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10 Best Gardening Gifts

Finding the perfect present for the gardener in your life can be a challenge when shopping online, but below, we’ve drawn together the best gardening gifts that are sure to please the green thumb near and dear to your heart. William Morris advised people that they shouldn’t keep anything they didn’t consider either practical or lovely in their homes. The same can be extended to gardening. However, the excellent news is that many gifts of this type are both beautiful and useful. Ordinary seeds blossom into an extraordinary flower garden. A humdrum garden tool can make weeding and planting simple. This duality is a bonus when it comes to purchasing just the right botanical present.

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1. 30,000 Perennial Wildflower Seeds from Seeds Needs

Package of 30,000 Seeds, Perennial Wildflower Mixture (100% Pure Live Seed) Non-GMO Seeds by Seed Needs best gardening gifts

While cultivated annuals can be lovely, wildflowers are the real gift to any gardener. They attract pollinators such as butterflies and bees as well as positive predators—ladybugs, dragonflies, mantises, and a variety of birds. In addition to helping reduce any need for pesticide, each packet of seeds is carefully selected, so it contains only flowering perennial wildflower varietals. This seed kit is the gift that keeps giving. Species grow to an average of twenty to thirty inches tall, providing visual interest to borders and tight spaces where nothing else will thrive. All seeds are guaranteed non-GMO and stored in a temperature-controlled facility for excellent viability.

2. UKOKE 12-Piece Gardening Tools Set

UKOKE Garden Tool Set, 12 Piece Aluminum Hand Tool Kit, Garden Canvas Apron with Storage Pocket, Outdoor Tool, Heavy Duty Gardening Work Set with Ergonomic Handle, Gardening Tools for women men best gardening gifts

This is an ideal gift for any gardener, whether they’re just starting out in their first plot or they’ve been the local Plant Whisperer for decades. In addition to five hand tools for planting, weeding, and transplanting, high-quality steel pruning sheers, gardening sheers, a misting bottle, and durable gardening gloves, each kit comes with a handy apron. Pockets are double-stitched for durability and storage of each tool. A waterproof kneeling pad helps to keep even the longest weeding stint comfortable and tidy.

3. The Drunken Botanist by Amy Stewart

The Drunken Botanist Hardcover best gardening gifts

The history of drink is bound with nature and its incredible diversity. Stewart’s book explores the journey of plants—from grains to herbs and fruit—as humans found ever-increasingly fascinating ways to transmute their qualities into alcohol. Most, if not all, animals are known to seek altered states of being via naturally fermented sugars and starches, but humans have engaged in the intentional creation of this substance with the same ingenuity and intensive creativity that marks all of our significant endeavors. This book is a beautiful way to finish off a day among the plants that any garden lover will treasure.

4. Gardman 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse

Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse best gardening gifts

Many gardeners prefer to start their vegetables and flowers from seeds. However, allocating indoor space for seedlings is often not ideal, and the weather is usually not warm enough to do so outdoors. Because of its compact, multi-level design, it’s also perfect for gardeners with a minimum of space, fitting compactly on a small patio or deck. The transparent polyethylene cover helps retain the natural heat of the sun and the essential moisture that growing plants need for success. A zippered front panel allows gardeners to easily access their plants to water, feed, or resituate delicate seedlings. No tools are required to assemble the tubular steel frame.

5. Funky Veg Kit by Plant Theatre

Plant Theatre FUNKY VEG KIT Gift Box - 5 Extraordinary Vegetables to Grow -Everything you need to start growing in one box! Super Grow Kit Gift best gardening gifts

Even experienced vegetable cultivators can feel shy about trying new types of vegetables in their garden. Especially if those plants are entirely different from any other cultivar they’ve nurtured before, the prospect of time and resources can be daunting. This veggie garden gift is perfect. It includes unusual specimens, like purple carrots, striped tomatoes, yellow courgettes, and rainbow chard. Plus, the kit comes complete with peat pots for seed starting and expandable peat bricks for nurturing young plants. Tips and advice on best gardening practices will guide gardeners to any experience level to success.

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6. Yaheetech Potting Bench

Yaheetech Potting Bench Outdoor Garden Work Bench Station Planting Solid Wood Construction w/Sink Drawer Rack Shelves Natural best gardening gifts

This natural fir wood outdoor workbench is perfect for both tight spaces and easy-reach repotting. The spacious counter is fitted with a drawer for convenient storage and a removable sink tray insert. A lower shelf and an intermediate half shelf make it simple to keep pots, plants, and tools close at hand. Three hooks within easy reach serve as a great place to hang tools, bags, or hand cloths for cleanup.

7. Wind Spinner from Gigalumi

GIGALUMI Yard Wind Spinner, Copper Metal Garden Spinner Dual Rotors Wind Sculpture for Outdoor Décor, Gardening Gifts or Yard Art (Bronze) best gardening gifts

Crafted from durable metal with a weather resistant bronze finish, this wind spinner will add visual interest and vibrant color to the garden in any season. Easy to assemble, it stands 56 inches in height and measures 12.6 inches in diameter. The beautifully textured cups capture wind and turn smoothly. Dual rotors allow it to catch breezes from any direction, creating a beautiful wind sculpture, studded with bright, sparkling points of color.

8. Amazonia’s Newcastle Teak Patio Bench

Amazonia Newcastle Patio Bench |Made of Real Teak| Perfect for backyards, Gardens or Parks, Light Brown best gardening gifts

Closely related to the Monet bench, with its gently curved back piece, the Newcastle bench will instantly find its place in any garden or patio arrangement. Teak is a pleasant light brown shade that renders this bench suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. However, because teak is a tropical wood, it’s excellent for use in garden contexts because it stands up well to even heavy rainfall and wind. Amazonia uses only sustainably harvested teak for their benches, constructing generous and beautiful seating that will last many years.

9. KORAM’s Easy Gardening Starter Kit

KORAM Vegetable Garden Starter Kit - 10 Organic Salad Seeds Organic Growing Kit DIY Gardening Starter Set with Everything a Gardener Needs for Growing Tomatoes Peppers Broccoli Cucumber Beets Kale best gardening gifts

For those who want to try their hand at vegetable growing, this easy gardening kit is perfect. It includes ten popular seed types—from broccoli to Buttercrunch Lettuce. Beginners of any age can enjoy starting their own vegetable seeds with the seed soil pellets and covered starter trays. The kit comes complete with a handy guide with plenty of advice for optimal results, plant picks with which to label the garden and ten packets of organic vegetable seeds. Included are two transplanting tools to transfer delicate seedlings from the tray to their new home.

10. Deluxe Stand Up Weeding Tool from Fiskars

Fiskars 339950-1001 39" 4-Claw Weeder, 1-Pack, Black/Orange best gardening gifts

No gardener enjoys weeding. It’s the most time-consuming and challenging task of all, and it must be done continuously. For individuals who have trouble with grasping, bending, or remaining in a crouched position for long periods of time, this ingenious weeding tool is ideal. It allows gardeners to easily uproot and discard invasive weed species from their garden plots without disturbing the surrounding soil matrix. Plus, it can help reduce or eliminate the use of herbicides, which can damage the garden community of bacteria and beneficial insects that make any garden successful.

Whether you’re seeking a gardening gift set or a beautiful ornament to delight a gardener in your life, there’s no doubt that a thoughtful present will be appreciated. Our favorites listed above include something for everyone—new gardeners, experts, those who have limited growing space, and more. The best garden gifts available on the internet share common features of quality and consideration of cultivator needs or tastes, no matter what they may be.

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By BCR Staff

May 2019

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