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Top 10 Best Jams and Jellies Gifts

Foodies and lovers of gourmet foods will love these top ten gifts that include jams and jellies. They can spread a little on their toast in the morning and feel as if they’re in an adorable bed and breakfast. These jams and jellies also serve as fun ingredients that they can incorporate into their favorite savory foods and sweet treats. You can use these gifts to say thanks after spending the night or as a birthday or anniversary gift. A good way to find the best products is with a look at the 10 best jams and jellies gifts.

1. Mrs. Miller’s Mini Classic Sampler Pack

Finding the best type of jam or jelly is sometimes hard, but you can use this sampler pack and let them pick their favorites. It comes with 16 jars in four flavors. Each jar includes 1.5 ounces of jam or jelly, which gives them multiple uses. Seedless red raspberry, strawberry, elderberry and hot pepper jelly all come included. This set also includes a bonus gift in the form of lip balm in a rich chocolate flavor.

Mrs. Miller Top 10 Best Jams and Jellies Gifts

2. Stonewall Kitchen Wild Maine Blueberry Jam 4-Pack

Stonewall Kitchen can make any blueberry fan feel like they’re in heaven with this set, which comes with four jars of jam. Each one holds 12.5 ounces of jam made from real Maine blueberries. Instead of using traditional berries, these jams use the wild blueberries that grow across the state. The recipe creates a jam that is free of GMO and other ingredients and does not contain gluten. This jam has a sweet flavor and a thick consistency.

Stonewall Kitchen Top 10 Best Jams and Jellies Gifts

3. Stonewall Kitchen 4-Piece Favorite Jam Collection

Some of the best jams and jellies gifts come from Stonewall Kitchen, including this set of four favorites. Known for its classic and unique flavors, the company includes a raspberry peach champagne jam that has a hint of bubbles and a sweet taste from the fresh fruits. The sour cherry jam is just as popular among those who like tart flavors more than sweet flavors. This set also includes jars of wild Maine blueberry and strawberry jams.

Stonewall Kitchen 2 Top 10 Best Jams and Jellies Gifts

4. Honey Gift Set with Spread, Jam and Jelly

You can give your loved one a great breakfast with this set, which comes with honey and other spreads. The unprocessed honey uses a clean and natural form of honey that tastes fresh and pure. A second jar uses green matcha, which is a trendy ingredient that is good for you. The acai and blueberry spread mixes honey with two berries to make a sweet treat. Also included is a turmeric and ginger spread mixed with honey.

Apiterra Top 10 Best Jams and Jellies Gifts

5. Kitchen Kettle Village 6-Pack Variety Jam Sampler

Kitchen Kettle Village lets you bring home a taste of Amish Country with affordable jams and jellies gifts such as this sampler pack. The box comes with six glass jars of jams and jellies with cardboard inside to keep the jars from breaking. While some like the classics such as seedless red raspberry jam and seedless strawberry jam, others will like the unique combos that include peach pineapple jam and Damson plum jam. Also included are cherry and blackberry jams, all of which are free of seeds.

Kitchen Kettle Village Top 10 Best Jams and Jellies Gifts

6. Pioneer Valley Souvenir Boxed Gourmet Jam & Jelly Sampler Gift Set

One of the best jams and jellies gift sets is this Pioneer Valley set, which comes packaged and ready for gifting. The eight jams all come in 1.5-ounce jars that provide three full tablespoons of jams and jellies. They each use fresh fruits and other natural ingredients too. One reason so many pick this set is that they never know what they might get. The company randomly selects flavors for each box, including berry, apricot, pineapple, marionberry, pomegranate, peach and strawberry rhubarb.

Pioneer Valley Top 10 Best Jams and Jellies Gifts

7. Hawaiian Sun Jam and Jelly Fruit Preserves

With guava and other exotic ingredients used in each jar, this is a good gift for those who like tropical flavors. It comes with both guava jam and guava jelly as well as passion fruit jelly and jelly that uses mango and pineapple. Another unique flavored jam papaya and pineapple. While other cheap jams and jellies gifts only come with spreads, this set also features a jar of macadamia nuts. Your loved one will like experimenting with those flavors at breakfast.

Pioneer Valley 2 Top 10 Best Jams and Jellies Gifts

8. The Jam Stand 4-Pack Signature Jam Set

Loved ones on special diets might appreciate this set, which uses natural flavors and ingredients without loads of sugar. Each of the four included flavors are suitable for adults only because the set features flavors such as drunken monkey, which uses bananas and rum. You’ll also get flavors such as blueberry with bourbon and raspberry with jalapeno. The Jam Stand also added its signature peach and siracha jam too for those who like a little heat.

The Jam Stand Top 10 Best Jams and Jellies Gifts

9. Mrs. Miller’s Amish Mini Country Sampler Pack

You don’t need to travel deep into Amish country to find your top jams and jellies gifts because Mrs. Miller’s will now ship those spreads to you. This sampler pack comes with two 1.5-ounce jars of favorites such as apple butter and strawberry rhubarb jam. Those small jars are the perfect size for sharing during a family breakfast. The set also includes a peach jam made from fresh and juicy peaches and an elderberry jam as well as a chocolate lip balm.

Mrs. Miller 2 Top 10 Best Jams and Jellies Gifts

10. Honey Gift Set with Superfoods

If you have people on your gift list who prefer honey to jam, you can treat them to this gift set. It comes with six different types of honey, including both pure and flavored varieties. Each jar uses unprocessed honey that has a slightly different flavor based on the plants nearby. While it comes with two jars of unflavored and natural honey, it also features flavors such as green matcha, raspberry and turmeric and ginger.

Apiterra 2 Top 10 Best Jams and Jellies Gifts


By BCR Staff

November 2019