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30 Great Creative Gifts for Democrats 2020

Finding just the right gift for your Liberal friends and family members is never more fun than during an election year. Whether you’re searching for just the right present to inspire a 2020 victory, or are hoping to find an hilarious gag gift, we’ve got you covered! Keep scrolling for 30 great creative gifts for Democrats.

Democrat Donkey Decal

This Democrat Donkey Decal may be simple, but it packs a big punch! Available from Fair Decals on Etsy, this decal features the traditional Democrat donkey. It’s available in six different sizes ranging from 2”x2” to 6”x6”, and your choice of color. Each of these classy looking window decals is handmade.

Democrat Playing Cards

Family game night has never been more fun with these Democrat-themed playing cards from Gift House. Sold on Amazon, this classic deck of cards features the traditional Democrat donkey on the front of each card.

Soy Candle Featuring 2020 Candidates

Etsy vendor Wilderness Road Wicks sells these 4-ounce soy candles with tins and “scents” featuring Democrats’ favorite 2020 candidates and their qualities. For example, the Elizabeth Warren candle is said to smell like “Mitch-slaps, workable ideas, changing the fucking game, kick-ass warrior princesses, and NASTY WOMEN” — or just grapefruit, mint, and a little bit of Pledge! Other available candidates include Beto O’Rourke, Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, and Kamala Harris, among others.

Cookie Cutter Set

Democratically inclined bakers won’t be able to stay out of the kitchen once you’ve gifted them this six-piece metal cookie cutter set from the Etsy vendor Lily Bear Lane. Each cookie cutter is made in the United States and has been certified safe for use with food. The set includes cutouts of the Liberty Bell, the Capitol Building, the United States, the flag, and the traditional Democrat donkey.

Crew Socks

Let us guess — he asked for socks! If that’s the case, why not gift him these Democrat-themed crew socks so he can represent his favorite political party everywhere he goes. The lightweight socks, which fit men’s shoe sizes 6-12, feature the traditional Democrat donkey.

Political Tea Towel

This funny political tea towel is available on Etsy, and would look great in the kitchen of your favorite Democrat. The flour sack tea towel features a screen printed image of the traditional Democrat donkey and says, “In this house, [Democrats] always have the majority.”

Donald Trump Hot Head Candle

This funny novelty gift is perfect for any Democrat who would love to see Donald Trump disappear. Handmade in the U.S.A. of paraffin wax, the candle bears an incredible likeness to #45. Other options include Mike Pence, Putin, and Kim Jong-Un, among others.

“Because Trump” Stemless Wine Glass

Know a Democrat whose response to Trump’s antics includes drinking more wine? Then this stemless wine glass from Etsy makes the ideal gift! The glass holds 15 fluid ounces, and is handmade with high-quality vinyl lettering.

Barack Obama Decorative Pillow

From $12.91
Honor one’s favorite president by giving him a permanent spot on the couch! Arte Vista Gifts designs and sells this pop art-style decorative pillow featuring a laughing Barack Obama. The handmade pillow comes in your choice of six sizes ranging from 10×10 inches to 20×20 inches.

Disappearing Civil Liberties Mug.

Warning! This clever mug from Uncommon Goods may start debates! Made of stoneware and able to hold 12 fluid ounces, the Disappearing Civil Liberties Mug is printed with the Bill of Rights. When the mug gets hot, those rights begin to disappear.

Democrat Baby Bodysuit

From $14.27
The smallest of Democrats on your list are certain to love this baby onesie featuring the traditional Democrat donkey. The bodysuit-style outfit is available in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-12 months. The featured donkey can be printed in either solid black or glittery gold. Complete the outfit with a glittery hair bow and black-and-white leg warmers.

Democracy Coasters

From $15.00
Your favorite Democrats can set their drinks down on one of these Democracy Coasters sold by Uncommon Goods. The coasters feature the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Civil Rights Act. Purchasers can choose their favorite for $15, or buy all four for $50. Each coaster is made of marble and cork, and a matching iron coaster stand is sold separately.

Constitution and Declaration Glasses

Pair the above Democracy coasters with a Constitution and/or Declaration of Independence glass. Sold by Uncommon Goods, these 11-ounce glasses are printed with your choice of founding document.

Democratic Donkey Dog Collar

From $15.00
Have a favorite Dog-ocrat? Dress him or her in style with this Democratic donkey dog collar from Uptown Hound Co. Each collar is handmade of heavy duty nylon and grosgrain ribbon. Available sizes are medium and large.

