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30 Great Creative Gifts for Travelers

People who love to travel typically have just one big thing on their wish list. But since no one is likely to gift them a Round the World cruise, an exotic safari, or an overwater bungalow in Fiji, they’ll just have to settle for the countless other items and treats that exist for people who love to travel. From the fun to the practical, these are 30 great creative gifts for travelers.

Wanderlust Wish Bracelet

Whether your favorite traveler is wishing for an upcoming trip or something else entirely, the Wanderlust Wish Bracelet from the Etsy shop Carrie Clover makes a sweet gift. The wish bracelet features a small compass charm on a colored string. Before tying it around his or her wrist, the bracelet wearer should make their wish. According to legend, once the string breaks, the wish will come true.

“Point to What You Want” Picture Translator

When one travels with this handy picture translator, there will be no need for flipping through pocket dictionaries or hoping for enough Wi-Fi to load Google Translate. Instead, this pocket-sized picture translator includes universal photos for necessary things like food items, emergency and health requests, money, and more.

Disposable Paper Toilet Seat Covers

Hey, not all aspects of travel are fun and luxurious. Ask any frequent traveler, and they’ll tell you that having your own pack of toilet seat covers is a must when visiting toilets around the world — usually an adventure in itself! With this pack of disposable toilet seat covers, travelers won’t have to worry about finding a freshly cleaned toilet.

GoGirl Female Urination Device

Here’s another one for the “practical” column. If you know a female traveler, then we bet the GoGirl germ-resistant portable urinal for women is something she’d much appreciate while out on the road. The device is small enough to pack in a day bag, and is easy to use. Best of all, it keeps one safe and clean from the many different toilets found around the world.

Digital Luggage Scale

There is nothing worse than getting to the airport after an epic vacation only to find that your suitcase is weighing in over the limit. Save your favorite traveler a headache — and some dough! — by gifting them a Digital Luggage Scale. Sold on Amazon by Luxebell, the digital luggage scale is remarkably accurate and easy to read. Best of all, it’s super compact and therefore won’t take up much space (or weight) in a suitcase.

Do Something Dice

Travelers need only roll these fun Do Something Dice to plan out an epic day of adventure. The four color-coded dice feature activities for exercise, food, sightseeing, and nightlife, and are perfect for the indecisive or spontaneous, fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants travelers.

“Adventure Fund” Money Jar

For many, wanting to travel is the easy part. It’s the saving money part that’s difficult. Make it a little easier for your favorite traveler by gifting them this cute “Adventure Fund” Money Jar. The slot on top is sturdy, and will fit bills and coins of any currency.

Anywhere Travel Guide

With the Anywhere Travel Guide, people who love to travel can be tourists wherever they happen to be. This pocket-sized deck of cards features 75 different interactive prompts that encourage one to see a place like never before. Travelers can simply pick a card, follow the prompt, and watch as an unexpected adventure unfolds. Examples of prompts include “Ask a stranger his/her favorite street and go there,” “Find the highest point of this city accessible by walking and go there,” and “Buy coffee for a stranger,” to name but a few.

“Jetsetter” T-Shirt

From $14.00
The Etsy shop Once Upon a Craft makes and sells this “Jetsetter” t-shirt that is perfect for anyone who loves to travel. Buyers may choose from a variety of shirt styles, including unisex, ladies’ v-neck, tank, and racerback. Sizes range from newborn through 6T, and small to 3X.

Funny Luggage Tag

There won’t be any question as to whose bag is coming down round the carousel with this funny luggage tag. Handmade by the Etsy vendor Home Ice Engraving, the tag comes in your choice of red, blue, or black, and can be engraved with whatever phrase you wish.

Diversion Safe Hair Brush by Stash-It

Savvy travelers know that it is never a good idea to keep all of one’s cash in one place. Fortunately, there are products like the Diversion Safe Hair Brush by Stash-It! This fully functional hair brush includes a false top that unscrews to reveal the perfect spot for money, flash drives, jewelry, or important documents.

“Travel Addict” T-Shirt

From $15.99
This comfy and fashionable t-shirt from the Etsy shop Sterling Apparel reads “Travel Addict,” and we bet you know someone who would wear this with pride. The t-shirt is a unisex style and comes in sizes ranging from small to 3XL. It can also be customized with colors of your choice.

Leather Passport Cover

From $18.00
Travelers can protect their passport while traveling in style with this Leather Passport Cover from the aptly named Etsy shop PassportHouse. The high-quality leather passport cover comes in 19 different colors, and can even be customized with an engraved name or set of initials. Inside the cover is a transparent fold-down pocket ideal for storing boarding passes or business cards.

Dandelion Travel Adaptor

Power plug adaptors are a travel necessity, but it can be a pain holding onto a different tiny adaptor for every country or region. That’s what makes the Dandelion Travel Adaptor such a great gift for travelers. This handy tool is a single piece, but includes the proper adaptor for more than 150 countries. It can even safely charge up to three devices at the same time.

