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30 Great Creative Gifts for Musicians

Know someone who lives and breathes music? Do you know what you’re gifting them for the next birthday or holiday? Graduation? If not, we’ve got you covered, because we’ve searched high and low for 30 great creative gifts for musicians. Keep scrolling!

Musical Note Wish Bracelet

This simple wish bracelet packs a big punch. As its included card explains, the recipient of this thoughtful gift is meant to wear the wish bracelet until the bracelet’s string naturally breaks. It is at this point that the wearer’s greatest wish is meant to come true. This music-themed wish bracelet is sold on Etsy by Gift a Wish Creations, and can be personalized in the buyer’s choice of colors.

Men’s Guitar Socks

These stylish socks sold by Uncommon Goods feature a classic print of acoustic guitars. The socks, which are available in men’s shoe sizes 8-13, are made from a smooth cotton blend to ensure the utmost comfort.

Music Playing Cards

Game night has never been more exciting than with this deck of playing cards from Uncommon Goods. The traditional deck of cards features portraits of famous musicians organized into genres/card suits. Musicians include Beyonce, Prince, Bjork, David Bowie, and Hank Williams, among others.

Songwriter’s Journal

Inspire your favorite songwriter by gifting them this beautiful songwriter’s journal sold by Uncommon Goods. Consisting of 160 pages, this unique journal helps musicians organize their thoughts, lyrics, and melodies into one convenient location.

”Music is My Therapy” Mug

Reading “Music is My Therapy,” this mug makes the perfect gift for any musician, music teacher, or music lover. The mug holds 10 fluid ounces, and is handmade from high-grade ceramic with a quality RHINO coating for durability.

“Officially the World’s Greatest Musician” Mug

Make your favorite musician feel extra special by gifting them this mug from Mugs on Main. Reading “Officially the World’s Greatest Musician,” the hand-printed mug holds 11 fluid ounces, and is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

Musical Bow Tie

This musical bow tie by My Bowtiful Creations is the perfect finishing touch to a recital or concert costume. Available in sizes baby, kids, youth, and adult, this bow tie is handmade from an adjustable neck strap and 100% cotton. It even comes nicely packaged in its own gift box!

Ticket Stub Diary

This ticket stub diary sold by Uncommon Goods makes it easy for your favorite musician or music lover to commemorate each and every concert they attend. The diary includes 118 ticket sleeves, plus spaces in the margin to record thoughts and memories.

Musical Serving Boards

From $16.00
Know a musician who also enjoys entertaining? Gift them a Musical Serving Board from Uncommon Goods! Available in your choice of guitar, violin, or piano, these serving boards are handmade in Canada from Nova Scotian yellow birch and pewter for the details. A treble clef cheese spreader is also available.

Upcycled Record Coasters

We love these coasters made from old records! Created by artist Jeff Davis and sold on Uncommon Goods, these coasters are made of labels cut from the center of actual vinyl records. Each set includes six coasters.

Treble Clef Bracelet

From $19.95
Stylish musicians and music lovers will love this beautiful bangle-style bracelet from Frosted Willow. Handcrafted from the buyer’s choice of brass, silver, sterling silver, or 14k gold, the bracelet is made to order. It can even be personalized with a custom initial charm or birthstone.

The Greatest Music Stories Never Told

This book — which is subtitled “100 Tales from Music History to Astonish, Bewilder, and Stupefy (The Greatest Stories Never Told)” — makes the perfect gift for any music lover or musician. Meant to be perused, this bestselling book is chock-full of legendary music stories both familiar and unfamiliar.

Guitar Patent T-Shirt

From $19.99
Patent Queen makes this unisex t-shirt featuring the patent artwork for a guitar. The t-shirt is available in sizes ranging from small to 5XL, and in your choice of 10 different colors.

Music IQ Party Game

What was the name of the last album released by The Beatles? On which hit Disney show did Miley Cyrus make her start? Liven up game night with the Music IQ Party Game from Uncommon Goods. Most appropriate for players ages 15+, this music-themed trivia game includes 200 double-sided trivia cards, a score pad, four colored pencils, and the promise of a ton of fun.

Instrument Bird House

Music-loving gardeners are sure to love this instrument-shaped bird house made and sold by the Etsy vendor Lure of Cripple Creek. Buyers can choose to have their bird house shaped like a banjo, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, or bass. Each one is handcrafted for small birds, and comes unfinished for the recipient to paint or design as they wish.