Political Party Bracelet

The Posh Pig Boutique makes this beautiful bracelet ideal for a stylish Liberal woman. The adjustable bangle-style bracelet features two charms — a “Vote” flag and a Democrat donkey. This silver plated bracelet is beautiful and high quality.

”Sorry About Our President” Passport Cover

Travel-loving Democrats are sure to get a kick out of this handmade leather passport cover. The cover features the words “Sorry About Our President” in 13 different languages. Each cover is standard passport size, with an interior that includes a card pocket for other important travel documents.

Donald Trump Toilet Paper

A roll of toilet paper featuring a president Democrats love to hate makes a great gag gift for any Liberal with a sense of humor. Other available political figures include Mike Pence and Michael Cohen.

Nevertheless She Persisted Puzzle

Uncommon Goods sells this 1,000-piece puzzle that’s just perfect for any feminist Democrat. The puzzle features 24 of the most empowering and Progressive women in history, including Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, and Gloria Steinem, to name but a few. As an added bonus: the puzzle is made entirely out of recycled paper!

Zippo Democrat Donkey Pocket Lighter

The next time your favorite Democrat needs to light up, they can do so with this genuine Zippo lighter that is both windproof and totally cool. The refillable lighter is made entirely of metal and features the traditional Democratic donkey.

Democratic Presidents 500-Piece Puzzle

Puzzle-loving Democrats will adore this 500-piece puzzle sold by the Official White House Gift Shop. The puzzle measures 10”x13”, and features eight Democratic presidents: John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Woodrow Wilson, Lyndon B. Johnson, Harry Truman, Andrew Jackson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Jimmy Carter.

Activism Tote Bag

Your favorite activists are sure to beam with pride as they carry around this tote bag. Handmade by the Etsy vendor Left Wing Swag, the bag reads, “Love is love, Black Lives Matter, Climate Change is Real, Women’s rights are human rights, Immigrants make America great, Kindness is everything.” The 10-ounce bag is made of cotton canvas and eco-friendly ink.

”Go Left” Keychain or Necklace

Just in case your favorite Democrat needs a little reminding throughout their day, you can gift them this “Go Left” charm. Etsy vendor Charm Accents makes this 1” charm by hand, and can even personalize it if the buyer should want. The charm is available is either a necklace or a keychain.

Donkey Doormat

Calloway Mills makes and sells this classic looking doormat featuring every Liberal’s favorite donkey. The all-season doormat, which can be purchased via Amazon, is durable enough to withstand sliding while scraping dirty shoes clean. The mat’s dimensions are 17”x29”x.6”.

“Give Trump a Time Out” Kids T-Shirt

Little Democrats can share in the fun with this children’s t-shirt made and sold by Catch a Wave Designs. The shirt — which reads, “Give Trump a Time Out” — comes in a variety of color options and sizes 2T to Kids’ XS.

“I Only Date Democrats” T-Shirt

From $23.95
Chummy Tees makes and sells this cheeky t-shirt which reads, “I Only Date Democrats.” The shirt is available in gray or white, and in a variety of styles, including men’s tees, women’s tees, tanks, and even hoodies.

“Impeach” T-Shirt

Etsy vendor Lit Liberal makes this hilarious t-shirt which reads “Impeach” using the image of a peach in a toupé. Each shirt is handmade and comes in sizes ranging from small to 2XL. Buyers also have their choice of eight t-shirt colors.

“Resist” Necklace

She can look stylish and make a statement with this “Resist” necklace sold by the aptly named Etsy vendor Wear and Resist. This handmade necklace comes with the buyer’s choice of four different chain colors. As an added bonus, the seller of this necklace donates 20% of each sale to charity.

Democrat Branding Iron for Steak

Put a political twist on steak night with this Democrat Branding Iron sold on Etsy. The brand is proudly made in the U.S.A., and is produced from high quality stainless steel to ensure that it won’t rust. The brand itself can be purchased for $26.99, though buyers can also choose to add on a storage box and/or custom wood planks.

“Soul of a Democrat: The Seven Core Ideals That Made Our Party — and Our Country — Great

Soul of a Democrat, by Thomas B. Reston, is a must-read book for any passionate Liberal. Reflecting upon the 2016 election, the longtime Democratic activist describes the ways in which the Democratic Party has abandoned its true values in order to pander to specific voting blocs. Reston takes his reader through a fascinating history of the Democratic Party, and lays out a path to reclaiming both Congress and the White House.

Donald Trump Bop Bag

Your favorite Democrat can take out his/her stress and anger on Donald Trump — or this bop bag, at least! This four-foot-tall stress reliever can be filled with air, water, or sand. It is handmade of vinyl in the U.S.A. by a small business.

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