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Top 10 Best Coffee and Tea Gifts

If you know someone who loves to relax with a hot drink, this list of the top 10 best coffee and tea gifts can help you celebrate a special occasion. It is also a great option when you need a gift for someone you don’t know well. Since coffee and tea are so popular across cultures and lifestyles, they’re a safe option for a client or a colleague. The challenge is in finding the right selection for the recipient. If you’re getting a gift for someone who loves to try new things, a large sampler pack is a good option. If you prefer something with just a few varieties, look for a themed gift that fits into the recipient’s taste preferences. To get you started, here are some of our favorite coffee and tea gifts.

1. Twinings Tea Bags Sampler

Looking for a gift for a group of people? Want to surprise someone who loves tea? This Twinings tea bags sampler is one of the best coffee and tea gifts you can buy. It comes with 48 individual tea bags, with no flavor repeats. That means that the recipient can try a huge variety of drinks. They might even find a new favorite!  End the evening with the Organic Nightly Calm, or enjoy a refreshing afternoon treat with the Organic Peppermint. There are even a few decaffeinated options.

Blue RIbbon Top 10 Best Coffee and Tea Gifts

2. Coffee, Tea, and Hot Chocolate Coffee Variety Pack

If you have a friend with a Keurig coffee maker — or if you simply want to bring in a special surprise for your colleagues — this variety pack is one of the top coffee and tea gifts. It comes with 50 single servings of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Each cup features a different flavor; we love that it includes options from well-known brands and rare specialty companies. The K-cup design is compatible with all Keurig brewers, so the recipient can make hot drinks as usual.

Custom Variety Pack Top 10 Best Coffee and Tea Gifts

3. Numi Organic Tea World of Tea Gift Set

For a person who’s conscious about what they put into their body, this World of Tea Gift Set from Numi Organic Tea is a fun option. This set, which is one of the more affordable coffee and tea gifts on the market, includes 45 bags of tea in nine different flavors. Each one is made from organic tea leaves, so your recipient can feel great about every sip. Plus, with black, green, white, and more, it’s easy to find the perfect flavor for any occasion.

Numi Top 10 Best Coffee and Tea Gifts

4. 12 Days of Coffees Advent Calendar

Delight your favorite java lover with this 12 Days of Christmas Coffee Advent calendar. This adorable box features 12 individual compartments; for each of the 12 days, the recipient can open one compartment to find a special type of coffee. Each one comes in a different delicious seasonal flavor, ranging from Gingerbread Cookie to Cranberry Creme Brulee. Since each packet of coffee makes up to 10 cups, there’s plenty to share.

Specialty Division Top 10 Best Coffee and Tea Gifts

5. Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company-The Scottish Collection Pack

Do you need cheap coffee and tea gifts for friends or colleagues? Check out the Scottish Collection pack from the Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company. This box comes with 10 bags each of four different flavors. Each one is made in Scotland, creating the perfect opportunity to taste teas from across the globe. With its beautiful packaging, this gift box brightens the break room counter or a friend’s kitchen.

Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company Top 10 Best Coffee and Tea Gifts

6. Starbucks Coffee and Teavana Tea Gift Basket

If you know someone who lives for their morning cup of coffee or tea, you can’t go wrong with this Starbucks Coffee and Teavana gift basket. It’s loaded with delicious drinks, plus a few sweet treats to enjoy at the same time. The included tumbler is the perfect way for the recipient to take their drinks to go. The best part? Everything comes packed in a beautiful tin and wood basket that looks gorgeous on its own — no gift wrap necessary.

Wine Country Gift Baskets Top 10 Best Coffee and Tea Gifts

7. Fall Coffee Gift Box Set

Celebrate an autumn special occasion with this fall coffee gift box set from Schuil Coffee. This lovely basket is packed with four different coffees, each in a different fall-inspired flavor. Warm up with pumpkin spice, or start the day with french toast coffee. There are also two packs of hot chocolate, each loaded with chocolate chips. Your loved one will also enjoy the shortbread cookies, as well as the tea and cider packets that are tucked in for good measure.

Schuil Coffee Top 10 Best Coffee and Tea Gifts

8. Stash Tea Bags Sampler

For the serious tea-lover in your life, this Stash Tea Bags Sampler is the perfect gift. It includes 120 tea bags in 28 different flavors, so your friend has the chance to savor old favorites and discover new tastes. Flavors range from bright and fresh Meyer Lemon and Mango Passion fruit to the rich Licorice Spice and Chai Red Spice. The bags come tucked into a gorgeous wooden box that can be reused for tea storage after the original teas are gone.

Blue RIbbon 2 Top 10 Best Coffee and Tea Gifts

9. Wissotzky Tea Magic Tea Chest

Upgrade a friend’s tea-making game with this Wissotzky Tea Magic tea chest. This beautiful wooden box features a flip-up top and a latch, so you can store it on the counter without putting your teas at risk. Inside, the recipient will find eight different flavors of tea, each with 10 different bags. Flavors range from classic English Breakfast to adventurous Wildberry Nectar.

Wissotzky Tea Top 10 Best Coffee and Tea Gifts

10. Best Cat Lover Coffee Lover Gift Set

Do you know someone who loves coffee and cats? If so, you can’t beat the Best Cat Lover gift set from Curious Cat Coffee Co. This sampler set includes eight different coffee flavors, giving your loved one the ability to expand their palate. Each bag makes up to 10 cups, so the recipient has plenty to share with friends and family. We love that the bags come beautifully packaged to eliminate the need for gift-wrapping.

Sillybean Top 10 Best Coffee and Tea Gifts
Whether you’re shopping for a birthday present or getting a Christmas gift for your office, coffee and tea are the perfect solution. Warm and satisfying, they’re a great way to start the day or warm up when it’s cold. By choosing coffee and tea gifts that are tailored to the recipient, you can give a sweet, delicious treat for a special occasion.


By BCR Staff

November 2019