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Top 10 Best Paleo Food Gifts

In this review, we will cover the 10 best Paleo gifts you can purchase online.

The paleo diet is based on the diet that people ate during the Paleolithic era, which means that people who follow it usually don’t eat grains and legumes — and that’s why paleo food gifts are so useful. These gifts are stocked with paleo-friendly treats, so the recipient can enjoy a snack without worrying about its ingredients. The trick to choosing the right present? Finding one that fits with the recipient’s definition of paleo. Some paleo followers won’t eat dairy, while others are happy to eat cheese and milk. To give you some gift ideas, we’ve collected 10 paleo-friendly options.

1. The Good Grocer PALEO Healthy Snacks Care Package

For someone in college, paleo snacks can be hard to find in the dorm cafeteria — and that’s why we love this care package from The Good Grocer. It’s filled with 25 different treats, each designed to fit into common paleo guidelines. As an added benefit, each one is made without added sugar, soy, or gluten, so this box also makes a great gift for people with a variety of eating styles. Your loved one can enjoy nut butters or try crunchy fruit crisps. All of these items come in a sturdy box that protects the snacks and allows easy storage in the kitchen or dorm.

The Good Grocer Top 10 Best Paleo Food Gifts

2. PALEO Diet Snacks Gift Basket

Do you know someone who’s following a paleo diet to get healthier? This gift basket from Bunny James makes a thoughtful present. With 15 different snacks, this compact box makes a sweet gift for an everyday occasion, from college finals to a friend anniversary. Each one comes with a mix of salty and sweet snacks; you’ll also find a range of textures. Everything is individually packaged in a single serving, so your friend can grab them quickly for convenience.
BUNNY Top 10 Best Paleo Food Gifts

3. Trail Truffles

When it comes to affordable paleo food gifts, it’s hard to do better than this pack of Trail Truffles. It includes four different flavors: chocolate hazelnut, coconut macadamia, mine creme, and peanut butter cup. Each one is made from nut butters and other plant-based ingredients, so they’re loaded with nutrients and rich flavors. They’re also packed with protein, making them the perfect snack for a long day or a hiking trip. These treats never melt or freeze for easy carrying.

Trail Truffles Top 10 Best Paleo Food Gifts

4. Paleo Powder Variety Pack

Do you have a friend who loves to cook? This Paleo Powder variety pack is one of the best paleo food gifts. Finding paleo-friendly seasoning blends can be a challenge, and that’s where this three pack comes in. It includes three different blends, giving your recipient the power to tackle everything from soups to pastas. Each one is made without additives and unhealthy ingredients for peace of mind. As a bonus, each one is free of MSG and gluten; they’re also safe to use on the Whole 30 diet.

Paleo Powder Top 10 Best Paleo Food Gifts

5. Bougie Boxes Whole 30 Snacks

Support a loved one’s adventures in paleo and Whole 30 dieting with this snack box from Bougie Boxes. With its assortment of delicious paleo-friendly treats, this box makes healthy snacking a breeze. Your recipient can chew on apple chips, enjoy delicious date bars, or snack on marinated olives. This box is particularly focused on healthy bars, so it’s a great way to stay fueled during a workout or a busy day of school or class. Plus, since everything comes in an individual package, cleanup is quick and hassle-free.

Bougie Boxes Top 10 Best Paleo Food Gifts

6. CraveBox Healthy Care Package

When someone starts a regimen of healthy eating, snacking can be one of the biggest challenges. That’s why this CraveBox care package is one of the top paleo food gifts on the market. It comes with 30 different snacks, each made with healthy and paleo-friendly ingredients. From delicious veggie straws to chewy cheddar crunch, this box has something for every taste preference. Everything in this care package is shipped in a durable box; you can even add gift wrap or a special message.

CraveBox Top 10 Best Paleo Food Gifts

7. Deluxe Vegan Protein Snacks Box

Often, people who eat a paleo diet develop a focus on high-protein foods. If you know someone who fits into that category, this Deluxe vegan snack box from Bunny James is a great fit. All of the included single-serve snacks are made from high-protein ingredients, so they can help the recipient boost their intake. The best part? Everything is so delicious, the recipient will never know that it’s healthy.

BUNNY 2 Top 10 Best Paleo Food Gifts

8. Frooze Balls Variety Pack

Do you need cheap paleo food gifts to surprise your friends and family? This Frooze Balls variety pack is a great option. With six different varieties, there’s a flavor to meet everyone’s taste. Your loved one can feel indulgent as they snack on the Salted Maple option or satisfy their sweet tooth with the Fudgestastic flavor. Each ball is loaded with plant-based ingredients that are high in protein; they make great treats for someone who loves to camp or hit the gym.

Frooze Top 10 Best Paleo Food Gifts

9. Healthy VEGAN Snacks Care Package

If you know someone who is both vegan and paleo, this care package from The Good Grocer is sure to be a pleasant surprise. It comes with 20 items, each made without GMOs or animal products. We love the blend of flavors and textures, which satisfies any type of craving the recipient might have. It’s the perfect way to explore new products and find new favorites, particularly for someone who’s just getting started with a dietary change.

The Good Grocer 2 Top 10 Best Paleo Food Gifts

10. Caveman Foods Paleo-Friendly Nutrition Bars

These nutrition bars contain a combination of dark chocolate, almonds, and cherries, ensuring your family or friend will enjoy this delicious gift. Caveman Foods uses only paleo-friendly and gluten-free ingredients to provide a uniquely healthy snacking experience. This product does not contain dairy or soy, making this an excellent gift option for anyone with specific diets or food allergies.

Caveman Top 10 Best Paleo Food Gifts

Whether you’re buying a care package for a college student or surprising a loved one at Christmas, food is always a great option. By choosing paleo food gifts, you can provide a delicious treat while helping the recipient maintain their eating style.


By BCR Staff

November 2019