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Top 10 Best Bamboo Cutting Boards

Whether you’re a professional chef or a casual home cook, our list of the top 10 best bamboo cutting boards will give you a starting point to stocking your kitchen with all the essentials. Finding just the right cutting board is important. A chopping board will endure a lot of abuse and will come into contact with a variety of food items, from onions to raw chicken. You want to make sure the cutting board you choose is durable and resilient enough to withstand chopping, dicing, and even deboning while being easy to sanitize. Bamboo offers a natural and sturdy alternatives to plastic that is biodegradable and better for the environment. We have pieced together our favorite choices for you below.

1. K BASIX Bamboo Cutting Board Three-Piece Set

Help your family stay healthy and happy with this economical bamboo cutting board set. This three-piece set comes with one 13-inch large board, one 11-inch medium board, and one eight-inch serving board. Each board is made from 100 percent BPA-free eco-friendly bamboo trees. These extra thick boards are strong and durable while the gentle bamboo preserves knife sharpness. Boards are easily cleaned with mild soap and water. K BASIK offers a money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

K Basix Top 10 Best Wood and Bamboo Cutting Boards

2. Royal Three-Piece Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

This Royal bamboo cutting board set includes three cutting boards in large, medium, and small sizes. Each board is made from organic bamboo and is free of chemicals and BPA. The Royal bamboo cutting board is mess-free with deep border grooves that catch meat and fruit juices. The side handles make these cutting boards beautiful serving trays for cheese and crackers, making them perfect for party prep and services. Knife-friendly bamboo won’t dull your knives while remaining free of scratches.

Royal Craft Wood Top 10 Best Wood and Bamboo Cutting Boards

3. Greener Chef Extra-Large Two-Tone Bamboo Cutting Board

This extra-large 18-inch by 12.5-inch bamboo cutting board is perfect for cutting meat and dicing vegetables. This affordable bamboo board is recommended by professional chefs for its industrial-quality strength. The Greener Chef bamboo cutting board provides a safe antimicrobial surface with antibacterial properties that is free of BPA and formaldehyde. The resilient bamboo wood is better for knives than glass, plastic, teak, acacia, or maple. Greener Chef provides a lifetime guarantee against cracking, separating, or splintering.

Greener Chef Top 10 Best Wood and Bamboo Cutting Boards

4. Utopia Kitchen Extra-Large Bamboo Cutting Board

Utopia Kitchen offers this super affordable 17-inch by 12-inch extra-large bamboo cutting board. Made from hard-density, sustainable Moso Bamboo, this cutting board is almost maintenance-free. TheA-quality, light, durable bamboo resists scratching and scaring while the resilient wood does not damage knives. The Utopia Kitchen bamboo cutting board is both FDA and FSC approved and can be easily sanitized with mild soap and warm water or a gentle solution of water diluted bleach.

Utopia Kitchen Top 10 Best Wood and Bamboo Cutting Boards

5. Royal Thick Bamboo Wood Cutting Board/Kitchen Butcher Block

This professional-grade bamboo cutting board is over one-inch thick, making it perfect for small roasts, pork loins, and steaks while its 13.5-inch by 10-inch size makes it easy to store in a kitchen drawer. Of course, this bamboo cutting board is also beautiful enough to keep on the kitchen counter with its resilient wood that will resist cuts and scarring. Unlike anti-sanitary plastic cutting boards filled with chemicals, bamboo naturally resists bacteria and is BPA-free.

Royal Craft 2 Wood Top 10 Best Wood and Bamboo Cutting Boards

6. Midori Way Decorative Buffet Tray/Chopping Board

The two-tone Midori Way Decorative Buffet Tray/Chopping Board is a stylish way to present slices of bread, cheeses, and fruits to your guests. The handy border groove keeps fruit juices from spilling off the board. This beautiful piece of kitchen decor is eco-friendly and free from dye and formaldehyde. Since bamboo is water-resistant, cleanup is easy. This well-respected cutting board has received a number of five-star reviews and is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Midori Way Top 10 Best Wood and Bamboo Cutting Boards

7. Farberware 5070344 Bamboo Cutting Board Set of Three

These versatile cutting boards have a reversible surface, making them perfect for extensive use. This set of three bamboo cutting boards includes one large cutting board, measuring one-inch by 14-inches; one medium cutting board, measuring eight-inches by 10-inches; and one small cutting board, measuring eight-inches by 5.5-inches. According to The NPD Group, Inc., Farberware is the top-selling national brand for cutting boards in the U.S., demonstrating that this cutting board set has the quality that you can trust.

Farberware Top 10 Best Wood and Bamboo Cutting Boards

8. Utopia Kitchen Three-piece Natural Bamboo Cutting Boards

Made with ultra-thick compressed bamboo, these cutting boards will resist cracking and splitting while providing the gentle wood resilience that preserves knife sharpness. This beautiful two-tone three-piece set includes one large cutting board, measuring 12-inches by-16 inches; one medium cutting board, measuring nine-inches by 13-inches; and one small cutting board, measuring nine-inches by 11-inches. The border groove and convenient handle allow these stylish boards to seamlessly transition from chopping to serving.

Utopia Kitchen 2 Top 10 Best Wood and Bamboo Cutting Boards

9. Freshware Cutting Boards

Freshware bamboo cutting boards feature a reversible two-in-one design made of a three-layer cross-section of bamboo to resist warping. These all-natural boards have no dyes or stains to create unwanted odors or flavors while cooking. The natural bamboo is chemical-free and antimicrobial to provide a safe surface for food prep or food service. Freshware bamboo cutting boards are easy to care for. Wash in warm water with mild soap and leave to air dry. Occasionally apply mineral oil to extend the life of these elegant boards.

Freshware Top 10 Best Wood and Bamboo Cutting Boards

10. Extra-Large Bamboo Cutting/Charcuterie Board

This extra-large, 18-inch by 12-inch bamboo cutting board is perfect for food preparation or presentation. This reversible board features a juice groove for carving and slicing and handles for use as a serving tray. The 3/4 – inch thickness helps prevent warping. The natural bamboo grain creates a gourmet esthetic for any occasion. Bamboo naturally resists cutting, preventing scratches that can collect food particles and trap bacteria.

NBNL Top 10 Best Wood and Bamboo Cutting Boards

As you can see the best bamboo cutting boards are not necessarily the most expensive. There are a variety of cutting boards that double as serving trays or come in sets to help you get the most value for your money. Perhaps it’s time to give budget and earth-friendly bamboo cutting boards a try.




By BCR Staff

November 2019