Packing Cubes

Whether one is traveling for a weekend or a month, packing cubes allow a savvy traveler to stay organized and pack more in the same amount of space. There are lots of different packing cube options on the market, though we like this seven-piece set from Vagreez. Available in five different colors, this set is super high quality, and makes packing more a breeze.

Travel Journal

Travel journals make great gifts for avid travelers, and we especially love this one from the Etsy shop No Ordinary Emporium. The handmade journal includes 50 blank pages and 50 color map pages bound inside a colorful soft cover. Travelers can limit their journal to a single trip, or keep all of their travel memories in one easy volume.

Margarita Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Let’s face it: the price of a good drink on a flight is a total buzz kill. With the Margarita Carry-On Cocktail Kit, travelers need only order a bottle of tequila from the flight attendant before making a delicious margarita right at their seat. The kit includes margarita mix, sea salt for the rim, a stainless steel bar spoon, a 1/2-ounce stainless steel shaker, and even a linen coaster.

Stamped Key Ring

With this beautiful stamped key ring from the Etsy shop A Twist of Whimsy, your favorite traveler will be reminded daily that “to travel is to live.” The handmade key ring is made of copper and comes with a 24mm stainless steel ring to ensure it attaches securely to a set of keys.

Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Airplanes are not exactly known for the comfort they provide, which makes the Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow practically a travel must have. This twistable pillow will contour to just about any shape one may need or want, thereby providing the comfort necessary to actually relax in economy. The pillow is easy to clean, store, and carry on. It comes in the buyer’s choice of blue or gray.

Scratch Travel Journal

Documenting one’s travels has never been easier than with the Scratch Travel Journal from Uncommon Goods. This unique journal allows a traveler to keep track of travel plans, plus document the very best of their trip. There’s even a scratch-off map for travelers to keep track of where they’ve been.

BullyEyes Phone Camera Lens Attachment

Help any would-be travel blogger or vlogger instantly increase the quality of their photos and video by gifting them the BullyEyes Phone Camera Lens Attachment. The BullyEyes clips right onto any phone, then acts as a high-quality lens to help the user take professional-like wide angle, shallow depth, or 10x macro shots. This lens attachment even comes with a 40-page photography guide to ensure users are using the BullyEyes to its full potential.

Up in the Air Doormat

Travelers will love coming home to the Up in the Air Doormat from Uncommon Goods. Designed to look like the classic airport “arrivals” and “departures” sign, this high-quality doormat is made of strong coconut fibers to ensure long-lasting style.

Custom Travel Journal

This gorgeous Custom Travel Journal can be custom designed to fit your favorite traveler’s sophisticated taste. The journal comes in your choice of 20 gorgeous hues. It can be further personalized with an embossed charm, words, quotation, or initials. Inside the journal, the pages on the left are blank for sketching or adding photos, while the right-hand pages have faint lines for recording memories.

Travel Scarf

This trendy travel infinity scarf makes a great gift for a woman who loves to travel. The scarf — which is available in a variety of color options — includes a secret hidden zipper pocket meant for safely storing one’s passport, credit cards, and other important valuables.

Cork Map with World Flags

There are a lot of different types of maps out there for keeping track of one’s travels. Unlike others which limit the traveler to either pinning or scratching each destination, the Cork Map with World Flags from Uncommon Goods allows travelers to keep track of cities and countries visited using pins featuring the country’s flag.

Travel Cribbage Board

From $45.00
Plane rides, train trips, and long layovers won’t be nearly as boring with this Travel Cribbage Board from the Etsy shop Walnut Studiolo. Handcrafted with birch plywood and vegetable tanned leather, this innovative little game board is pocket sized and inspired by the games World War II soldiers used to carry around with them. Included with the board are four pegs for two players.

iSteam Luxury Edition Steamer

What if we told you you could pack light and look nice? That’s certainly the truth with the iSteam Luxury Edition Steamer. This lightweight, hand-sized steamer is the perfect travel companion. Simply fill the ready-to-go water tank, wait 25 seconds for the water to heat, and steam the wrinkles right out of your travel clothing.

Adventure Awaits Gift Set

The Etsy shop SO Handmade is a great resource for beautiful, yet practical travel accessories for both kids and adults. This Adventure Awaits Gift Set features a passport cover and an adventure wallet containing a field notes memo book and two field notes pencils. The set is perfect for big trips or day trips, and can be used for everything from travel planning to recording one’s favorite observations of a new place.

World Traveler’s Cork Globe

From $80.00
Serious travelers love unique ways to keep track of (and show off!) their adventures, and we think this World Traveler’s Cork Globe from Uncommon Goods is especially aesthetically pleasing. The globe is available in two sizes, mini or large, and is covered in cork for pinning favorite destinations.

Easy Instant Translator

Traveling to exotic countries doesn’t have to mean getting lost in translation, especially when one is traveling with the Easy Instant Translator from Uncommon Goods. Simply press the button on the translator, speak an English phrase, and listen back for a translation in Spanish, Japanese, or Mandarin Chinese. This handy device is easy to use, and works without Wi-Fi.