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Top 10 Best Nut and Fruit Gifts

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion for a family member or colleague, these top 10 nut and fruit gifts are a great option. They’re loaded with delicious treats, so they’re perfect for snacking at home or in the office. The best part? Nuts and fruits fit into a wide range of specialty diets, including paleo and gluten-free, so they’re usually a safe gift for people you don’t know well — send a package to clients at Christmas, or give them to a friend who loves to snack. The trick? Finding the mix of fruits and nuts that suits the recipient’s tastes. An adventurous eater might like a tray filled with exotic fruits, while a protein-lover might prefer an assortment of nuts.

1. Holiday Nuts Gift Basket

Do you know someone who loves nuts? This holiday gift basket makes one of the best nut and fruit gifts. It comes with six different types of nuts, including macadamias, almonds, and pistachios. Some nuts are roasted, including the walnuts; others, such as the honey glazed pecans, are flavored. Each variety comes in its own section of a plastic tray, making it easy to set in the break room for effortless snacking.

Hula Night Top 10 Best Nut and Fruit Gifts

2. Golden State Fruit Pacific Coast Classic

When you’re looking for affordable nut and fruit gifts, this Golden State Fruit Pacific Coast Classic has you covered. It features a lovely wooden tray that’s packed with dried fruits, almonds and pistachios — the perfect blend to appeal to any taste. Everything comes in a beautiful arrangement that makes a strong statement as soon as the recipient opens the packaging. After the snacks are gone, the tray is reusable.

Golden State Fruit Top 10 Best Nut and Fruit Gifts

3. Dried Fruit Gift Basket

With its gorgeous wooden basket, this dried fruit tray is the gift that keeps on giving. The tray itself is shaped like an apple made from concentric rings of wood. Use it flat as a bowl — or, rotate the bowl and use the outer ring as a stand with the flip-out leg. Inside the bowl, your recipient will find a colorful array of dried fruits, including mango, peaches, kiwi, and plums. The slices are arranged in a lovely assortment that looks as good as it tastes.

BONNIE AND POP Fruit Top 10 Best Nut and Fruit Gifts

4. Golden State Fruit Pacific Coast Deluxe

Surprise a loved one with this Golden State Fruit Pacific Coast Deluxe gift. It comes with a low-slung wooden tray that’s loaded with nuts and dried fruit for a result that’s both visually stunning and delicious. Your recipient can crunch on almonds and pistachios or enjoy a burst of sweetness with the pears and coconut date rolls. All of these treats are packaged in a glorious arrangement of colors and textures. When the foods are gone, the tray can be reused for serving or display.

Golden State Fruit 2 Top 10 Best Nut and Fruit Gifts

5. Holiday Nut and Dried Fruit Gift Basket

Do you need an affordable way to celebrate a special occasion? This Oh! Nuts holiday gift basket makes one of the top nut and fruit gifts. It comes with 12 different snacks, so your friend or colleague has a wide selection of tastes and textures. The included gift box is fun and colorful, eliminating the need to worry about gift wrap.

Oh! Nuts Fruit Top 10 Best Nut and Fruit Gifts

6. Milliard Dried Fruit Gift Platter

When you need an affordable and versatile gift for a colleague or a client, this Milliard is a good option. It features a wooden tray that’s packed with an assortment of dried fruits that burst with color and texture — that way, it makes a stunning first impression. Your recipient can enjoy the sweetness of apple rings, or go for a burst of sourness with the kiwi slices. There are also a few exotic options, including Turkish apricots, to change things up a bit.

Milliard Top 10 Best Nut and Fruit Gifts

7. Dried Fruit and Nuts In Bamboo

If you know someone who loves to entertain, delight them with this dried fruit and nuts gift. It includes a lovely apple-shaped bamboo platter; that way, your recipient can set it out on a buffet table to surprise their gifts. Or, they can enjoy it themselves. The assortment of fruits and nuts comes with both flavored and unflavored treats; the cherry berry nut trail mix is a popular option, and the pear slices make the perfect palate cleanser. Enter your own gift message for effortless delivery and a personal touch.

Golden State Fruit 3 Top 10 Best Nut and Fruit Gifts

8. Five Star Gift Baskets Holiday Fruit and Nuts Gift Basket

Are you hunting for a gift that’s both beautiful and tasty? Look no further than this fruit and nut gift from Five Star Gift Baskets. It comes with a box of treats with a twist. Inside the box, the compartments are arranged in a chevron pattern that shows off the natural textures and colors of the food. The neon green walls highlight the pattern and contrast perfectly with the fruits and nuts.

Five Star Gift Baskets Top 10 Best Nut and Fruit Gifts

9. Holiday Nuts Gift Basket

Surprise a friend with 2 pounds of nuts with this holiday gift basket from High Quality Gift Baskets. It’s packed with six individual varieties of nuts, as well as a special trail mix blend that include raisins and nuts. With the included clear plastic serving tray, this gift is easy to set out in the office conference room or at a Christmas party. The best part? It comes wrapped in organza ribbons, so you don’t even need to worry about wrapping paper.

High Quality Gift Baskets Top 10 Best Nut and Fruit Gifts

10. GIVE IT GOURMET Holiday Fruit Nuts Gift Basket

When you need cheap nut and fruit gifts, you can’t beat this GIVE IT GOURMET gift basket. The octagon-shaped box comes with four different fruits and nuts; it’s the perfect option for a stocking stuffer or a small treat for one person. Each section is shrink-wrapped to ensure freshness. A clear window in the top of the box provides a peek at the snacks inside.

GIVE IT GOURMET Top 10 Best Nut and Fruit Gifts
Whether you need a gift for a loved one or a colleague you don’t know well, fruits and nuts can be a great choice. Versatile and delicious, they offer a great treat without getting overly personal. By choosing from these nut and fruit gifts, you can stock up for a variety of special occasions.


By BCR Staff

November 2019