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Top 10 Best International Foods Gifts

This article lists the 10 best international foods gifts you can purchase online.

If you know someone who loves to travel or someone with an adventurous palate, international foods gifts are a great way to celebrate a special occasion. The trick? Finding a way to get treats from other countries without actually traveling there. That’s where we come in — we’ve gathered a variety of gift boxes, each packed with international foods. If your recipient doesn’t have a preference for a specific country, a variety pack is a fun way to help them explore. If you know someone who’s lived or worked in another country or region, you might try an area-specific box to remind them of their time there.

1. Elite World Snack Sampler Box

Help a friend travel the world with this Elite World snack sampler box. It comes with foods from more than 12 countries, including China, Russia, Chile, and England — that way, the recipient has the chance to try a huge variety of snacks. This set includes 10 big items, such as cookies, as well as 40 different candies. It’s a fun present for one person; you can also give it to a family or a group of colleagues. Everything is individually packaged, making serving and cleanup a breeze.

Elite World Top 10 Best International Foods Gifts

2. Maxi Premium International Snacks Care Package

Do you know someone who’s curious about Turkish culture? This Maxi Premium International care package from Turkish Munchies has you covered. It’s one of the top international foods gifts for a reason. It starts with the fun gift box, which makes a colorful statement right away. Inside, there are 20 different items, including candy, chips, and crackers. Not familiar with Turkish foods? No worries; there’s also a handy card that lets the recipient know exactly what they’re eating.

Turkish Munchies Top 10 Best International Foods Gifts

3. Deluxe Asian Snack Box

When you’ve spent time traveling around Asia, it’s hard to forget the delicious snack foods you tried on the road. That’s why this Deluxe Asian snack box makes one of the best international foods gifts. It comes with 20 different treats from Japan, Korea, and China, so your loved one can relieve their experiences. Every item is different, giving the recipient to broaden their horizons. The snacks come packed in a sturdy box, so they’re easy to store and a breeze to wrap.

Squaredino Top 10 Best International Foods Gifts

4. World Wide Snack Mix Package

Give a loved one the chance to taste foods from all around the globe with this World Wide Snack Mix from Worldwide Treats. This box comes with 10 or more snacks from countries other than the United States — it’s a fun way to explore different cultures through their snack foods. Every mix is a surprise, so your recipient has the opportunity to try foods they wouldn’t normally consider, even when they travel. The treats range from savory to sweet; plus, they’re different every month to ensure that your friend will be surprised even if they’ve gotten one before.

Worldwide Treats Top 10 Best International Foods Gifts

5. Taste of Poland Snack Package

Whether you have a friend with Polish heritage or you simply want to give a reminder of the delicious treats that a loved one tried when visiting the country, this Taste of Poland snack package from Worldwide Treats makes a fun gift. Inside the sturdy box, the recipient will discover eight or more snacks that you might find in a store in Poland. A sweet snack makes a perfect after dinner treat, while one of the savory options can give your friend something to eat at work.

Worldwide Treats 2 Top 10 Best International Foods Gifts

6. Tonosama Candy Japanese Candy Assortment

Explore the tastes of Japan with this assortment of goodies from Tonosama Candy. When it comes to cheap international foods gifts, this one is packed with fun. It includes 30 different pieces of candy that come straight from Japan, making it a fun surprise for a traveler with a sweet tooth. The individually wrapped candies are easy to grab and go, and the included box is easy to gift wrap.

TONOSAMA CANDY BOX Top 10 Best International Foods Gifts

7. European Snack Mix Package

If you know someone who’s dreaming of their days traveling around Europe, this snack mix package from WorldWide Treats makes a sweet and thoughtful gift. It consists of a durable box filled with sweets, cookies, and salty treats from different countries in Europe. That way, your friend has the chance to revisit old favorites and discover new tastes. Each box comes with at least eight different snacks; some even come with more, depending on the month.

Worldwide Treats 3 Top 10 Best International Foods Gifts

8. Japanese Candy Box Assortment

In search of affordable international foods gifts? This assortment of Japanese candy is the perfect option, especially if you have a friend who loves sweets. This box is stuffed with 40 different candies, each wrapped in iconic Japanese style. Plus, since each item is individually wrapped, you don’t have to worry about freshness. This is a thrilling way for a fan of Japan to discover new candies and enjoy a bit of the culture from across the globe.

Japan2oz Top 10 Best International Foods Gifts

9. Middle East Snack Mix Package

If you’ve ever been to the Middle East, you know that the region’s treats are distinctive and delicious. That’s where this Middle East snack mix package from WorldWide Treats comes in. The company loads each box up with eight or more different snacks from countries around the Middle East, enabling the recipient to take a culinary tour without leaving the comfort of home.

Worldwide Treats 4 Top 10 Best International Foods Gifts

10. Turkish Snack Mix Package

Experience the tastes and textures of Turkey without stepping foot on a plane with this Turkish snack mix package from WorldWide Treats. When the recipient opens the box, they’ll be delighted by the sight of eight or more different treats that come straight from Turkey. The contents change with each box, so it’s a true surprise that’s sure to surprise a traveler or an adventurous eater.

Worldwide Treats 5 Top 10 Best International Foods Gifts
For someone who loves to travel or try new foods, snacks from other countries make fantastic presents. Whether you’re looking for foods from a specific country or an entire region, these international foods gifts have you covered.


By BCR Staff

November 2019