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Top Ten Electric Blankets and Throws

With the cold weather bearing down upon those of us in the Northern hemisphere, our thoughts naturally turn to finding a way to ward off the wintry chill. This is especially true on those subzero nights when you just can’t seem to get warm. Whether you want to save some money on your home heating bills, or just need to get rid of a bad case of the shivers, these top ten electric blankets and throws will have you covered. (Pun intended.)

1. MaxKare Electric Heated Throw Blanket

This over-sized full body throw by MaxKare is luxuriously soft to the touch. You’ll be able to stay cozy and warm since both sides of this throw are made with comfortable fabrics. One side features Sherpa and the other a plush flannel.  Three levels of heat allow you to adjust the temperature to your liking, but for added peace of mind, an automatic shutoff kicks in after four hours of continuous use. The power cord is extra long at almost 10 feet, so you can tuck it away or leave it right by your side for easy access. One of the best features? The control unit detaches, allowing this machine washable electric throw to be cleaned regularly.

2. Sunbeam Heated Electric Throw Blanket

Sunbeam’s 50 x 60 inch festive red and black throw is perfect for cozying up for a movie and some popcorn. Made of ultra-soft fleece, it has three heat settings designed to keep the chill away and deliver consistent warmth.  After three hours of use, it will automatically shut off for safety. It has a six-foot detachable power cord and is both washer and dryer safe, making cleanup a breeze. Unlike many other throws, the heating coils cover the entire surface of the blanket from corner to corner, eliminating cold spots.

3. Sunbeam Reversible Sherpa/Royal Mink Heated Throw Blanket

This other great 50 x 60-inch throw from Sunbeam delivers an even more luxurious experience. With one side constructed of 25 mm plush Sherpa and the other of royal mink, this throw is a treat for the truly tactile. With three different heating options and technology that adjusts throughout the night, you’re sure to have the perfect amount of warmth. It shuts off by itself after 3 hours of use, is machine washable and dryer safe, and comes in an array of designs and colors to match your unique style. Finally, a 5-year limited warranty covers you against defects.

4. Beautyrest – Plush Heated Throw Blanket

This over-sized 60 by 70-inch throw by Beautyrest will keep your whole body toasty warm. It uses state of the art technology that adjusts the temperature of the blanket against the temperature of the room, so you have a consistent flow of comfort. It is made of ultrasoft microlight plush that features a contemporary design on one side and a solid color on the other. Speaking of which, it is available in nine vibrant colors. Three heat settings and an auto shutoff after two hours will ensure that you don’t get overheated.  This blanket can be machine washed with care on the gentle cycle in cold water, but for best results, we recommend letting it dry naturally. Beautyrest features a 100% satisfaction guarantee if returned within thirty days and a 5-year warranty against defects.

5. Woolrich WR54-1739 Heated Plush Berber Blanket

With the Woolrich WR54-1739, you’ll be able to find the best blanket for everyone in the family by choosing from four different sizes and seven popular colors. The ultra-soft microlight plush fabric is machine washable and is the ideal cool-weather bedding to keep you and yours comfortable. Woolrich’s secure comfort technology is designed to eliminate almost all EMF emissions so you can rest easy with the peace of mind that your family is protected.  Twenty heat settings that can be controlled by using the enclosed remote will please even the fussiest temperature-sensitive folks. A ten-hour auto-shutoff allows it to be used without interruption all through the night.

6. Shavel Home Products Thermee Electric Blanket

With seven layers of quilted, soft, micro flannel,  this electric blanket from Shavel Home Products is a perfect choice for those who like something super-soft and fuzzy. With soft wire technology throughout and eight secure heat settings, this no-pill blanket features a 10-hour auto shut off for security and convenience.  Save energy this winter by utilizing safe and efficient electricity to keep you and your family warm. With four sizes and nine different design choices, you are sure to find one for every member of the family (we love the rustic, cozy look of the pine boughs motif). The 16-foot cord is long enough to plug into any nearby outlet or slide it under the bed and out of view. A 5-year manufacturer’s warranty protects you against defects and workmanship.

7. SensorPedic Heated Electric Blanket with SensorSafe

You will never need to climb into a cold bed again with this luxurious ultra-plush heated blanket from SensorPedic. Featuring SensorSafe technology, the blanket will never overheat and will automatically shut off after 12 hours (no more running home because you forgot to turn off your blanket). The user-friendly controller allows you to choose from 9 heat settings. If you prefer not to have your blanket on the entire night, a built-in timer on the controller allows you to choose from 1 to 12 hours before switching off automatically. This is also excellent for when you don’t want the blanket on your children the entire night. Choose from four sizes and four soft and muted colors. This blanket is both washer and dryer safe and comes with a five-year limited warranty.

8. Beautyrest Senna Elect Blanket Heated Print Plush Throw

This over-sized heated throw from beauty rest is 60 x 70 inches and made to cover your whole body while you are relaxing comfortably. Beautyrest’s technology ensures that their blankets and throws give off virtually no electromagnetic field emissions, which should add to your sense of comfort. The ultra-soft plush is comfortable and soothing to the touch and is machine washable for easy cleanup. The aqua floral design is elegant and unique and will lend itself beautifully to many decors. It is equipped with technology that adjusts the temperature of the throw based on the ambient temperature in the room for a steady flow of just the right warmth. With three heat settings and a two-hour auto shutoff you will stay cozy and secure.

 9. Pure Warmth by Biddeford Micro Mink and Sherpa Heated Blanket

Biddeford is renowned for their world-class blankets, and this ultrasoft micro mink and Sherpa blanket is one of the warmest and fuzziest materials you can get. There are ten different heating options and a 10-hour automatic shutoff, so concerns about overheating are a thing of the past. And this is not like your mother’s electric blanket. It is fully machine washable. You can even throw it in the dryer!  Offered in four sizes, it also comes in your choice of stylish colors. A five-year manufacturer’s warranty protects your purchase.

10. SoftHeat by Perfect Fit | Luxury Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Heated Blanket

The Softheat by Perfect Fit provides reassurance to those who are uncomfortable with traditional electric blankets. Perfect Fit’s technology is patented and is low voltage, will not emit EMF’s, is safe in the presence of pets and moisture, and certified as non-hazardous.  The super, cuddly-soft fleece has built-in micro-wires that are a fifth of the size of traditional electric blankets, making them less bulky and virtually undetectable. The controller has a large, easy-to-turn knob with a back-lit display. Available in four sizes and six traditional colors, You can machine wash it in warm water and tumble dry on a low setting.

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