Personalized Wedding Song Sheet Music

From $24.95
Want a music-themed gift that is practically guaranteed to move your favorite music lover to tears? It’s this beautiful framed piece of sheet music which can be personalized to one’s wedding song! Created by Sheetsy Boutique and sold on Etsy, this beautiful gift can be customized with the buyer’s choice of frame, page color, and font type. Simply provide the artist with the title and artist of a wedding song or other sentimental song.

“It’s a Good Day to Sing” T-Shirt

From $24.99
We love this t-shirt from the Etsy vendor I Define Me Project! Reading “It’s a Good Day to Sing,” this is the perfect trendy tee for any vocalists. The t-shirt is available in sizes ranging from small to 4XL, and in a slew of color options.

Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

Anyone who uses these mistaken lyrics coasters from Uncommon Goods is sure to get a kick out of them! Each set includes six cork coasters, and buyers are able to choose their genre: greatest hits (“Hit me with your pet shark!”), classic rock (“Hold me closer, Tony Danza”), or pop divas (“Chasing penguins”).

Cassette Business Card Case

Part of becoming a successful musician is the ability to network. Help your favorite musician do just that by gifting them this beautiful wooden card case designed to look like a cassette tape. Made of steel and American walnut, each case is the perfect fit for standard business cards or credit cards.

Guitar-Shaped Picture Frame

This beautiful wooden picture frame is shaped like a guitar, and has spots for two 4×6” and two 3×4” photos. Lightweight but durable, the picture frame includes pre-mounted sawtooth hangers to make hanging in a hallway or music studio a breeze.

Custom Repurposed Quarter Guitar Picks

Artists Dustin and Stephanie Headrick repurpose quarters into unique guitar picks. Buyers can personalize their guitar pick by choosing either a state or the year in which the quarter was minted. Musicians have been using coins as picks for more than 100 years because of a coin’s unique tonal qualities.

Personalized Amp Doormat

Your favorite musician can welcome their guests in style with this personalized amp doormat from Uncommon Goods. Designed by graphic artist Jim Holodak and produced in U.S.A., this great doormat measures 17”x27”. It can even be personalized with the name of the household!

Custom Guitar Pick Box

From $40.64
Every guitar player needs a guitar pick box with which to hold their picks. Gift your favorite musician this gorgeous custom box from Hand Craft Wood Studio. Handmade from American walnut and birch, the box can be engraved with anything you’d like in your choice of font.

Sheet Music Scarf

Uncommon Goods sells this beautiful infinity scarf patterned with handwritten sheet music. Available in your choice of Puccini’s “Madame Butterfly” or Bach’s “Chaconne for Violin,” this soft, t-shirt-like scarf is sure to warm the heart — and neck — of any classical music lover.

Bach by Bach Tie

Josh Bach is the artist behind Uncommon Goods’ Bach by Bach Tie, which also features a certain other famous Bach. The perfect accessory for any snazzy musician, this high-quality tie is made of imported silk and is hand finished with music of a famous Bach piece.

Music Note Measuring Spoon Set

Know a musician or music lover who also enjoys spending time in the kitchen? Then this music note measuring spoon set made by artists Bonnie Bond and John Caraberis makes for the perfect gift! Sold via Uncommon Goods, these handcrafted pewter spoons hit all the right notes.

Ukulele DIY Kit

Musicians who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk are sure to love this ukulele DIY kit from Uncommon Goods. The kit comes with all the pieces — plus the thorough directions — your favorite musician needs to DIY their own mahogany ukulele.

Reclaimed Instrument Bottle Openers

Artist Ward Wallau makes these beautiful bottle openers from reclaimed instruments like guitars and piano keys. Each handmade bottle opener comes with a high-quality protective pouch and a certificate of authenticity.

Retro Vinyl Record Handbag

Any music lover with a thing for the unique is sure to love this beautiful handbag from Upcycling by Milo. Handmade from a vinyl record and sheet music, this one-of-a-kind bag opens and closes easily, and has enough room inside to carry one’s necessary daily belongings.

Music Set Patent Art on Canvas

From $129.00
This gorgeous set of canvas artwork would make the perfect housewarming gift for any musician or music lover. Handmade by Holy Cow Canvas, the set of either three or four features restored and enhanced patent art for different musical instruments. Buyers may customize the size and primary color of their canvases.

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