace can heat up to 1000 sq. Ft. The spacious mantel area has a gorgeous wood finish. All your favorite items such as pictures, magazines or small figurines can be placed atop the mantel without fear of them falling off. The durable material makes this fireplace strong and dependable.

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December 2018