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10 Best Collagen Supplements

Why do people ask about the best marine collagen, bovine collagen, or chicken collagen? Well, the answer comes from the reduction of collagen as people age. Collagen is the most abundant protein produced by the human body; it operates in every sinew, every piece of cartilage, and every bone in the human body. The absence of collagen creates brittle bones, dry cartilage that rips and tears, and stretched and broken tendons as well as muscle deterioration and internal organ inefficiency. To reduce the effects of age, people seek collagen supplements to replace missing or depleted levels of the protein.

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1. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptide

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides - Pasture Raised, Grass Fed, Paleo Friendly, Gluten Free, Single Ingredient (10 oz) best collagen supplement

Unlike many collagen supplements that are made from the bones and connective tissues of beef animals, the collagen peptide comes exclusively from the skin of the animal. Peptides are purer in collagen content than any other type of collagen supplement. In this product, Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, the active ingredient is grass-fed collagen which amplifies the effectiveness of the product. Adding one scoop of the product twice per day to water into soups provides an ample dose of easily digestible collagen.

2. Ancestral Supplements Grass-Fed Collagen

Ancestral Supplements Grass Fed (Living) Collagen-Supports Joints, Marrow Bones, Cartilage, Skin, Hair & Nails (180 Capsules) best collagen supplement

The collagen produced by Ancestral Supplements comes from grass-fed beef to provide purity and effectiveness. To limit the reduction of collagen, the process used by this manufacturer is to select only collagen laden materials from the trachea and the scapula of the animal, remove the other ingredients and freeze the remaining, pure, collagen that maintains an active presence in powder form. The product targets specific areas of concern to reduce or alleviate the effects of aging on the skin or in the joints.

3. Youtheory Collagen Advanced with Vitamin C

Youtheory Collagen Advanced with Vitamin C, 290 Count (1 Bottle) best collagen supplement

The Youtheory Collagen Advanced with Vitamin C is a hydrolyzed collagen formula, meaning that the collagen is derived from the bones, sinew, horns, and skin of the bovine animal. The formula Youtheory employs adds vitamin C to the supplement that binds with the collagen to carry the collagen into the cells at an accelerated rate. The product is distributed in capsule form as a supplement before or after meals twice per day. The product adds that desired glow to your skin and perfection to your hair and nails that you crave.

4. Advanced Collagen Supplement, Type 1, 2, and 3 by Forestleaf

Advanced Collagen Supplement, Type 1, 2 and 3 with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C - Anti Aging Joint Formula - Boosts Hair, Nails and Skin Health - 120 Veggie Capsules - by ForestLeaf best collagen supplement

Forestleaf’s Advanced Collagen Supplement takes a different approach in its collagen formula from the beginning and on through consumption. The product is built from collagen found in vegetables that are boiled down to release the collagen held inside their cells and then solidified into a powder form through dehydration. Hyaluronic Acid and vitamin C are added to the formula to expedite the absorption process in skin, hair, nail, and the cells surrounding joints.

5. Extra Strength Collagen Gummies by Mavnutrition

Collagen Gummies Supplement for Men & Women Formulated to Enhance Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails - Anti-Aging Benefits with Vitamin C, E, Biotin Sustaining Firmness and Tone; All-Natural, Non-GMO best collagen supplement

Mavnutrition is taking a unique approach in several aspects of collagen health. First, the manufacturer opted to use type one and type three collagens, which specifically target hair, skin, and nails. Second, they chose to create the product in the gummy form with added fruit flavors to encourage use by those who reject powders and pills. Third, they added vitamin C like many other manufacturers but included Vitamin-E and Biotin to facilitate skin suppleness as well.

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6. Multi Collagen Peptides Pills by 2Healthy

Multi Collagen Peptides Pills - Type I, II, III, V, X - 120 Capsules - Natural Grass Fed Bone Broth Supplement, Clinically Effective Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein for Women, Skin Health Joint Anti Aging best collagen supplement

2Healthy went to extremes with its Multi Collagen Peptides Pills. The manufacturer included collagen from multiple sources, including grass-fed beef, deep-sea marine animals, chickens, and chicken eggs. In the end, they produced a collagen supplement that meets the criteria for type one, two, three, five, and ten collagens. The supplement comes in pill form for easy consumption at any time of the day. The formula provides extra collagen support for skin, nails, hair, muscles, joints, and cartilage.

7. Premium Marine Collagen Peptides by Correxico

Premium Marine Collagen Peptides (Large Pack,15oz) from Wild Caught Fish Skin (Not Scales), hydrolyzed Protein Powder for Joints & Bones, Skin, Hair, Nails & Digestive Health - Made in Canada best collagen supplement

Welcome to the marine world where collagen runs rampant in deep-sea fish, especially prevalent in the wild variety of fish found in the seas. Correxico produced a formula for a powdered version of collagen derived from boiling the skins of fish—minus the scales. Fish skin produces the tiniest particles of collagen found in the industry. The size of collagen particles influences the rate of absorption with the smallest absorbed the fastest. The result of Correxico’s insistence on using wild fish skins only is a quicker response to the influence of the supplement.

8. Organic Collagen Capsules from Left Coast

Organic Collagen Pills Supplement - 180 Count - Organic, Grass Fed Bovine & Organic Chicken Bone Broth. Collagen Types 1,2,3. Supports Nails, Hair, Joints, Skin & Gut Health. Left Coast Performance best collagen supplement

Left Coast uses three ingredients in its collagen supplement formula: Bovine collagen, Chicken collagen, and gelatin to form the capsule. There is no filler in the capsule; collagen is what you purchase and what you get. The formula is rich in type one, two, and three collagens that contribute to joint smoothness and flexibility, skin health, and hair and nail growth. Taking three capsules per day provides ample organic collagen for bodies of any age.

9. Goodbye Wrinkles from Healthy Fusion

Goodbye Wrinkles - Premium Hydrolized Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, CoQ10, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Resveratrol, VIT. E and More - Say Goodbye to Wrinkles - Reveal Hydrated Skin - Extra Strength - 60 Capsules best collagen supplement

Healthy Fusion developed Goodbye Wrinkles to improve skin health specifically, as the name implies. Along with the active ingredient of pure hydrolyzed collagen, the formula incorporates Vitamin A, C, and E to facilitate disbursement and absorption. The product also uses high doses of Aloe Vera Leaf and hyaluronic acid to induce quick absorption of the collagen into deep skin tissues and to the surface of the epidermis to encourage skin hydration.

10. Garden of Life Mykind Organic Plant Collagen Builder

Garden of Life mykind Organic Plant Collagen Builder - Vegan Collagen Builder for Hair, Skin and Nail Health, 60 Tablets best collagen supplement

The Garden of Life Mykind Organic Plant Collagen Builder is a unique collagen in vegan capsules. One of the few products on the collagen market to appeal to the vegan community, the product targets the skin, hair, and nails to produce that healthy look everyone enjoys. Instead of using collagen from animals or fish, this formula uses organic collagen producing materials to encourage the body to rebuild its own collagen-building mechanism by injecting collagen co-ingredients such as silica and polyphenolic pomegranate. The inclusion of the co-ingredients alongside the organic collagen extends the body’s ability to maintain skin elasticity and health.

As you can tell from this list, there is no shortage of approaches to the problem of collagen depletion in the human body. Age catches up with everyone, and some of the visible symptoms include skin, hair, nail appearance. The invisible symptoms reside inside the body with such conditions as bone brittleness, joint inflammation, and tendon inflexibility. While the inside signs make you feel your age, the outside symptoms let everyone else know your age. Together, these two groups of symptoms call everyone to look for the best marine collagen, bovine or chicken collagen, or natural ingredients that extend collagen production in the body to alleviate the ravages of time.

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By BCR Staff

June 2019

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